Episode 18: ‘Bleeding Through’

Rose McGowan - young cora

Enchanted Forest

A young Cora works as a barmaid in the tavern. She converses with a man who tells her he is sorry he will be leaving town soon. Jonathan tells Cora that he is really a prince and did not want her interest in him to be solely based upon that. He wraps a piece of hay around her finger vowing to replace it with a gold band when he returns in two weeks. Cora spends the night with him.
Cora is in the rain looking around. No one comes to her. In the garden she finds Jonathan at the gazebo. Cora learns that he is a mere gardener. She tells him that she is with child. He does not care and pushes her out of his way. Cora yells for help as he leaves. A man comes to her aid. It is Prince Leopold.

Cora and Leopold walk and exchange stories of their lives. She builds a fire for them. He tells her he will be king soon and is expected to marry. He explains he is arranged to marry Princess Ava who he has never met.

Leopold is now engaged to marry Cora who sits at the gazebo. She is taken aback when approached by Jonathan. Jonathan threatens to expose her pregnancy unless she bribes him with jewels. She does not see Ava on the other side of the wall who hears her secret.

Leopold confronts Cora of rumors of her pregnancy. He tells her he will marry her as long as he can trust her. Ava steps out of the shadows. They tell Cora what Ava overheard. Cora denies it but Leopold asks her to empty her pockets. They are filled with jewels. Leopold has Cora removed from the castle as he walks away with Ava. Ava promises he will marry a worthy wife who will give him a child who is as pure as snow.

Cora gives birth. She is sad to get rid of her child. As she apologizes to the infant she explains the baby will make it impossible for her to be more than the miller’s daughter. A storm comes.


I hear a knock at my door. When I open it I see a basket of green apples. I hear Zelena’s voice behind me. She is in my house. I ask why she is here. Zelena walks around my house looking around. She tells me that my problem is I don’t truly live and know happiness.

She then tells me that she has been stalling so the Dark One can go retrieve my heart. Rumpelstiltskin and Robin have a standoff. Robin aims a bow at him. Roland approaches and Rumpel uses magic to change the aim of the bow that is now frozen midair. Rumpel apologizes to Robin but tells him he has to do this although he does not want to. Terrified for his son Robin gives him my heart. I arrive just after Rumpel.

Robin is sorry. I tell him I understand and agree it was more important to protect the child. I admit I am concerned I am alive as that means she has other use for my heart.

I go to Gold’s shop and tear things apart looking for something to help me. Belle and I have a confrontation. I ask for her help. She reminds me of every rotten thing I ever did to her. I smooth things over telling her it was in the past and we all have a common goal to defeat Zelena. I also remind her Zelena has Rumpel. Belle has been working to match the ingredients to potential spells. I find the candle Mary used to kill my mother.
Hook stares at a green apple as Emma enters the room. David and Mary discuss possible baby names. They believe they may have a son and Mary suggests Leopold after her father. David frowns upon this. I join them with tea. I tell them not to drink it.

Zelena holds my heart as a flying monkey looks on. She admires all of her ingredients. She chooses a suit for Rumpel to wear.
A séance is about to begin.

I light the candle as I sit with Mary, David, Emma and Hook to summon Cora. We are able to open a portal but nothing comes through. I believe that my mother does not wish to communicate.

Mary stays behind as everyone leaves. She apologizes to me for Cora’s death. I tell her I understand as Cora did kill her mother. We hear a noise upstairs. I open the door to the room it is coming from. We see a ghostly figure of Cora at a spindle.

After hours at the Diner, Emma shows off her magic to Hook. She realizes something is off with him but he will not tell her what it is. Belle bursts in the Diner frantically interrupting them.

Zelena and Rumpel are dressed up and sit down to dinner. She finally tells him what she is up to. She plans to create magic for time travel. He tells her it has never been done. She vows that she will be able to and the only ingredient missing is the baby. She also tells Rumpel that she will take him with her so he may reunite with his son.

Cora is after Mary with a vengeance. I do my best to hold Cora off demanding she leave Mary alone and answer my questions about Zelena. Cora breaks out of my grip and enters Mary’s body. She shows Mary the whole story of her pregnancy, Leopold and Zelena.

Not knowing what Cora is doing I get her out of Mary and send her back. Emma has arrived with David, Hook and Belle. Mary tells me that Cora was communicating and showed her the past. Belle tells us that she knows what Zelena is doing and tells us these are ingredients for time travel. Mary tells us that Ava forced Cora to give up Zelena as a baby and therefore Zelena must be planning to go back and kill Ava. This will alter events and Zelena will have my life. David realizes this is why Zelena is after the baby.

Rumpel thanks Zelena for dinner. He tells her he was wrong and he is so sorry for wronging her. Zelena welcomes his affection as he makes an attempt to seduce her. He tries to get the dagger and this angers Zelena. She tells him to go back to his cage. He vows to her that he will kill her. Zelena cries once he is out of the room.

Mary helps me clean. She tells me that I will get my heart back and I will have so much happiness. I tell her I am sorry she learned of her mother’s darkness.

I seek out Robin. He tells me again how sorry he is. I pull his face up to mine and kiss him. Robin is surprised. He looks at me and then kisses me back.

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