Episode 3: Lady of the Lake

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Fairy Tale Land

Red rushes to the camp where Charming and Snow are planning a strategy. She warns them that the new general Leviathon will attack them. Charming encourages Snow to go to his mother and let him deal with this. As Snow leaves, a knight attacks her. She calls him Leviathon and he removes his mask. She recognizes him as Sir Lancelot of the Round Table but he has switched sides. He abducts Snow.

Snow is brought to the castle of Charming’s “father.” King George is still sour with them. He explains to her that he has had a life of pain. His wife was cursed and could not have a child, which is why they adopted their son. He wanted Charming to replace his dead son but Charming failed him. He tells Snow that he wants Charming to suffer. She realizes she has been drinking from a chalice and that the King has cursed her.

Snow is dropped off in the forest. She sees Lancelot approach and attacks him. He apologizes and tells her he did not know King George would do that to her. He wants to help and warns of an attack at the cabin where Charming’s mother resides.

Charming is with his mother and hears the knights approaching. He tells her she must stay inside. He battles the knights as they attack him. After he defeats the last knight, he realizes his mother came outside and was hit by an arrow. At this time, Snow arrives with Lancelot. Charming’s mother asks if she is Snow. Snow and Mother meet for the first time. Lancelot tells them the arrow is poisoned. Charming tells them they will go to the magic lake and get water to heal his mother. As they travel, Lancelot and Charming talk while Snow walks alongside Mother who is being carted to the lake. She gives Snow an enchanted charm that can be used to determine the sex of a first-born child. Snow reluctantly takes it and the charm does not work. Mother realizes Snow is upset and gets her to open up. She tells Mother about the King’s curse. Mother tells her not to worry and that the water will heal her too.

They reach the lake but the lake is bone dry. Charming tells them the lake must have dried after he killed the Siren. Lancelot believes he can find them water. He searches and finds a shell that contains a sip of water. Mother quietly tells Snow that she will be the one to drink it. Snow does not want her to die and tells her she will not. Charming brings his mother the water. She drinks but it does not help her. Mother tells them that all she wants is for them to be married and be happy. She only regrets she will not be there to see the wedding. Snow asks Lancelot if he still has authority to marry them. He does. He performs a small ceremony where they say their vows and drink from a chalice. As the ceremony finishes Mother passes away.

Snow is upset and wants to tell Charming about the curse. He plays with the charm and to Snow’s surprise it works. She gleefully tells him that they will have a child but she keeps the sex a secret. As he leaves, she tells Lancelot that she knows that he and Charming’s mother put the magic water in her chalice during the wedding. He will not confirm her suspicions but asks her what the first child will be. She tells him she is going to have a girl.

Modern Day Fairy Tale Land (Enchanted Forest)

Cora tells Emma that she is my mother. She claims to be nothing like me. Mary wakes up and is horrified to see Cora. She warns Emma to not speak to her, as she is worse than I am. Just then, a rope is lowered into the pit.

Emma and Mary are in a village. Lancelot appears and Mary embraces him. He apologizes for locking them up. Aurora and Mulan look on. Aurora admits to Mulan that she is disgusted and blames Mary/Snow for her Prince’s death. Mulan puts her at ease and walks away but Aurora reveals to be concealing a dagger.

Lancelot sits down to eat with Mary and Emma. Emma is still taking in the strange land and the strange food. He does not know why this part of the land was not affected and tells them they will be safe with him. Mary admits that she knows where there is a portal to get her and Emma back but she will not reveal it because of Cora. He assures her Cora is powerless now but will send Mulan with them on their journey.

Mulan explains ogres to Emma. They are blind. Mary feels Emma is out of her element and wants her to wait in the forest for them. They promise to come right back.

Aurora attacks Mary and threatens her with the dagger. Mary overpowers Aurora. Mulan arrives on the scene. Emma then fires a gun. She means to protect Mary but instead awakens an ogre. An ogre who has her on the ground confronts Emma. The ogre takes her gun and crushes it. Mary uses an arrow to shoot the ogre in the eye as she screams at it for attacking her daughter. The four women carry on finding the wardrobe. Aurora is cold and surprised when Emma offers her jacket because she just attacked Mary.

Once in the castle Emma recognizes the wardrobe from Henry’s books. Mary is sentimental and tells Emma she is sorry she missed so much. Lancelot arrives and tells them he will help them bring the portal back. He tells Mary he wants to help but reveals too much information that makes Mary suspicious. She pulls the dagger on him. Lancelot transforms into my mother Cora. Cora uses magic to trap Mary and tells her that she wants to use the portal to come and find me. She also reveals Lancelot is dead. Emma tries to save Mary and sets the wardrobe on fire. Cora goes to save the wardrobe and is attacked by Mulan. Cora makes herself disappear.

As they are about to leave, Emma and Mary Margaret share a heartfelt moment. Emma breaks down and tells her for the first time she understands why Mary gave her away. She has never had anyone care about her until now. They embrace. Mary looks around and sadly remembers this was once Emma’s nursery. Once the women have left, my mother reappears. She has a bottle and fills it with dust that was the wardrobe.


David explains to Henry that he found Jefferson. He then tells him that Jefferson will not help them. He tells Henry he must go to school and not interfere with magic. Henry pretends to listen but leaves to seek out Jefferson. He finds him sitting on a bench by the water. Jefferson stares at a child’s drawing that asks if anyone has seen the child’s father. Henry tells Jefferson that he knows Paige/Grace is trying to find him. Jefferson finally admits he is afraid Grace will hate him for leaving her.

I am packing my office. I have been asked to leave. The phone rings. Henry wants to meet me for lunch. I am happy and tell him to go to the Diner. As I leave, I do not see him sneak in. Jefferson has mentioned my vault and Henry is certain he will find it. He steals my key ring. Henry does manage to find the vault. He also figures out to move the sarcophagus to get in. He explores the vault and goes to open a box. The two-headed snake that I had used to kill Snow’s father pops out but David is there and closes the box. David tells Henry I called him after I was stood up for lunch. He tells Henry we figured out where he would be.

Jefferson watches a group of school girls go by. He calls out for his daughter. She stops in her tracks and turns around. She runs to him. Grace is happy to reunite with her father. Henry watched the happy reunion through the window of Emma’s car. David knocks on the window. He shows Henry wooden swords and tells him he will teach him. Henry is delighted. David teaches Henry how to sword fight. Meanwhile, in a car nearby King George sits and watches…

jefferson - henry
sir Lancelot
mulan - sleeping beauty
charming - henry
henry - charming

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  1. Nice review! I didn’t think Once Upon a Time could get any better after the first season, but so far I’ve been pleasantly surprised! I absolutely loved this episode too, and I’m glad I finally found the time to catch up with it earlier today on DISH Online. I heard a lot of great things about it from coworkers of mine at DISH to begin with, but I really had no idea it was going to be as wonderful as it was! I really do enjoy seeing the softer side of you Regina, and I’m hoping to see it stick around for a little while longer! Let your mother be the bad guy, and show Henry how you used to be. 🙂

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