Episode 2: The Thing You Love Most Secrets

There are more secrets for one to discover. On episode 2, The Thing You Love Most, we have dug around for those LOST secrets. Here is what we came up with:

  • When Regina was staring at the clock tower, it ticks to 8:23. This reference on LOST, was Jack Shepard’s number.
  • At Granny’s Bed & Breakfast, Emma’s room was number 4. On LOST, John Locke’s number was 4!

Tell us what you discovered!

One thought on “Episode 2: The Thing You Love Most Secrets”

  1. Since Henry is the kin of a fairy tail creature, maybe he is only coincidentally has the same name as the Evil Queen’s father. Maybe he is named after another story such as Henry Gale from Wizard of OZ… Also, a LOST tie-in!

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