Episode 21: Apple Red as Blood

Lana Parilla - Ginny Goodwin
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Fairy Tale Land

King James has Charming. He has decided to have him executed. Charming is brought to a guillotine. As the blade comes down instead of beheading him it dumps water over his head. The King is outraged. I approach and tell the King that I have a much better punishment in mind. I want to pay him for Charming and use him to hurt Snow White.

Snow White is joined by the dwarfs as well as Red Riding Hood and Granny. They know I have set a trap and are figuring out how to rescue Charming. Snow offers them a chance to back out but they refuse.

I pay Charming a visit in his cell. He pleads with me with his life to spare Snow. I tell him I have something much worse in mind for her. I leave him while twirling my apple.

Red howls at the moon, This is a signal for Snow and her army. They move in. Even the Fairy Godmothers are there to fight. Snow scales the wall of my castle. Once inside she is confronted by a knight and kills him with ease. More knights attack and Grumpy is there to aid her. The other dwarfs quickly show up behind him. They ambush more knights. They believe that they are in the clear and find themselves surrounded by more knights. The Godmothers come to the rescue.

Snow believes she has found the cell where Charming is being held. She realizes there is just a mirror there. He tells her I have moved him to the palace. I interrupt this lovely moment and tell her I want to meet her for an unarmed parlet just between the two of us. Later Snow’s army tries to stop her. She insists this is something she must do alone.

Snow joins me at the stables. I ask her to follow me. I lead her to the spot where I once told her about Daniel and I. I ask her if she remembers all of this and how I saved her life. I then show her Daniel’s grave. She is confused remembering I had told her that he had run away. I admit that back then I wanted to spare her feelings. I tell her how my mother actually killed him because of her big mouth. She reminds me she was just a child and that I had her father killed. She wants this to end. I give her a way to make it end. I show her the apple. Immediately she knows there must be something suspicious about it. I tell her the apple will not kill her but make her a prisoner in her own body forced to live in her own thoughts. I tell her she must willingly eat it in order for its magic to work. If she eats it I will spare Charming. For love she is willing to make a sacrifice. I watch as she eats it and drops to the ground. Somehow Charming feels what has happened and screams out in anguish.

Later Red and Granny search for Snow. It is the dwarfs that find her lifeless body. She has no breath and they assume she is dead.

I watch them through the mirror enjoying every minute of it. I still have Charming in a cell.


I have a tense meal with Henry. I try and smile at him. The doorbell rings. I am not expecting anyone. I go to the door to find Emma. She tells me that Henry has invited her. She then tells me she has come for me. I see the other Storybrooke residents behind her. I find myself tied to my apple tree. They remember who they are and want me punished. Henry stands with them. I plead for him to help me. He wants me dead too. Emma has a sword and swings it at me. I suddenly wake up. It was a nightmare. I leave my bed to check on Henry and am relieved to see the form of his body. I go back to bed not realizing he is gone and it is just a pillow positioned to look like someone is there,

Henry is in the car with Emma. he begs her not to leave. He forces her to swerve the car.

I go to Gold’s pawn shop. I tell Mr. Gold my tree is dying. The curse is weakening and it is because of Emma. I want him to change things so that I can kill her. He suggests I let her keep Henry if I want my curse kept alive. That won’t happen. I also realize he wants the curse to break even though he won’t tell me why. At this point I cannot kill Emma because the way Rumpelstiltskin/Gold designed it was it would break if Emma died. Gold warns me I should think about leaving town because once everyone wakes up from this curse they will want blood.

I go by the school yard and leave a white rabbit card on Paige’s bike…

Mary is sour when Emma comes home. She knows Emma almost left. She scolds her and it is even worse once she finds out that she almost took Henry.

As I had planned Jefferson stops by my house. He spies on Paige and saw the card. I tell him I need his help. Of course he doesn’t trust me. I tell him I don’t blame him but I can help him. I offer if he helps me get what I want to make his little girl remember him. I show him his magic hat. He tells me it won’t work in this world without magic, I tell him I have some magic left. I want him to help me destroy Emma. He agrees but tells me that he would rather forget then have Paige remember that she is Grace.

Henry visits August and seeks his help. August shows him that he is transforming back into wood. Henry has now confirmed he is Pinocchio. August tells him he can no longer help as he doesn’t have much time left. He wants to spend it with his father. He tells Henry he must make Emma believe.

Emma meets with Archie Hopper at the Diner. He tells her that she has no case against Regina. Since she has been back even though it has been good for Henry he has been skipping school and doing other things that may not look so good. She admits she is concerned that I may hurt Henry. Archie tells her that he doesn’t believe that.

Jackson follows me into the crypt. I dump a few trinkets I have left to see if they have enough magic to make the hat work. They do not. He tells me we need more. I am reluctant to give him my engagement ring. He sees it has magic as it glows with Daniel. Finally I drop the ring in the hat. The hat will work enough for Jefferson to reach in and pull something out. I tell him I want an apple.

My apple is retrieved. It is half eaten by Snow White so I must figure out a way to get Emma to willingly eat it. I tell Jefferson I will keep my end of the bargain once my mission is complete. I set to work baking. Emma arrives at my house to make a deal about Henry. She surprises me by telling me she wants to leave town. She then tells me that she does want to come by from time to time to visit but will be gone. I ask her to follow me to the kitchen. I pull an apple turnover out of the oven and offer it to her to take with her.

I pay a visit to Gold. He does not share the joy in my victory. I have won. He realizes I have created a sleeping curse and reminds me that it comes with a price. I walk out on him fed up with Gold. I have won.

Henry goes to Mary Margaret’s apartment to see Emma. She tells him that she is leaving. He pleads with her to stay. She is the hero and has to save them. She tearfully tells him this is real life and not a story. Henry spots the turnover and asks where she got it. She tells him she got it from me. Henry grabs the turnover and eats it to prove it is poisoned. She asks if he wants some milk with that and is shocked when Henry drops to the ground…

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