Episode 21: ‘Mother’

Barbara Hershey - Cora - Mother

Enchanted Forest

I step out of my carriage to confront a group of people planning a wedding on my grounds. I rip out a man’s heart. My father tries to stop me but I do not listen. I crush the heart and tell these people to next time find a church. I take my carriage to Daniel’s grave. It is the anniversary of his death. I am not alone. My mother has returned from Wonderland. She has been waiting for me.

Cora apologizes. I do not want to hear it. I tell her I am not like her. I want love and she has destroyed that for me. Cora tells me that she knows how Tinkerbell tried to help me find my soulmate. She swears she is here to help me.

Cora heads to a tavern in Sherwood Forest. She meets the Sheriff of Nottingham and tells him she is seeking a man with a lion tattoo. He immediately knows she is referring to Robin Hood. He is not a fan of Robin and describes him as married thief. He offers to help Cora for a price.

My mother returns to the castle. She tells me she found the man. I am stunned. Using magic she changes my clothing. I now look like a princess. A man approaches me and he has a lion tattoo on his wrist. It is the Sheriff. We go outside by my apple tree. I tell him about Daniel. I can tell by his machismo that he is a fraud. I bring his tattoo to life. Frightened he admits to me that my mother put him up to this because she wants me to have a baby.

Cora returns. I show her the Sheriff is trapped in the Mirror. She releases him. I am furious. Cora tells me that my soulmate is rumored to be an immoral married man. She warns me that I can lose everything to Snow White as the people prefer her. I show my mother a potion. I warn her that once I drink it I will become barren and there will be no heir to the precious throne. She tries to talk me out of it. I drink the potion and it causes me to sit down with stomach pains. My mother tells me she wanted me to have a child for my own happiness. I tell her to leave and go home to Wonderland.

New York

I have a drink with Robin at a local bar. He admits he is sad about the confusion that Roland will feel when he realizes his mother is not there. I agree to use a forgetting spell.

Emma tells Lily about Neal. Zelena gleefully interrupts to tell them her baby kicked. I return with Robin and tell them we are all heading to Storybrooke.


Hook sees Gold and the Author at the Diner. He sits at their table and gloats that Emma’s heart is not darkened. Once he leaves them they realize they need a loophole.

We arrive back in Storybrooke. Emma unites Lily with her mother. It is not the warm reunion that Maleficent has hoped for.

I take Zelena to her new home. She can have a space in the mental ward where I once hid Belle. Zelena agrees to go. She taunts me. She tells me I can never hurt her because she is the mother of Robin’s child.

I head to Gold and realize he is dying. I find out his heart is almost dead. He shows me the quill and I easily take it from him along with the Author. I leave Gold writhing on the floor.

The Author tells me about Emma. I show him the picture of Robin and I kissing. He tells me that this is from another book he wanted to write and was experimenting with. He agrees to help me if I can get blood for his ink.

Mal admires her daughter who is cold to her. All Lily is interested in is revenge. Mal wants her to move on now that they have been reunited. Lily is disappointed in how soft her mother is and walks away from her. Maleficent is desperate. She goes to the Charmings for help. They listen and tell her that Lily sounds like Emma.

I find Lily at the bus stop. I try to reason with her but she has no interest in helping me. I grab her hand and cut it. She is stunned as I add the blood to the ink. I leave her and Lily’s eyes glow with rage.

The Charmings drive Mal to find Lily. Instead they find the young woman in dragon form.

I take the Author to see Zelena. I toy with her as she asks what the Author is going to write.

Hook spends some time with Emma by the water. He tells her that her parents did what they did because they thought it was the right reason.

Lily uses her dragon tail to strike Mary. Mary is unconscious. Emma comes and heals her mother’s head. She forgives Mary and they embrace. Hook and David exchange smiles.

Lily turns back into human. Her mother finds her and sits with her. Lily admits she thought her mother was going to be scary. She is surprised at what she is like and warns that every time someone wants a relationship with her it ends badly. Mal assures her she is not scared and asks her to stay a week. They finally hug.

I tell Zelena that I am about to have the Author write her out of this story like she never existed. Zelena’s cocky demeanor fades. She shrugs and tells me I must be just like our mother. She disregarded her as well. I realize that I do not want to be like Cora. I tell the Author not to write. I tell Zelena I will make my own happiness. Robin comes and I assure him everything is ok. The moment is good until the Author begins writing and disappears. I pick up the paper and realize he wrote himself back to Rumpelstiltskin.

The Author returns to Mr. Gold. He begins writing a new story.

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