Episode 20: The Evil Queen

Lana Parrilla - Ginnifer Goodwin - The Evil Queen
Photo Credit: Jack Rowland/ABC

Fairy Tale Land

I go by horseback to a cabin. My soldiers follow me. We enter the cabin. There is no sign of Snow White.

I believe someone may have tipped her off. Outside the cabin the town’s people are lined up. I tell them what I know are lies about Snow White. I tell them how Snow White allegedly killed her own father and torched villages.

I offer a reward for leading me to her capture. To my surprise and dismay these people are still loyal to her. They do not come forward. This infuriates me and I instruct my soldiers to kill them all.

I pay a visit to Rumpelstiltskin. I complain that the people hate me when they should actually love me. He finds humor in this reminding me I slaughter whole villages. I explain that after I get Snow White I will be able to show my true self.

I insist I am kind. I have a plan and tell him I need him to teach me my mother’s shapeshift spell. Rumpel tells me that will take time to learn. I am impatient and suggest he put the spell on me.

I just want to get close enough to kill Snow White. Rumpel warns me that I will not have any magic. I ask what deal he would like to make. He tells me he wants to me to cut off all trade with King George so he can see their kingdom go bankrupt.

Rumpel transforms me into a peasant girl. In the mirror I see a young woman. I head to the market. I am appalled to see an effigy of myself.

The people are enjoying it. They want to shoot arrows at it and destroy it. I cannot believe how delightful this is to them. I defend the Queen, myself, and try to convince them Snow White is the evil one.

No one believes me. I go on the platform and grab the fire a man wants to use to burn the effigy. Just then some of my soldiers show up. They want to arrest me.

I tell these two idiots that I was trying to defend the Queen. They tell me this is not what it looks like. My plea to them does not work. I lose my temper and insult them.

I tell them I am the Queen but of course no one can recognize me. I have no magic and am arrested. I am brought to another platform. My own soldiers want to behead me.

As I am in position for execution I call for Rumpel. He does not come to my aid. Instead someone else comes. This person fights the soldiers and defeats them with ease.

After she has tackled all of them she reveals herself to be Snow White. At this I faint. I wake up. I am in a tent in the woods being cared for by Snow.

She does not see me and only my disguise. Snow is nurturing to me. I tell her my name is Wilma and my family works at the mill. I ask why she is helping a complete stranger and remind her people are after her.

Snow White wants to take care of my wound. To distract me from the pain she offers to tell me a story. This story is a familiar one. She speaks of a woman who once rescued her when she about to be thrown from her horse.

She tells me her experience with the woman is what taught her to be kind to strangers. My eyes fill with tears. She thinks I am in pain but I am actually touched by her story. I ask what happened to the woman.

Snow tells me the woman is gone but she hopes that one day she will come back. I must have fallen back asleep. This time when I wake up Snow is putting out a campfire. She hands me a sword which surprises me.

Snow warns that the soldiers are ruthless. I am surprised at how well Snow can fight, use herbs and take care of herself in the woods. We begin walking. I keep my hand on the sword debating if it is the right time to strike.

Instead I ask Snow a question. I tell her that I heard a story that the Queen had once sent a Huntsman to take her heart. I ask if this is true and if Snow would kill the Queen for this if she had a chance. Snow tells me that she is different from the Queen.

She describes the Queen, me, as someone who lives for vengeance and blames her sadness on everyone else. Snow tells me she lives to be guided by love. I am surprised when Snow tells me that she believes that I am still good inside. I ask her if she would want to be a family again if all could be worked out.

I find myself happy and hopeful when she tells me yes. I want her forgiveness and to be a family again. The moment is destroyed when we stumble upon a pile of dead bodies. They are the body of the people I had killed.

Snow bursts into tears. I tell her it is not her fault. She agrees and says it is the Queen’s fault. She then tells me that she takes back everything she said and that Queen Regina will never change.

I remind her of the story of the horse. Snow’s voice stiffens as she tells me that she never told me that story was about Regina. Snow quickly aims the bow and arrow at my head. She tells me that she knows it is me even though I am disguised.

With my cover blown I try to use magic but this body will not allow me. Again I call for Rumpelstiltskin who does not come. I run as fast as I can. I arrive at Rumpel’s.

I am furious he never came to my aid. He finds this funny and tells me he told me I could call but he never said he would come. I have had enough of his games and want my body and my magic back. He humiliates me by getting me to admit what he had said all along.

They will never love me. I tell him I want to punish them. Rumpel is now satisfied and changes me back. I declare myself the Evil Queen.


Hook’s gag is removed. He believes that his captors wish to torture him. Tamara and Greg assure him this is not the case. They want to offer him a job.

