Episode 18: Selfless, Brave and True


Hong Kong 2011

Empty alcohol bottles roll into a pile of clothes on the floor.  August wakes up.  He is startled to see that his leg has turned to wood.  He tries to wake the woman sleeping next to him.  They speak back and forth but she will not wake up and help him.

August goes to see a doctor.  He rolls up his pants but to the doctor his leg looks ordinary.  To prove his ailment he stabs himself in the leg.  All this does is make the doctor think he is crazy.  August escapes from the doctor into a closet.  Inside the closet is another man.  The man tells him he will bring him to ‘The Dragon’ who will be able to help him.

August goes with the man to meet the Dragon.  Inside the waiting room he sits for a moment with others who are quiet and solemn.  The man tells August to come.  As August steps forward he sees a phone on the floor.  He asks a woman if it belongs to her.  When she turns around we see that woman is Tamara, Neal’s fiancee.

August enters the room.  The Dragon sits on the floor surrounded by candles.  He asks August what the problem is.  The Dragon then reveals that he knows August is Pinocchio and that his leg has turned back to wood.  August wants to know how this man knows so much but the Dragon tells him to focus on the problem.  He needs something irreplaceable to August.  The Dragon asks for the string that holds a charm around August’s neck.  This string was used by his father when August was still made of wood.  He also wants $10,000 US dollars.

August is in a bar.  Tamara sees him and invites him over.  She pulls out an envelope loaded with money to pay for her drink.  August cannot help but notice this.  She tells him that she sought out the Dragon because she had a form of cancer no one had been able to cure.  She tells him that she gave the Dragon a picture of herself with her grandmother.  Tamara’s phone rings and she excuses herself leaving August to watch her purse.  He reaches inside and takes her money.  August runs out of the bar.

August returns to the Dragon with the money.  He is a lot of pain.  August feels guilty as he keeps looking at the picture of Tamara and her grandmother.  He asks again if this will work.  The Dragon presents him with a glowing vile of red liquid and tells him he must help himself.  August leaves.  Once outside he is prepared to drink the contents of the vile but is interrupted by an angry Tamara.  He runs off and she chases him down until he falls and drops the remedy.  Tamara picks up the vile and tells August that he deserves whatever it is that he has.  She turns and leaves him writhing on the ground.

Tamara goes to the see the Dragon.  He tells her that he knows she was not sick and August should have had the remedy.  She tells the Dragon that she analyzed the contents of the potion and concluded they are not of this world.  He explains that people come to him for help with ailments that science cannot treat.  Tamara tells him that no one can know of this.  She pulls out a stun gun and aims it at him.  Before she zaps him red smoke comes out of his nostrils and feet.  The Dragon levitates and tells her she has not seen the real him.  She uses the stun gun on him until he falls down and dies.  As she leaves Tamara takes back her photo.

New York

August has gone back to New York to see Neal.  He tells Neal that once the curse is lifted he will send him a postcard from Storybrooke.  Tamara watches the two men.  Once August leaves she begins walking toward Neal clutching a coffee.  She purposely positions herself to collide with Neal once he turns around.  Neal apologizes and gives her his scarf to cover the coffee stains.  She sweetly introduces herself to him.


Emma tells David that she must stop coddling Mary Margaret and let her help herself.  Emma leaves with Henry.  Mary makes her way to the kitchen.  David tells her he made her breakfast or they can go out if she prefers.  Mary has other plans.  She tells him that she wants to go to the woods.  He offers to go but she tells him she needs to go alone.  David tells her that he believes that when the crops are ready and they have a way home that none of this will matter anymore.  She disagrees.

Emma brings Henry to see Neal.  Henry has his book of Fairy Tales with him.  Neal sends Henry to get cocoa for everyone.  Once alone with Emma, Neal tells her that his fiancee is coming.  Emma believes this is an awful idea.  He tells her that she is already on her way.  She tells him that he should be honest with Tamara.

Mary is in the forest.  She is brushing up on her archery.  She hears a noise and goes to investigate.  On the ground she finds a broken wooden arrow.  She then spots a camper.  Mary goes inside the camper and is shocked to find August.  Although he is still animated he has turned into wood.  Mary is confused because the curse is broken.  August explains that this has nothing to do with the curse and is his own punishment for making bad choices.  They continue catching up and August is upset to hear that Emma and Neal are not back together and he met someone else.  Mary insists that August go and see his father Marco.  He refuses and tells her that she must keep it a secret that she saw him.

