Episode 2: ‘Lost Girl’

Fairy Tale Land

Charming finds Snow dead in a casket. The dwarfs surround her. He opens the casket and kisses her. Snow wakes up from my Sleeping Curse. I am at my castle when the Mirror delivers the news. The next day Snow gathers the people of the kingdom to tell them they must band together and fight me. The villagers are frightened especially when I arrive and they scatter like mice. I proposition Snow. I tell her that I will allow her to safely leave with Charming and the dwarfs if she gives up the throne. To prove my point I use magic to raise a woman and choke her. I let the woman go and vow to kill a villager every day that she does not make a decision to leave.

Snow tells Charming and the dwarfs she wants to leave. Charming will not accept this but the dwarfs are behind her. Once she leaves them Charming finds out the dwarfs are suspicious of his motives. They do not understand why he needs the kingdom if he has true love. Charming leaves to seek out Rumpelstiltskin. He wants a deal where he can make Snow remember who she is. Charming then finds Snow shooting arrows at a target. He admits he went to Rumpel and tells her there is a special weapon that will help her defeat me.

Charming travels with Snow. They finally come to an area of the forest where they find a sword embedded in stone. He tells her this is Excalibur and that only the true heir to the throne can remove it. Charming cannot take the sword. Snow tries and to her surprise removes it. Snow and Charming return to face me. She tells me she will not accept my offer. With magic I lift Grumpy and choke him. Snow comes at me. To my surprise her sword catches my cheek and I am bleeding. I leave vowing that we will battle. The dwarfs apologize to Charming.

Snow goes to Rumpel and wants to know what Charming owes him. She is shocked to find out the sword is not real. He takes her necklace that once belonged to her mother and disappears. An angry Snow finds Charming. She is furious over the deceit. He tells her needed her to see who she really was and that she could stand up to me. This satisfies her and she kisses him.


Rumpel gives his dagger to a shadow and tells it to hide the blade for him.

On our side of the island we continue to travel. Mary tells Emma she could call her mom and Emma does not seem interested. We come upon vines and David goes to slice through them but is stopped by Hook. Hook tells us the vines are poisonous. We make our way to the top of a mountain. Hook is the one who knows the area best and warns us the Dark Jungle has grown. He suggests we rest to keep our strength up. I am impatient and want to continue on. They all agree with Hook.

During the night Emma wakes up hearing distressful noises. No one else wakes up so she goes on her own to explore. She is greeted by Peter Pan. Emma grabs him and demands to know where Henry is. Pan gives her a blank parchment. He tells her that she is the only one who can unlock the map and find Henry. She needs to realize who she is. When we are awake we all sit around the parchment. I want to use magic but Hook warns that will just anger Pan.

Rumpel hears a noise. He chases after a hooded figure. When he catches up it is Belle. Rumpel does not know what to make of this and is skeptical. Belle tells him he is the one who summoned her and not Pan because he needs her help.

Emma tries talking to the paper. She tells it her name. She tells it her life story. Nothing is happening. I suggest she tell it she is the Savior. This does nothing as well. I take matters into my own hands and enchant the map. It begins to float. We all follow as it leads us to the Dark Jungle.

Rumpel walks with the conjured version of Belle. He tells her that he is a coward and that he was offered a deal to leave with his life if he gives up on Henry. Belle reminds him of the regret he felt over the years about leaving his son. Rumpel tells her that the mysterious doll he was given is the same doll his own father gave him before leaving him. Belle disappears and Rumpel drops the doll into the water.

We continue following the floating parchment. We believe that we were sneaking up on Pan but are shocked to find him expecting us. Pan expresses his disappointment in us for cheating. We are ambushed by the Lost Boys and begin to battle. The battle ends once Emma has a boy pinned on the ground and suddenly gets off of him. Pan tells Emma again to follow the rules and the map will appear for her. They leave us.

Emma is sitting and staring at the blank parchment again. Mary tries to offer encouragement. She then asks what happened with the boy. Emma admits that she saw the same look of despair in that boy’s eyes that she had growing up without her family. She admits on this island she feels like an orphan again. With these words the map materializes. Mary tells her that she understands and will continue to make it up to her. I am ready to go but once again the group outvotes me to be patient. Hook offers Emma some rum and asks how she unlocked the map and she does not tell him.

Rumpel walks along and a bird flies over him. The bird delivers the doll back to him that he disposed of. This time Rumpel uses magic to burn the doll. He walks along again and the doll reappears. Realizing her cannot rid himself of the doll he takes it with him.

Pan finds Emma and congratulates her for unlocking the map. He calls her the Lost Girl. Pan tells Emma by the time she finds Henry he won’t want to leave with her and she really will be an orphan. Emma turns away from him.

Meanwhile, David finds a strange slice in his skin….

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  1. Poor old Charming. He sure can get himself in quite the predicaments. I guess that is why I kind of like him. I didn’t think it was a bad episode but it wasn’t all that great either. So we will see just what Tinkerbelle brings to the table…

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