Episode 22: A Land Without Magic – Season Finale

Emma - Henry - Hospital - Coma
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Fairy Tale Land

Prince Charming is frustrated as he cannot break the lock.  Knights come in to collect him.  They tell him he is headed to execution.  He fights both knights and gets away.  He then encounters two more knights.  To his surprise one of the knights shoots an arrow at the other one.  The knight who has helped him removes his mask and reveals himself as the Huntsman.  He tells Charming he had given his heart to save Snow and it should not be in vain.  He is helping Charming escape to save Snow.

I watch this spectacle through my mirror and am furious.  Charming escapes.  In the forest he encounters Rumpelstiltskin.  Rumpel shows his that he has his mother’s engagement ring.  He enchants it and tells Charming that it will lead him to Snow, but he will only give it to him at a price.  The two end up in a sword fight.  Charming slashes Rumpel’s face.  The fight continues.  Rumpel has Charming on the ground.  He encourages Charming to make the deal explaining that they want the same thing.  He wants them together too.  Rumpel gives a vial to Charming.  He tells Charming he believes in true love and his has died.  He simply wants Charming to hide a potion for him in the belly of a beast.

Malificent sits on her thrown.  Charming meets her and she tells him she is the beast.  He is confused how he will fit the potion, which is protected by a large gold egg, in her belly.  He finds out as she transforms herself into a dragon.  Charming battles the dragon.  He finally is able to transfer the egg into the dragon’s fiery stomach.  He then escapes by jumping out of a window.

Charming swims until he gets to shore and meets with Rumpel.  Pleased with him Rumpel gives him the ring and changes his clothing into something more regal.

Charming races on his horse and sees the ring glow telling him he is close to Snow White.  He finds the dwarfs surrounding Snow who is inside a glass casket.  He tells them he wants to kiss her good bye.  Charming opens the casket and kisses Snow.  Her eyes open much to all their shock and delight as a wave of magic floods the land.  Snow and Charming walk together.  He proposes marriage and places the ring on her finger.  She shows her acceptance with a deep kiss and tells him together they will take back the kingdom.


Emma stays by Henry’s side.  Dr. Whale tells her that there is no sign that he was poisoned.  I arrive at the hospital.  Emma pushes me into the janitor’s closet.  She slams me into the supply shelves.  I admit the turnover was for her and it was magic.  Emma realizes what I have just admitted and she is stunned.  I tell her we must see Mr. Gold and tell her he is Rumpelstiltskin.

David and Mary meet in the street.  He tells her that Kathryn has an apartment in Boston and he has offered to take it off her hands unless she gives him a reason to stay.  she turns him down.

Emma and I arrive at Gold’s pawn shop.  He can see by Emma’s face that she is a believer.  Gold admits that he has a potion created out of Emma’s parents’ hair.  He explains that the potion is hidden inside someone and only Emma can retrieve it.  I don’t trust Gold.  I tell them I want to help.  He tells me no.  He gives Emma her father’s sword.

At the hospital Emma whispers to a comatose Henry that she should have believed him.  I come to the hospital.  As I enter the room Emma is exiting.  She tells me that I only have ten minutes and reminds me to meet her.   Jefferson emerges out of the shadows telling me he wants to claim his end of our deal.  I look at him in disbelief as I stand over my son who is in a coma.  I tell him it wasn’t Emma who ate the apple so as far as I am concerned the deal is void.  I then tell him he doesn’t have the guts to kill me and I am done with him.  I leave.

Emma bangs on August’s door.  He weakly tells her he cannot answer.  She breaks in.  Now she can see what has happened to him.  He is almost completely transformed into wood.  He tells her she must break the curse.  He then completely transforms into wood.

I take Emma to a manual elevator.  I explain that this person who she will meet has been kept down here because she was maintained in her other form.  Emma doesn’t understand but she will.  Emma warns me if Henry dies I will too.

Emma enters a cavern.  She leans against something which she does not know was once Snow White’s casket.  She moves back and meets the dragon.

At the hospital Mary Margaret reads to Henry from his book of fairy tales.  Ironically she has chosen the story of Snow White.  Suddenly Henry begins flat lining.   Doctors and nurses crowd the room and send her out.  Out comes Jefferson disguised as an orderly.  He gives a drink to a nurse who collapses after drinking it.  He walks further and opens the door to Belle’s room.  He tells her to leave and seek out a Mr. Gold.  He tells her Gold will protect her and she must make sure to tell him Regina is the one who had her locked away.  This will be Jefferson’s revenge.

Emma is able to slay the dragon.  The dragon explodes and Emma finds a golden egg.

David packs up and sets off to leave.

Emma is in the elevator.  Gold peers over and tells her that I have abandoned her and sabotaged the elevator.  She throws the egg up for him to catch so she can climb the wall.  Once over she finds me tied up and gagged.  Gold has tricked us.  She frees me.  Our phones ring.  It is the hospital.  We get to the hospital and are told that we are too late.

Gold brings the egg to the pawn shop.  He unlocks it and pulls out his potion.  Just then a woman walks in.  He turns to see who it is and is stunned.  It is Belle.  She tells him she was told he would protect her and that Regina kept her locked away.  He hugs her and tells her he will protect her.

The hospital is grim.  Emma and I are broken apart over Henry.  Emma goes over to a lifeless Henry.  She tells him she loves him and places a kiss on his forehead.  Magic sweeps over the land.  Henry wakes up.  He tells her he loves her too.  Not only has Henry woken up but everyone has regained their memory.  They know who they are.  A nurse warns me I better go into hiding.  I tell Henry that no matter what anyone says I really do love him.  I run out of the hospital.

David turns around and drives back.  He finds Mary.  He calls out for Snow.  She runs to him and they kiss.

At my house I sit in Henry’s room crying into his pillow.

Belle and Gold walk through the forest.  She tells him she remembers.  She calls him Rumpelstiltskin and tells him she loves him.  He tells her he loves her too.  There is one more thing that he must do.  He takes her to the well and explains that it has the power to return someone lost.  He throws the potion in and tells Belle that magic is power.  A purple fog emerges from the well.

At the hospital Henry and Emma wonder why things haven’t changed back even though people know who they are.  They look out the window and see the purple smoke covering the town.  I look out my window and see it too.  I can’t help but smile….

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Full Cast:

  • Snow White / Mary Margaret Blanchard (Ginnifer Goodwin)
  • Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison)
  • Evil Queen / Regina Mills (Lana Parrilla)
  • Prince Charming / David Nolan (Josh Dallas)
  • Pinocchio / August W. Booth (Eion Bailey)
  • Henry Mills (Jared Gilmore)
  • Jiminy Cricket / Archie Hopper (Raphael Sbarge)
  • Rumpelstiltskin / Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle)

Supporting Cast:

  • Dr. Whale (David Anders)
  • Grumpy / Leroy (Lee Arenberg)
  • Happy (Mike Coleman)
  • Belle / Mental Patient (Emilie de Ravin)
  • The Huntsman (Jamie Dornan)
  • Granny (Beverley Elliott)
  • Billy (Jarod Joseph)
  • Sneezy / Mr. Clark (Gabe Khouth)
  • Red Riding Hood / Ruby (Meghan Ory)
  • The Mad Hatter / Jefferson (Sebastian Stan)
  • Severe Nurse (Ingrid Torrance)
  • Blue Fairy / Mother Superior (Keegan Connor Tracy)
  • Maleficent (Kristin Bauer van Straten)
  • Black Knight No. 1 (Charles Zuckerman)

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