Episode 21: ‘Second Star to the Right’

Credit: Katie Yu/ABC
Credit: Katie Yu/ABC

Fairy Tale Land

Young Baelfire hangs over the portal gripping Rumpelstiltskin’s hand. He pleads with his father to follow him down to a land without magic. Rumpel tells him he cannot. Bae is angry and disappointed. He lets go and falls down the portal.


Neal remains in bed. Tamara is getting ready to go running. She is training for a marathon. As Neal continues to lie in bed, he hears his father in the street. He gets out of bed to see what is happening. He finds Mr. Gold practically standing on Dr. Whale tormenting him for Lacey’s entertainment. Neal breaks up the show. Dr. Whale leaves and Mr. Gold tells Lacey to go inside his shop. Neal is disgusted and tells his father he has not changed. Gold asks why Neal is still in town. Neal tells him it is for Henry and not for him.

Emma and David arrive at my office. They have guns drawn. They have come to confront me and retrieve the magic beans I stole from them. Mary follows behind with Henry who asks them to not hurt me. At my office Emma immediately senses something is off. It is unlike me to leave my office open. The beans are also missing. Emma notices that the code to get in has been overridden. She tells them she believes Tamara has something to do with this. Mary dismisses this theory and suggests they confront Gold.

Tamara goes to see Greg. She shows him the magic beans. She explains she learned of them through Neal. The mention of Neal seems to evoke jealousy in Greg. Tamara explains that once the mission is over her engagement ring from Neal comes off. Greg gives Tamara the pouch he found on me. Tamara leaves. Greg walks into another room where I am being kept. I am strapped to a table offering to make a better deal with Hook than whatever these two idiots have. Greg begins attaching prods to me. Hook tells Greg he has no interest in helping to torture me and leaves the room. Once Hook is gone Greg begins questioning me again about his father.

Emma goes to Neal. She tells him that I have gone missing and she is certain Tamara is behind it. Neal looks annoyed and tells her she is wrong. He tells Emma that Tamara goes jogging in the forest to train for a marathon. Emma points out that there is sand on the floor which indicates Tamara is lying to him about where she is going.

Mary and David go to Gold’s shop. Gold is busy entertaining Lacey with alcohol. David reminds Gold that he owes him a favor. Gold asks Lacey to leave them for a moment. Mary and David bring Gold up to speed that I am missing. He pulls out a vile and tells them it has one of my tears. He indicates to Mary that he needs one of hers. He tells her to think of something dark to help herself. It does not take long for Mary’s eyes to tear up. He captures one of her tears and adds it to the vile. Gold explains that Mary must drop the tears in her eyes. It will create a brief connection to me where she can see through my eyes and feel whatever I am feeling. He tells them his obligation is fulfilled. Once Mary and David leave Lacey returns to the room. She admits she heard everything and knows now Gold really can do magic.

At their apartment David tells Mary that she does not have to do this. Mary insists she owes it to me to help me. She leans back as David drops the tears into her eyes. At first there is no change. Suddenly Mary is tuned into me. She sees Greg torturing me and can feel the awful pain I am experiencing.

Emma and Neal walk along the beach. They run into Tamara. She tells them she jogs there as well. Emma mentions I am missing. Tamara seems to be sorry to hear that. She leaves them and continues jogging. Emma turns to leave Neal but he stops her. He tells Emma that he has been afraid she would never forgive him for letting her go to jail and not a day goes by that he does not regret what happened. He apologizes.

Tamara enters the room as I lay there writhing. I tell her and Greg that they are fools who came here to steal magic. I am corrected by these two as they tell me their intent is to destroy it. Even though I am weak from being shocked I manage to chuckle. I tell them the two of them cannot destroy magic. Greg explains to me that there are more of them. They are part of a network. He goes on to say after he left Storybrooke as a child he told people what happened. Some thought he was crazy but he found others that believed. They add that Storybrooke is not the only place where magic has come.

Mary wakes up. David is caressing her face. She tells him she could not tell where I was being kept but they have to find me. David tells Mary to concentrate. Mary begins describing the room and mentions the smell of sardines. David calls Emma who is still with Neal. She listens to David and once he mentions sardines she notices a cannery. She tells David to head down there.
Back at Gold’s shop, Lacey asks why he did not tell her about the magic sooner. Gold explains to her that magic comes with a price. Gold dazzles Lacey by making a necklace appear out of thin air. Lacey tells him that she seeks immortality and to stay young so that they can be together forever. Gold explains that immortality does not mean that someone cannot kill you. He mentions that there is a person who poses a threat. Lacey simply tells him that person should be done away with.

