Episode 19: Lacey

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Fairy Tale Land

Belle cries in her new quarters. Rumpelstiltskin flies into the room to tell her he is sick of her crying. She is keeping him awake and he cannot get any work done. He has brought her a pillow. At first she thinks it may be for her comfort but he tells her it is for her to muffle her weeping. They are interrupted by the sound of broken glass. Both go to see what happened. They are faced with an intruder. A man has broken into Rumpel’s castle to steal a magic wand. Rumpel faces off with him as Belle watches. The man tries to aim an arrow at Rumpel. The arrow hits him and he feigns injury for a moment before laughing at the man. Rumpel tells the intruder all magic comes with a price.

Belle mops up. She hears the man screaming in another room. Rumpel comes in wearing a bloody apron. He gives it to her to clean. Belle pleads with Rumpel to let the man go. He tells her the intruder must be punished. Rumpel leaves his home. As soon as he is gone Belle rushes to the intruder who is being held prisoner. She finds him with his arms tied above his head and he has been beaten by Rumpel. She sets him free. As he goes to leave he tells her that he is concerned as to what Rumpel may do to her and asks if she would like to leave with him. She tells him that she cannot because they made a deal but she can handle herself.

Belle watches Rumpel go to the room where the prisoner was. She hears him yell and he comes back. He is furious with Belle. He makes her book disappear blaming it for filling her head with ideas. Belle tells him that this had nothing to do with any book as she sees good in that man. Rumpel scolds her telling her no good comes of anyone who tries to steal magic. There is a purpose behind it. He vows to find the thief so he can kill him and force her to watch.

Rumpel expresses his displeasure in the carriage. Belle asks him why he did not kill her for releasing the thief. He replies that good help is hard to find. The carriage stops so that they can get out. They find the Sheriff of Nottingham. The Sheriff asks what they want. Rumpel explains that he is looking for a thief. The Sheriff is aware of Rumpel’s reputation and how Rumpel loves to make deals. He proposes a deal for some alone time with Belle in exchange for information. Rumpel is not amused. He uses magic to take the Sheriff’s tongue and teach him a lesson. Once he gives the tongue back the Sheriff is happy to cooperate and tells Rumpel the man he seeks stole his wife and his name is Robin Hood.

Belle tries to convince Rumpel they should turn around. He will not have it. They spot Robin Hood. Gold uses magic to put Belle in the ground where she is buried from the shoulders down so she cannot interfere. He aims his arrow as they watch the man. Robin Hood has used the wand to cure a sick woman. Belle cannot move but continues to plead with Rumpel. Rumpel keeps the bow aimed at Robin Hood. The woman is better and once she stands he can see she is pregnant. Belle points this out that the magic was intended for good. Rumpel shoots an arrow that misses Robin Hood. Robin tells Marion they must go. Rumpel releases Belle from the ground. He tells her he missed but she knows better. Rumpel is stunned as a happy Belle wraps her arms around him.

Back at the castle Belle turns to go to bed. Rumpel stops her. He transforms the room into a library. He tells her not to get excited as this is just another room she must clean. Belle is beaming. She happily tells him that he is not who she thought he was.


Henry blows out candles on his birthday cake. He is in Gold’s shop. He is surrounded by his immediate family. Mr. Gold tells him he may have anything he wants in the shop. Henry chooses a wand. Neal tells him to be careful. Gold tells Henry that he will show him. She uses the wand and turns Henry into china. Neal asks why he did that. Gold shatters Henry. At this, Gold wakes up from the nightmare.

Gold is outside watching Neal and Henry. They are practicing sword fighting. I show up and ask Gold why his son is spending so much time with mine. Gold looks surprised that I don’t know.

He fills me in and I am shocked to learn that Neal is Henry’s biological father. This infuriates me. Gold had to have known or been behind it because he is the one who found Henry for me when I was looking to adopt. Gold shrugs at me that he really did not know.

I tell him that they will never accept him and he cannot resist darkness. Gold goes to the hospital to see Belle. She is happy and surprised to see he is alive after his last phone call to her. They talk. She tells him that although she cannot remember him she can tell that he was sincere about his feelings for her.

She tells him that she remembers him healing her injuries.

Gold tells her that she has been through a lot and has been medicated. Belle tells Mr. Gold that she would like his help in remembering who she is. He tells her that she has always brought out the best in him and he would like her help too. They will help each other. Gold tells her that he will work on getting her released from the hospital.

I go to the hospital and visit Belle too. She tells me that Gold is working on her release and that he will help her remember who she is. At this I pull out a matchbook and enchant it. I hand it to Belle telling her I found it in her room. She stares hard at it and tells me that she has her memory back.

