Episode 3: ‘Rocky Road’

Snow Queen - Elizabeth mitchell


Elsa wants to leave to find Anna. Kristoff tells her as Queen she must stay and protect her people. They are interrupted with news that Hans and his brothers are leading an army to take over. Kristoff spies on the army and finds out Hans has acquired an urn that can trap magical beings. Elsa wants to go with Kristoff to destroy the urn.

Kristoff and Elsa are able to find the urn. As Elsa takes it ancient writings appear. Instead of destroying the urn she ponders about other beings out there with powers like her own. During the moment of hesitation they are ambushed by the army. Hans is able to hold Kristoff off with a sword as he demands Elsa give back the urn. Despite Kristoff’s protests Elsa gives in.

Hans is delighted and empties the urn believing the liquid substance inside is going after Elsa to trap her. He is surprised when the substance transforms into a beautiful woman. The woman uses magic to freeze Hans. The remainder of the army flees. Elsa thanks the Snow Queen for saving her.

Elsa takes the Snow Queen home. The Snow Queen tells Elsa that she is her aunt and would like to see Elsa’s mother, her sister. Elsa reveals that her parents were lost at sea.


Robin and Roland take Marian on a tour of Storybrooke. Roland wants ice cream. They take him to the local ice cream parlor. The Snow Queen casts a spell on Marian’s cone before giving it to her.

At the pawn shop Mr. Gold is questioned as to how Elsa ended up in an urn in his possession. He swears he does not know. He insists that Belle use the dagger to question him in front of everyone. He still claims to not know.

At the Mayor’s office, Mary settles in to her new position. Even at the meeting she will not let go of baby Neal. The people want to know of the ice wall. Marian becomes dizzy and faints. In the parking lot Archie gives Mary a mini therapy session after seeing how she is afraid to be away from the baby.

I meet Henry at the Diner and give him comic books. This opens a conversation where I ask if he had seen anything in the book of Fairy Tales indicating who wrote it. I feel silly admitting that I want a happy ending but Henry loves the idea. We name our mission Operation Mongoose. We are interrupted by Robin who is desperate for my help.

At the Mayor’s office I see a comatose Marian who is freezing to death. I evaluate the situation and tell them this is powerful magic and the best I can do is slow it down. Someone suggests True Love’s Kiss to break the curse. It breaks my own heart and I look away as Robin goes to kiss Marian. His kiss has no effect on her. Emma wants to find out who did this but I tell her that her judgment is off lately and suggest she take someone.

Emma is slightly annoyed by this and leaves anyway. Before leaving she instructs Hook to hide Elsa as the people are blaming her.
Elsa insists to Hook that she would rather find who has powers like her instead of hiding. He is happy to oblige. They go to Gold’s shop. Hook tells Gold that he does not believe that Belle is in possession of the real dagger.

He does not want anything from Gold except a moment to help them get on the right track. Gold agrees. Elsa gives him something of Marian’s. Gold transforms it and the magic turns into snowflakes. He tells them the snowflakes will return to the original source of the magic.

In the forest Emma and David find someone rummaging through Robin’s tent. They chase down Will Scarlett and are able to catch him. Will tells them he is a married man who had a falling out with his wife. He tells them he has information for them. Will tells them he went into the ice cream parlor during the blackout and was shocked to find that the ice cream was still frozen even with no power.

Emma, David and Will break into the ice cream parlor. Emma sees that Will was actually telling the truth as she hears no generators. She then realizes that while she and David were looking around Will robbed the cash register and took off. My words about her judgment haunt her.

Hook and Elsa follow the snowflakes. It finally leads them to the Snow Queen. Elsa is enchanted to see someone like her as she and Hook hide. Hook leaves a message for Emma. The Snow Queen comes to them and Elsa is taken aback that the woman knows her. Elsa has no memory of her.

The Snow Queen tells them that what happened to Marian was an accident. She tries to convince Elsa that everyone will turn on her and it is Anna who put her in the urn. Elsa does not believe any of this.

The Snow Queen traps Hook with ice and creates icicles poised to drop on him knowing Elsa will be blamed. They are found by Emma and David who save Hook. The Snow Queen seems to know Emma as well which surprises her. The Snow Queen disappears and Emma expresses her concern on how this woman ended up in Storybrooke in the first place.

At the Mayor’s office Robin tells me that the kiss did not work because his heart is not with Marian. I am happy and sad but say aloud that I know he cannot choose me. Henry comes from my vault with a box. I take Marian’s heart from her chest. Although she is frozen her heart will be saved until we find a way to stop the curse.

Hook gets Emma alone and demands to know what is going on. Emma tells him that everyone she gets close to dies and names off her past loves. She does not want to see something happen to him. Hook reminds her that he is a survivor and they kiss.

In the forest the Snow Queen is approached by Mr. Gold. He tells her it is a matter of time before Emma may remember her. He reminds her this can be bad and asks her if she is ready to make a deal. The Snow Queen is not ready to make a deal with Rumpelstiltskin.

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