Emma has her gun out. Neal follows her as they creep around the cannery. He tells her if she is right about Tamara of course he will help. They run into Mary and David. They decide to stay split into two groups to cover more ground. At the same time they are being watched. Tamara sees them on her laptop. She tells Greg they must leave. I am surprised when I overhear that they have come to save me. Greg will not leave with Tamara. He tells her he will catch up with her. Tamara leaves and Greg is about to turn the voltage on me again. I stop him telling him I have something to say. I tell him his father is dead. Greg looks mortified and does not want to believe this. I tell him I killed his father myself. I explain that I wanted him to know so I could see his face once he found out. Greg turns the machine back on upping the voltage. I scream.

David finds us and shoots his gun to let Greg know he is there. Greg runs off and David is set to follow. Mary tells him instead they must worry about getting me help or I will die.

Tamara sneaks up on Emma and hits her in the head. Emma falls down and Neal finds himself face to face with Tamara who aims a gun at him. He is shocked. Tamara explains her plans to cleanse the world of magic. Neal asks how long she has been lying to him. She admits right from the moment he spilled coffee on her he was set up. She also admits that she does not love him.

Neal comes toward her and she shoots him. Although it is not a fatal wound he falls down. Emma is awake and ambushes Tamara. The two women fight as Neal is injured and cannot get up. Emma finally has the gun. Tamara throws a magic bean in front of Emma that opens a portal and then escapes. Emma climbs the wall to avoid being sucked into the vortex.

Neal makes it to his feet and helps Emma down. The portal widens. Neal finds himself in the same position he was in as a boy. He is dangling over the portal while Emma hangs on to him. He tells her he is too injured to hang on. Emma pleads with him but he tells her Henry needs her. Emma admits to Neal she is still in love with him. Neal tells her the same. Neal falls through the vortex. The ground seals itself back up and Emma is in tears.

Greg goes to the forest to the campsite where I told him his father was buried. He digs and finds what he believes is his father’s grave.
I am unconscious at Mary and David’s. They have called Mother Superior to heal me. She leaves them. Emma returns home. She tells them Tamara killed Neal. David comforts Emma. She knows she will need to tell Henry. At the same time I wake up and find Mary taking care of me. I admit to her I am surprised they saved me. Mary and David tell me I am still family. I ask where Greg and Tamara are. I tell them they have the ‘Trigger’ that could end Storybrooke.

Tamara meets Greg in the forest. She tells him she is sorry about his father. She pulls out the pouch and tells him she knows what it does. She gives the Trigger back to Greg and tells him they need to blow up Storybrooke.


Bae arrives in a strange land. He is alone.

Bae takes to wearing ragged clothing. He looks through the garbage for his next meal. Bae breaks into a home. He sees bread and immediately rushes to it and begins eating. He is interrupted by a dog. The dog growls at him. A girl about the same age as Bae carries a candlestick believing Bae may be a robber. She realizes he is just hungry and wants to help him. She introduces herself as Wendy Darling.

Weeks go by and Wendy has been hiding Bae in her house. She brings him food. They are eventually caught be her parents. Mr. Darling questions who Bae is and how long he has been there. Bae politely answers his questions. Mrs. Darling tells them she wants Bae to stay as he has no family.

It is night time and Wendy takes Bae to her window. She and her brothers are visited by a Shadow each night. Wendy believes it is magic. Bae is alarmed and immediately warns her to avoid the Shadow and all magic comes with a price. She accuses him of not believing in magic. Bae explains that he is quite familiar with magic and it destroyed his family. He makes Wendy promise him to stay away from the Shadow.

Mrs. Darling looks upon Bae and the other children as they sleep. Once she leaves the room Bae wakes up and finds Wendy at the window. The Shadow has returned. Bae goes to stop Wendy who is eager to seek adventure with the Shadow. She does not listen and allows it to take her. She tells Bae she is going to Neverland.

Bae sleeps. He wakes up to Wendy who has been returned home. He tells her he was worried about her. Wendy describes Neverland and explains there are magical creatures there. There are no adults supervising the children and no one ever grows up. She is solemn when she tells him how they children end up crying because they miss their family but are not allowed to return home. He asks how she escaped. Wendy tells Bae she was allowed to leave because they wanted a boy. She believes the Shadow will return to take one of her brothers. Bae promises he will not let this happen.

The next night Bae tries to arrange the room in a way to protect the Darling children from the Shadow. The Shadow is still able to enter the house. Wendy is horrified as the Shadow approaches her young brother Michael. Bae interrupts by offering himself to the Shadow in place of Michael. Wendy begs him not to do this but he tells her he will not allow magic to tear her family apart. Bae is carried away through the London sky. The Shadow ascends with Bae toward a star.

Bae lights a match under the Shadow. This causes the Shadow to drop him. Bae falls into the water and a confused Shadow cannot find him. Bae is rescued and brought upon a ship. His rescuer introduces himself. It is Captain Hook.

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