Episode 3: ‘Quite the Common Fairy’

Fairy Tale Land

Rumpelstiltskin appears to me for our magic lesson. I tell him I am no longer interested. I do not want my life to look like his. With this Rumpel laughs at me and tells me it is no longer possible. He says the darkness is now feasting upon me. I am disgusted and tell him to leave. Once he disappears I go to my balcony. I am frustrated and take it out on the railing. The railing gives out and I fall off the balcony to what should have been my death. Before I hit the ground I am suspended in air by what appears to be pixie dust. This is the night I met Tinkerbell.

The next day Tinkerbell and I eat together. I tell her how miserable I am in my sham of a marriage. She asks me if that is why I jumped and I tell her I fell. Tinkerbell tells me that she can help me find true love. I do not believe this. My true love was killed by my mother. Tinkerbell insists pixie dust will find my new soul mate.

After leaving me Tinkerbell shrinks herself to return home to the flowers. She is scolded by the Blue Fairy who keeps calling her ‘Green’ despite Tinkerbell’s protest. The Blue Fairy warns her to leave me be as I am surrounded by darkness. She is firm with Tinkerbell. Despite the warnings Tinkerbell returns to me bearing stolen pixie dust. She uses it for us to fly and the dust leads us to a tavern. We follow the dust and see it leading to a man with a lion tattoo on his wrist. She tells me I must go in and meet him. Once she leaves me I open the door. I am suddenly frightened and leave without even seeing his face.

Tinkerbell returns to me and I tell her that I met the man and it was awful. She knows I am lying. To get her to stop I tell her she is an awful fairy. I continue hurting her feelings until she leaves me disappointed. Once she returns home she is scolded again by the Blue Fairy. This time the Blue Fairy strips her of her wings.


We continue searching for Pan’s lair. This is impossible because he keeps moving it. Hook suggests we seek out Tinkerbell. I know this is going to be a bad idea.

Henry sleeps on the ground. He is woken by Pan who tosses an apple to him and explains it is not for eating but for target practice. Henry appears worried and confused.

I privately approach Emma and tell her that we should combine our magic. She believes this to be a bad idea. I get angry and refer to Hook as her boyfriend giving the orders. Mary overhears us and scolds me reminding me that she just lost Neal. I realize I was harsh and apologize. As we make our way I purposely drop my handkerchief. I know that Tinkerbell will find it.

Pan has Felix position himself with the apple on his head. He tells Henry he will shoot at him with an arrow. Henry is reluctant but the Boys encourage him by chanting. He shoots and no one is hurt. Pan tells Henry he has something else he must show him.

Hook has known all along about David’s injury. He privately confronts him. He tells David that he will only have days to live and needs to say something to Mary. David wants to keep this quiet and tells Hook he believes he can be saved once they find pixie dust.

I am purposely falling behind. Emma talks to me. She can tell something must have happened between me and Tinkerbell. I finally admit that is the case but do not tell her the whole story. I tell her in my mind I have named this mission ‘Operation Henry’ because he would have called it something like that. I tell her that Tinkerbell will never help with me and I must stay behind. I wait alone and hear noise. I call out and Tinkerbell appears. I am taken aback with how ragged she now looks. She blows some sort of smoke in my face and I fall asleep.

Hook and David climb into a tree house. There is no pixie dust. Mary and Emma follow. Looking around Mary tells them that this reminds her of when she was on the run. This place is here only for sleep. They find my handkerchief and race to find me.

I wake up with my hands bound. Tinkerbell knows why I am here as she has been watching us. I tell her that I am waking up so I know it was not magic she used but poppies. With my magic I free my hands. As I approach her she pulls as arrow on me telling me it is laced with nightshade. I surprise her when I pull out my own heart and goad her with it. I dare her to kill me. Tinkerbell holds my heart in her hand and painfully squeezes it but not enough to end my misery. She begins yelling at me for ruining all of our lives so I could hold onto my anger instead of finding happiness. I tell her she has become just like me and if she kills me she will be completely like me. I encourage her to not make my mistakes and choose hope over anger. I tearfully tell her that being a mother was the only right thing I have ever done. Tinkerbell gives me my heart back but tells me she won’t help me. She adds that it may be too late as Henry has been hanging out with Pan and the Lost Boys too long.

Pan has Henry observe the Lost Boys. He tells him that they love it there and he can too. He tells Henry that magic is dying and Henry is the savior who can save magic. Pan explains that he believes that Emma’s purpose was to bring Henry into this world as Henry is a combination of light and dark magic. Pan gives Henry a rolled up parchment and explains he had it even before he was born. Henry tosses it on the ground and Pan tells him he reminds him of Baelfire.

The group finds us and is ready to attack Tinkerbell. I tell them I am okay. Tinkerbell tells them that she is of no help as she no longer has magic and no one believes in her. Emma tells her that she believes. Tinkerbell expresses concern that if she helps us once we leave she will face Pan’s wrath. We tell her that we will take her home with us. She agrees to help. As we walk Mary approaches David to see if he is alright. He says he is just worried for Henry. Mary tells him she offered Tinkerbell a home because that was all she wanted when she was on the run and now she has him. David tells her he loves her.

Henry opens the scroll and is shocked to see his own face.

Later we make camp to rest. Tinkerbell asks me if I ever went back and found the man with the lion tattoo. I admit I did not. This makes her angry as she tells me I ruined his life and happiness too. Admittedly this stuns me.

Enchanted Forest

Neal searches the castle for anything that can be used as a portal to Neverland. The castle doors open and Neal meets Robin Hood’s band of Merry Men. He also sees that Robin has a young boy named Roland. Neal begs Robin to let his son summon the Shadow so Neal can get back to Neverland. He swears nothing will go wrong. Robin finds the idea crazy and tells him no. He tells Neal his wife Marion died and his son is all he has left. Neal reminds him it was his father’s magic that once saved her so the child could be born. Robin agrees to help him.

Mulan creates the strategy of how they will protect Roland. Neal admits to them he screwed up with Emma and hopes to have another chance. Little John brings Roland to Robin. They have Roland stand by the window. Everyone takes their places as Roland says, ‘I believe.’ Nothing happens for a moment and suddenly the windows opens. The Shadow appears and tries to take Roland out of Robin’s arms. Mulan uses a sword to strike the Shadow. Realizing something is not right the Shadow leaves to take off but Neal latches himself onto it.

Mulan checks on Robin and Roland. Robin asks what is next for her. He is so impressed with her he wants her to be the first woman to join his band of Merry Men. He asks if she has a loved one that she needs to tell and she says that she does. Mulan returns home and is greeted by Aurora. She asks if Philip is around and he is not. Surprisingly, it is not Philip but Aurora she wants to talk to. Before she can tell her the news Aurora giddily tells her that she is pregnant with Philip’s child. Mulan tries to hide her hurt and tells Aurora she is leaving to join Robin Hood. Aurora is sad to see her go but not as sad as Mulan whose eyes well with tears once she has turned to walk away.

The Shadow leaves the Enchanted Forest and finds its way back to Neverland where Neal lets go. Once he lands he is approached by Felix who calls him Baelfire.

Mulan makes her way back to the men. Robin welcomes her to the Merry Men and as he shakes her hand a tattoo of a lion on his wrist is revealed.

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