Episode 19: ‘A Curious Thing’


Enchanted Forest

Snow and Charming tell me that they want to announce their pregnancy. I am against it with Zelena on
the loose. We are interrupted by Belle. She tells us that she went with Baelfire to awaken the Dark One
and in the process Zelena got the dagger. She also tells us Bae would be dead except Rumpelstiltskin
has absorbed him. Aurora and Philip are with us in the castle and tell us that Zelena may be after
Snow’s baby. Zelena flies in and transforms Aurora and Philip into flying monkeys. Zelena uses magic to
freeze us in place so she may touch Snow’s belly. She tells us that this is the baby she needs and she will
be back for it.

Eight months later Grumpy tells us that everyone is afraid of Zelena and no one believes they are strong
enough to defeat her. I suggest we send Belle to break in Rumpel’s castle and get answers from him.
Robin tells us he knows the castle and should come so he can get us through. I dislike Robin and we

At Rumpel’s castle I go to open a door. Robin stops me by shooting an arrow into it. The door busts into
flames. I am annoyed and he tells me he did it so the door would not blast off my arm. We go through
and find Rumpel in a cage. He is spinning gold and when he speaks he does not make sense. Snow asks
him for help and does not understand his answer. We send Belle toward him. Through the cage they
hold hands and he does his best to make sense for Belle. He tells her we must seek Glinda the Good
Witch who has been banished to the Dark Forest.

In the Dark Forest I am annoyed with Charming and Snow who literally stop to smell pretty flowers.
They point to a door in the middle of the forest. The message outside the door tells us only the pure of
heart may go through. Snow enters and disappears. Charming follows. I believe this is a cloaking spell
but realize I am wrong when I go through and am still in the Dark Forest.

Snow and Charming enter a winter wonderland. Glinda appears for them and tells them I was not
able to come through because I have a vengeful heart. She tells them that she was friends with Zelena
before she had become consumed with darkness. She explains that they must remove Zelena’s pendant
and that she can be defeated with the lightest of magic.

Snow and Charming tell me that I need to cast a Dark Curse so we may seek out Emma. They believe
Emma will be the only one who can defeat Zelena. I tell them it is impossible without giving up the thing
I love most as I once already did this to my father. Charming wants Snow to do it by crushing his heart.
Snow is reluctant. I explain if they want this done this is the only way.

A cauldron bubbles. I turn my back to allow Snow and Charming to say goodbye. I feel a sadness listening to them.
Finally they ask me to remove his heart. I do so and give it to Snow and instruct her to
crush it over the bubbling cauldron. She does so and Charming falls to the ground. We are interrupted
by Zelena who drops something into the curse. She tells us that she has added a Forgetting Curse to the

Zelena leaves us and Snow begs me to remove her heart. She believes I can split it in half and that her
love with Charming is so powerful they can both live with her heart. I warn her she may die if this does
not work. She insists. I take the heart. I am able to divide it and give it to them both. Charming wakes

At Rumpel’s castle, Zelena creates a potion so she will have her memories when the curse takes effect.
She creates some for Rumpel. Once she leaves the room Baelfire splits from his body. Bae takes the
potion and sends it by pigeon along with a note. The package is addressed to Killian Jones. Bae merges
back into his father’s body.


Robin and I kiss in the hallway before I go to Mary and David’s home. He makes a comment about me
not having a heart. I assure him I still have feelings. I even feel sadness when Henry walks by and greets
me as Madame Mayor.

In their loft I tell them we have to find out what Zelena gave up to cast this curse. I tell them that I
believe the key to breaking this curse is make a Henry a believer again. Mary backs me up and Emma
sadly agrees as well.

Zelena has a rose. She waits and a car approaches. Rumpel has brought her Hook who is tied up in the
trunk. She tells him that he better kiss Emma or a rose will end up on Henry’s grave.

Mary tells us she believes we need the book of Fairy Tales. She does not know where it is but believes it
will appear in thin air when she needs it. Before we search we head to the Diner to find Henry. Emma
tells him she has a lead to follow for a case. He is angry and accuses her of hiding something. Acting
defeated he asks for her keys so he can get his gaming device. Once we leave him he sneaks to Emma’s
car with the intention of taking off. Hook stops him and tells him if he wants to go back to New York he
will help him but not like this.

At Mary’s house I help search the closet. Emma looks through a drawer. There is no sign of the book.
Mary is the one who finds it like she did the first time. Mary realizes Emma looks disappointed as she
was still hoping to protect Henry from this.

Emma later realizes Henry is missing but she has GPS on his phone. Henry is actually at a dock with
Hook. Hook wants Smeade to take him on a boat and leave. They are attacked by flying monkeys.
Henry is confused not knowing what these creatures are. They run into a warehouse and Henry sees
Hook shoot them and watches them burst into flames. We arrive at the warehouse and Emma helps
shoot them down. Henry demands to know what those things were. Emma asks Henry to believe in
magic and shows him the book of Fairy Tales. He reluctantly takes the book and his memories come
back. He calls Emma ‘Mom.’ The moment I have been waiting for happens. He looks at me and calls
me ‘Mom’ too. Emma goes to kiss Henry believing this will break the curse. The kiss is interrupted
as Zelena uses magic to take him. She tells us she will kill him because Hook did not do what he was
supposed to. I try to stop her but she uses her magic to knock me unconscious. Emma reaches within
and uses her light magic which seems to burn Zelena. Zelena lets go of Henry who does not know who
she is. She is shocked and angry but she leaves.

Henry is able to shake me awake. We hug. I kiss Henry and the curse is broken. Our memories of the
past year come back. Mary tells us that Zelena’s weakness is light magic. She also tells Emma that she
cast the curse. Emma asks how both of her parents are there if they cast the curse. They explain.
Henry fills me in on the past year. He asks me who I was kissing in the hallway. I tell him it was Robin
Hood. Henry is delighted. Robin comes in and introduces himself to Henry.

Emma asks Hook to tell the truth about what is going on between him and Zelena. He finally admits that
she cursed him and wants him to kiss her. Mary and David accuse him of lying about why he went to
Emma in New York. Hook insists that someone sent him a message and he is not lying.
Henry goes to Neal’s grave. He tells Emma that Operation Cobra is back on. Mary goes into labor.

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