Episode 2: ‘The Price’ Recap

emma's dark one dagger

“Once Upon a Time” Season 5 Episode 2: The Price


Our adventure in Camelot began when we were brought to a large tree. At first, we were confused. That was until King Arthur explained that Merlin was stuck inside the tree. Before Melin was cursed into the tree, he told King Arthur about the prophecy. The prophecy was that we were coming. And he knew that one of us was the Savior.

As we stood there staring at the tree, Arthur turned to us and asked who the Savior was. I saw that Emma wanted to step forward, but we couldn’t risk them learning that she was The Dark One. I spoke up and said that I was the Savior, as I kept the dagger hidden.

Later that evening, a knight approached me. He had a gift from King Arthur. it was a beautiful gem necklace. I let Robin Hood do the honors of placing it around my neck. He suggested that I should wear this gorgeous jewelry piece to the ball.

Little did I know, this pendant was a way for King Arthur to spy on me.

Before the ball, I debated whether I should even go. It was my own little secret that I couldn’t dance. I explained to Mary Margaret and David that I wasn’t going. They thought it was silly and they helped me pick out a dress along with sharpening my dancing skills. After my talk with and mini-dance lessons, I was ready for the ball.

I walked in the ball, and I was introduced as the Savior. I have to be honest, it felt amazing for everyone to look up to me in such a wonderful way, like a hero. I danced with Robin and enjoyed my night. However, I was not the only person having a ball. Henry met a young maiden named Violet.

He introduced himself like the gentleman he is. He impressed the girl with his iPod since that kind of device didn’t exist in Camelot.

The night went amazingly until the man who gave me the necklace asked for a dance. He reminisced on day back in the Enchanted Forest as a child. It described a horrifying moment when The Evil Queen (my former-self) did some awful things. He knew that I was that woman.

He attempted to attack me, but my hero Robin stepped in. They began to battle, but this man had a sword and stabbed Robin. David jumped in and killed the man who stabbed the love of my life.

We took Robin to a private room. I attempted to save him with my magic, but I couldn’t. The sword that stabbed him was casted to murder me. I pleaded with Emma to help save Robin’s life. Previously, we all were afraid of Emma using her magic and becoming darker. However, she agreed to save his life.

Before she began to work her magic, she argued with an empty chair. It was like she was fighting with the inner darkness. This inner darkness told her that there would be a price to pay for saving his life. That price would be paid by me, Regina. Emma ignored the dark voices, and saved my love.

Emma excused herself from the room, and I hugged Robin. A few minutes later, King Arthur came in the room. He thought I was the Savior because I saved Robin’s life. However, he missed the moment that it was actually Emma. He didn’t care that I was the Evil Queen at one point, he believed we all deserved a second chance.

King Arthur left the room and joined Guinevere in a large, private room. Guinevere admitted to Arthur that she was afraid of us. He said they will defeat the Dark One, so he can make the Excalibur whole.


Meanwhile, King Arthur and his knights appeared in Storybrooke as well. They also did not remember the past six weeks. They decided to setup camp. I stuck around with Robin to help out. However, this demon came out of nowhere and kidnapped Robin. My heart sunk, and I had no idea what to do next.

For just a moment, I froze. However, my natural instincts began to change him along with a few friends. I was able to knock Robin out of the demon’s hands, only after getting shoved around quite a bit. Once the demon saw the opportunity, it snatched Robin again and took off.

Feeling hopeless, I went to see Gold. However, he laid there in his coma. I yelled at him because no one believed I can be the Savior because of him. Belle showed up and interrupted my moment of weakness. She showed me an image of the demon in a book. It was the same thing that took Robin. It turned out this demon had a name, Fury.

It collects a debt from the other world. The only way to save Robin’s life was to exchange it for another. What in the world was I doing to do?!

While I have this melt down, Hook met up with Emma. Emma used her magic and flashed them back to her new home. Emma stressed to Hook that she was still there, but she wanted him to love her as the Dark One. He tried to kiss her, but it didn’t save Emma. He was so upset that he left and said he wanted the old Emma back.

As I gained my composure, I went to save Robin from the Fury. Robin laid on the ground as the Fury worked it’s magic. I stepped in and asked for it to take my life instead. It did just that. However, Mary Margaret, David, and King Arthur joined hands with me. This caused the Fury to get overloaded and we defeated this monster.

We went back to Granny’s Diner to celebrate Robin’s life. Leroy told me he believed that I would save Storybrooke. This made me feel so much better.

I noticed in the back of the diner, Henry and Violet chatted near the jukebox. Since everyone’s memory was wiped out for the past six weeks, they didn’t realize that they met before. He played a song for her on the jukebox, that made her smile. She couldn’t figure out, where she heard the song before (Henry’s iPod).

As those love birds reconnected, I helped one of the dwarfs who was turned to stone. I brought him back to life with my magic. As everyone enjoyed the night, Emma stood outside.

She felt left out. She felt alone.

The Dark One’s voice appeared again to take Emma back to the house. He took her into the room, where the sword was stuck in the rock. Emma tried to take the Excalibur from the rock, however, it wasn’t time. The voice in her head told her that she would have to pay the price before connecting her Dark One dagger and the Excalibur together.

What in the world could be next for this newly found villain?

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