Greg and Tamara look over a map. She reassures her lover that he will find his father. They discuss a mysterious package in her possession. She then leaves.

Mary and David take Emma for a ride. Once they stop the car they take her to a field. There appears to be nothing going on there until they walk through an invisible barrier. Emma is shocked to find a crop of magic beans. Anton greets them and explains to Emma that Cora made him a normal sized man. After a moment Grumpy/ Leroy calls for Anton to get back to work. Mary tells Emma that after what happened with Cora she has literally had a change of heart and believes they should go home to the Enchanted Forest. She and David want her to consider this too.
Gold returns for Belle. She is not her room. He calls for the nurse who does not know where she is. The nurse leaves and Gold sees something on her bed. He finds a matchbook for a bar called ‘The Rabbit Hole.’

Gold heads to the Rabbit Hole. He questions the bartender about Belle. The bartender is happy to answer any question for the very powerful Mr. Gold. After Gold describes Belle the bartender tells him that sounds a lot like a woman named Lacey. Gold turns his head and sees Belle playing pool. He walks over to her. She tells him she remembers everything now and her name is actually Lacey.

A furious Gold shows up at my office demanding answers. He tells me that Belle only remembers cursed memories and he knows that I am behind it. I won’t help him and smugly tell him to get used to Lacey. I tell him true love’s kiss won’t work because Lacey does not feel for him what Belle did. He says that he will make Lacey love him. I cannot help but chuckle over this.

Granny fills an order for ten bowls of chili. She asks David and Leroy what the dwarfs are up to. They are interrupted by Mr. Gold. He tells them he needs to talk to David alone. Leroy and Granny leave them. David does not want to help him and reminds him of Mary and Cora. He is surprised when a desperate Gold begs for his help and tells him that he will owe him a favor. David gives in. Gold explains what has happened with Belle/Lacey. David tells him that he has to make her remember the man she fell in love with.

Gold and David go to the Rabbit Hole. They see Lacey being hit on at the bar. The man hitting on Lacey walks away and Gold sits down with her. He tries to find a common ground to talk about but Lacey is different than Belle. Finally he persuades Lacey to allow him to take her on a date. She suggests they meet at Granny’s Diner for dinner.

I find Emma sitting at the dock. I confront her about Neal and why no one told me anything. She is calm and responds it is because of everything that was going on with Cora trying to kill all of them. She then tells me that I need to stop worrying about everyone else and be the person Henry wants me to be before I lose him completely. There is something strange about what Emma has told me. I ask her and she denies it. I tell her whatever she is hiding I will find out.

Granny goes to wait on Gold and Lacey. She is taken aback with Belle/Lacey’s trashy appearance. They order and once Granny walks away Lacey tells Gold she knows of his reputation. She tells him that people say he is dark and not to be crossed. Lacey then tells him that she finds him to be a classy guy and does not understand why anyone would be scared of him. Lacey then shocks Gold when she tells him that one cannot tell what is in a person’s heart until you know them. She excuses herself from the table for a moment. Gold is happy as this is something that Belle had once told him while defending Robin Hood.

Lacey is taking a long time returning. The food has arrived. Gold gets up to find her. She is not in the bathroom or anywhere in the Diner.
Gold finds Lacey by the dumpster. She is making out with the man who was the Sheriff back in Nottingham. He breaks them apart. The man leaves but Gold realizes that Lacey wanted to be with him. She admits to Gold she only agreed on the date to be nice. She apologizes that she is not Belle and leaves.

David and Mary drop the dwarfs off at the Diner. I watch them pull away. Once everyone is out of sight I go to the middle of the street. I touch the ground. The route they drove becomes illuminated. I follow it in my car. The path leads me to an empty field. I am certain there is more to this. I wave my hand until I break through a concealment charm. I find a field of magic beans.

The man who was once Sheriff goes to Gold and apologizes. He tells Gold he did not realize they were together. Gold admits they are not. The man looks delighted. This angers Gold who takes his tongue again. Gold realizes being good is getting him nowhere. He begins striking the man with his cane.

Lacey finds Rumpel assaulting the man. She tells his he is not what she thought he was. Instead of looking angry or upset as Belle would, Lacey looks pleased. She is enjoying the show. Gold continues to beat the man as she looks on.

Neal brings a sleeping Henry home. He sits down with Emma to talk. He tells her that Henry and August hit it off at the park and jokes he likes August better this way. Emma tells him she does not think Storybrooke is the best place for Henry. Neal can tell there is a cryptic message there.
Greg and Tamara meet at the border to Storybrooke. She has the package. She opens the back of the truck and reveals a bound and gagged Captain Hook.

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