He tells them he did his job and killed Rumpel. Hook is pushed over to a window. He is beside himself when he sees Mr. Gold/Rumpelstilstkin walking the street with Belle/Lacey.

Tamara and Greg assure him that they know how to kill magical creatures. Greg offers Hook a deal. He wants Hook to help find his father and explains that it all starts with me. Mary and David discuss the plans to return to the Enchanted Forest.

Mary wants to take me back for Henry’s sake. David is reluctant. He tells Mary that a choice should be offered to me of coming home but being locked as a prisoner in Rumpel’s old cell or staying behind in Storybrooke. This annoys me as they do not know I hear all of it.

I find Henry on the street. He is surprised to see me. I show him the magic beans. I explain that everyone is planning to take him to the Enchanted Forest and leave me behind.

This is news to him and he tells me if they do have a plan to go home that they just may not have told me yet. I tell Henry I have my own plan. I want to be his hero again. Once it was me and only me.

I want to destroy Storybrooke and erase the curse. Henry asks what will happen to everyone. I admit they will die. This angers Henry but I tell him it’s the only way I know to make it better.

Henry tells me he would never go along with such a thing and I am a villain. He then asks why I am telling him. I admit I have no one else to tell. I realize this was a mistake and use magic to erase the conversation from his memory.

We start again as he asks what I am doing there. I tell him I want him to show me the bird feeder. Later Hook comes to pay me a visit. He catches me off guard when he tells me that he was abducted by Greg and Tamara.

He tells me they tried to make a deal with him but he would rather work with me instead. I tell him Cora is dead. He does seem sincerely sad and I do know he was my mother’s partner. Hook tells me in honor of Cora he wants to help me.

I bring him into another room and show him I have planted a beanstalk. Right now it is a small plant. I explain there will be total devastation to Storybrooke. He asks if that includes his ‘Crocodile’ and I assure him it does.

Tamara is picking up food to go at the Diner. As she turns she bumps into Emma and drops her bag. Emma helps her recover its contents. Emma asks how she is doing.

They talk for a moment and Tamara tells her that she can trust her. Once Tamara leaves the expression on Emma’s face show she does not believe this.
At the apartment Emma and Mary argue about Tamara. Emma insists that Tamara is the ‘She’ August was trying to warn them about.

Mary tells Emma that she can be wrong because of her emotions. Emma insists this is not about Neal. Mary still believes Emma should keep this to herself. Mary tells her it will give Henry a false hope about Emma and Neal reconciling.

As Mary leaves Henry comes out of the bathroom. He was not really showering but eavesdropping. He tells Emma that Operation Cobra is back and this time they will investigate Tamara. Hook and I take the library elevator.

We end up in a cavern. Hook admits he does not know what is next for him after Rumpel is dead. I notice a leather cuff on his arm that belonged to Cora. I want it and tell him to give it to me.

We then enter another room. I tell him I am after something being guarded and he needs to distract the one guarding it. Hook is confused. I push him and he falls back into a pit.

Before him Malificent materializes into a form that is creature yet stands like a human. The form follows him and shrieks. I find the glass casket I was looking for. I break open a pane.

Inside I pull out a pouch. From the pouch I remove its contents. Emma and Henry engage in a stakeout from her car. They eat hotdogs and watch the streets.

Henry comments about shooting arrows. Emma asks him if he would like to go to the Enchanted Forest. Henry admits he does and he wants to be with her and Neal. They see Tamara and Neal in the street.

Emma and Henry head to Neal’s apartment. She breaks in and tells Henry to be her look out. Emma notices a hollow floorboard. Just then Neal is back.

He realizes it is strange that Henry is outside. He goes in realizing Emma was in his apartment. Emma admits to Neal her suspicions about Tamara. Neal does not believe she is right.

He humors her along and they pull up the floor board. Emma reaches in and acts like she came up empty handed. Neal goes to say something but she walks out with Henry. I am back in the library and extremely surprised when I see Hook there.

I admit to him I thought he would be dead. I do not realize I have walked into a trap. I am now faced with Greg and Tamara. I try to use magic and am alarmed when nothing happens.

Henry and Emma are now eating ice cream. Henry believes her about Tamara. Emma tells him this is good because she is right. Henry also knows there are beans to go back to the Enchanted Forest.

Mary, David and Grumpy are devastated. They go to their field and see all the beans are gone. I realize I was tricked by Hook. They did something to this cuff that stops me from being able to use magic.

Greg explains this is about science. Something in this cuff cuts it off. I cannot remove the cuff. Tamara checks a list and asks who I am.

Greg explains that I am the Queen. Hook stands back and watches. I tell Greg I already told him I don’t know where his father is. Greg calmly explains this is a different mission.

He tells Tamara to bag me.

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