Tamara has arrived.  She is having bagels with Neal, Henry and Emma.  Henry asks how they met.  Tamara tells him a story about how Neal bumped into her causing her to spill her coffee and gave her his scarf.  Emma excuses herself and Henry.  Henry leaves the book of Fairy Tales with Neal.  Once they are alone Neal begins trying to explain his origins to Tamara.  He shows her the book and tells her the stories are real.  Tamara is furious and accuses Neal of making up stories because he wants to be back with Emma.  She storms out of the room.

At the Diner I see Greg having a slice of pie.  I do not understand why this outsider is still here.  I politely introduce myself and thank him for calling me when he found Henry.  As I look at him I can swear that I have met him before.  He denies this.  I go to leave.  As I do I run into Mary who is heading in.  I tell her to order the fish…the blackened sole.  After this jab I leave.  Mary runs to Emma and Marco.  She tells them that she found August living in the woods.  They all agree they will need the help of the Blue Fairy/Mother Superior.  They exit the Diner.  Tamara overhears the conversation.  Her eyes move as though she is looking at someone.

Mother Superior explains to Mary, Emma and Marco that August has turned to wood because he broke his promise.  He was supposed to remain brave and truthful.  She explains redemption is something that he must do on his own.  Mary believes that there is still hope.

August hears a knock on his door.  He yells for them to go away.  Once he opens the door and finds himself face to face with Tamara he is shocked.  August wants to know why she is in Storybrooke.  She tells him that she needs something from him.  She wants to make a deal.  Tamara lies to August and tells him that the potion from the Dragon cured her cancer and that she has more back in New York.  She wants him to leave Storybrooke and never come back in exchange for her keys to retrieve the potion.  He puts together that she is Neal’s fiancee and wants to know if they have come to steal magic.  Tamara tells him that Neal does not know anything.  She presents her keys to him.

In the forest Marco admits to Mary and Emma that he built the wardrobe for two people.  He confesses that August was with Emma when she was transported.  Mary slaps him.  Emma is stunned at Mary.  Marco apologizes and tells them that he deserved it.  Mary then apologizes the Marco and tells him she has not been herself.  They find the camper but it is empty.  August has taken Tamara’s keys and is driving away from Storybrooke.

I meet with Greg.  I inform him that I do recognize him.  He is little Owen all grown up.  I want to know what he wants here in Storybrooke.  Greg/Owen tells me that I look exactly the same.  I tell him I treat my skin well knowing that he does not buy it.  Greg tells me that he came to find his father.  I tell him that his father left Storybrooke shortly after he did.  I insist he is not here.  Greg tells me that people do not vanish.  I tell Greg that he will be leaving Storybrooke.  I then add in that people do vanish.

August turns around and goes back to Storybrooke.  He goes to the sheriff’s office and no one is there.  He uses the phone to call Emma.  He tries to warn her about Tamara.  Tamara is there and she disconnects the phone line.  August tells Tamara that he knows she killed the Dragon.  He tells her in Hong Kong he went back to the Dragon and found him dead.  He then tells her he saw the picture of her and her grandmother in her car.  He tells her that she will not harm anyone in that town and he will warn them.  Tamara takes out her stun gun and zaps August.

Emma, Marco, Henry, Mary and David head to the sheriff’s office.  August stumbles out of the building and collapses.  He whispers something to Emma.  He tells Emma someone did this to stop him from warning them but he turns back into a lifeless puppet before he can say who or what.  Mother Superior joins them.  Marco pleads for her help explaining that someone killed August because he was trying to help them.  Mother Superior tells them if this is true then she may be able to bring him back.  She uses her wand.  August wakes up.  He transforms back into Pinocchio the child.  Everyone is happy especially Marco.  Mother Superior tells Pinocchio he must do better this time.  Neal and Tamara show up.  Tamara listens carefully to what is going on.  She pretends to Neal that she now believes what he was telling her.  She watches Emma ask Pinocchio if he remembers what he was telling her.  He tells her that he does not.  Everyone leaves except for Neal and Tamara.  Neal tells Tamara that he understands if she wants to leave him and head back to New York.  She tells him that she loves him and is there for him.

At their home Emma makes a promise to Henry to never lie to him again.

Mary pulls David aside.  She wants to come clean with him.  She tells him how she went to see me and what happened.  She tells him that she was in so much pain she hoped I would kill her.  She tells him when she saw her heart it really did blacken.  David hugs her and tells her it will be alright.  Mary looks happy again.

Greg’s phone rings.  It is ‘Her.’  He leaves a message annoyed he has not heard from her.  There is a knock at his door.  It is Tamara who tells him that she has little time as Neal is in the shower.  Greg and Tamara begin kissing.

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