Episode 2: We Are Both

madhatter - Sebastian Stan
Fairy Tale Land

I remember being on horseback trying to flee the land. My wedding is tomorrow and I just want my freedom. Suddenly, branches on a tree become animated and snatch me. My mother Cora appears. She tells me she has enchanted the land so that I cannot leave without the King. I plead with her but it is ignored.

Later I sit brushing a young Snow’s hair. She opens my jewelry box and asks me about a necklace. I tell her it was from Daniel. She remembers Daniel as the Daniel who left me. I fantasize about telling her the truth that my mother killed him because of her. In my fantasy, I strangle Snow with the necklace. I can’t believe the dark feelings overcoming me.

In the garden I plead with my father to help me. He cannot. I ask him why and how my mother became the way she is. He tells me that she has met a man that introduced her to magic and gave her a magic book. He then tells me my mother will not even utter the man’s name.

I later steal my mother’s book of magic while she sleeps. I summon Rumpelstiltskin whose name I can barely pronounce back then. He appears to me. I am taken back by his appearance. Rumpelstiltskin tells me that we have met before but I do not remember. I ask him if I look like a young version of my mother and he tells me no. He then tells me that he knew this day would come. I am unsure it was wise to summon him. Rumpelstiltskin tells me that he met me as a baby. He wants to give me a gift. Behind me a gift appears and it is wrapped up. He explains that it is a portal and all I need to do is push Cora through to solve my problem. I am still reluctant to use magic because I do not want to become like my mother.

I am dressed for my wedding. I feel like I am suffering. My mother appears and tells me that I have to make everyone love me. The King is not well and soon his kingdom will be mine. I did not want his kingdom. I wanted to be free. My mother unveils the gift which is a looking glass. Behind her, I see Rumpelstiltskin appear in the looking glass. He is urging me to push her. I give in. I push my mother into the glass and see it suck her in. The glass shatters.

On horseback, I run into Rumpelstiltskin. I give him his book and tell him I want no part of it or magic. He asks me how it felt to use magic. I admit I loved it even though I am terrified. He wants to teach me more and I ask what he wants in return. He tells me someday I will do something for him. I still fear becoming like Cora.

In modern day Fairy Tale Land Mulan and Aurora have taken Mary and Emma prisoner. They take them to the place where everyone has taken to for refuge. Mary and Emma try and escape but are quickly caught. They are thrown into a pit. Mary is unconscious but Emma who is awake meets another prisoner…Cora.


The dwarfs stand at the edge of Storybrooke. They spray paint a line that separates the border and draw straws for who will cross to see what happens. Sneazy is afraid to cross and is pushed over. He becomes hazy and starts trembling.

All of the businesses are being closed and the townspeople gather at a crisis center led by Mother Superior and Ruby. They try to reunite people with their family and offer relief for anyone who suffered damage from the the soul sucking monster that damaged the town.

August is stuck in bed. He is almost transformed completely back into a wooden doll.

David goes to see me. He tells me that he knows I don’t have all my magic back. He questions me about the hat that was used as a portal. I am evasive and turn the subject to Henry. I want my son back.

The dwarfs interrupt the crisis center to tell the people what happened to Sneazy. Sneazy has lost his memory again, and only remembers life in Storybrooke. David tells everyone that he will figure something out and they should all meet him again in two hours. Ruby asks what he plans to do but he still does not know.

I am frustrated. David is correct. I do not have my magic back. Archie once again the voice of reason shows up at my house. He wants to talk to me and get me to open up. I blow him off. I have no interest in counseling right now. I want my son and my magic. I go to Gold’s shop. That book has to be there somewhere. Gold finds me snooping around. He will not tell me where the book is. He knows that I believe that if I can regain my magic, I will have Henry. He tells me to leave. I remind Gold that we are the only ones that know that the enchanted forest still exists. He reluctantly gives me the book. Gold then tells me for the first time I do look like my mother. This feels like a slap in the face. I take the book and try to find what I need.

Henry recognizes the hat. He shows David the book of Fairy Tales and opens up to the Mad Hatter. David quickly runs off leaving behind Henry who wants to help. David quickly makes his way to Gold’s shop. He tells him he wants to buy the ring that was used to help him as Charming when he tracked down Snow White. He will not tell Gold whom he is seeking. Gold gives him a bottle and tells him that he must pour it on the subject and follow. They make a barter that David must leave him alone. David tells him what happens once the border is crossed. Gold seems surprised to find out crossing the border results in memory loss. Once David leaves, Gold is furious and begins smashing things.

I continue looking through the book. I find the page I need and blow on it. The page comes to life and I breathe it in.

Outside of Gold’s shop David follows the magic hat which is now floating. It takes him to a car that is upside down. He rescues Jefferson who was trapped inside.

At the crisis center Ruby tries to keep everyone calm as they wait for David who is late. I show up. The people can sense something is different about me. I demonstrate what I am now capable of. Ruby asks what I want. Henry steps forward and tells her that I want him. He agrees to come with me if I leave the people alone.

David appeals to Jefferson to help him. Jefferson does not want to. Jefferson runs off and as David is about to chase him he is intercepted by Ruby. Ruby tells him that I took Henry.

I have Henry home. He locks me out of his room and tries to escape out the window using sheets he has tied together. The branches of the tree outside grab him and bring him back to me. He refers to himself as a prisoner. I try to explain that I want him to be happy with me and I show him some magic by making a cupcake appear. I tell him I will teach him and he can bring friends over. Henry tells me he does not want to be like the words sting and me.

David goes to the border to stop everyone from trying to cross. He gives them a speech that he wants to use his good traits from both Charming and David to be a better person. He does not want them to give up and lose themselves again. David’s speech moves the people and they decide to carry on their lives in Storybrooke until they can figure out what to do. Everyone goes back to work and the businesses open again.

David shows up at my house with a sword. I tell him he will not need that. I call Henry down. I tell Henry that he may leave with David. I want a chance to redeem myself and Henry to be with me when he wants to and not because he is being forced. I apologize to him. Once he goes to gather his belongings, David asks me about the enchanted forest. I admit it still exists but I do not know how to get to it. I know he will try and find it and I ask him to please take care of Henry.

David takes Henry to the Diner. Marco sits sadly by himself. Henry whispers in his ear and Marco perks up. Marco leaves and goes to see August.

Gold stands before the border staring at it.

I am still home. I contemplate burning the book of magic but I cannot bring myself to do it. Instead, I lock it up.

David tells Henry that the enchanted forest exists and that he can feel that Mary and Emma are still alive.

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