Episode 17: ‘The Jolly Roger’

Enchanted Forest

Captain Hook and his men have found a way to be pirates without their missing ship the Jolly Roger. They dress as knights and hold up carriages. After receiving a hefty sum they celebrate at the tavern. The men pay for a woman to spend some time with Hook. When he takes her outside he gives her more money for her troubles and tells her he is not interested. He is jumped by another woman who holds him at knife point. It is Ariel.

Ariel accuses Hook of kidnapping Prince Eric. He manages to turn the knife on her and demands to know what she is talking about. She tells him that Eric has been sited as a prisoner on the Jolly Roger. The dagger he took from her belonged to the man who took the ship. Hook immediately recognizes the insignia on the handle.

In the tavern Hook tells his men that Blackbeard has taken the Jolly Roger. This causes the men to shudder. Hook insists to Smeade that they will go and get the ship back. Ariel insists on coming with them.

In the forest Hook accidentally creates a tear in the cloak Ariel is wearing. She is upset because it is Eric’s cloak. Ariel then tells Hook that she heard wonderful things about him and that he is a hero. He sternly tells her not to say that as he is and always will be a pirate.

They find the ship. Hook goes on board for a confrontation with Blackbeard. The men begin battling with swords. Ariel uses the opportunity to look for Eric. Blackbeard tells Hook that the word is he has gone soft and Hook assures him he is wrong. Hook tricks Blackbeard into stepping on a loose board which gives Hook the upper hand. Ariel comes out and tells them that Eric is not on the ship. Blackbeard tells them that he has Eric hidden on an island. He offers to bring them to Eric if Hook will show the world he is no longer a pirate and surrender the Jolly Roger.

Hook chooses to force Blackbeard to walk the plank. Ariel slaps Hook and tells him he is empty and selfish. The men see her jump in the water and transform back into a mermaid so she may find Eric.

Credit: ABC Jack Rowand
Credit: ABC Jack Rowand


Emma and David struggle with directions to build a crib as Mary looks on. Mary reminds them she is uneasy as Zelena and Gold are still out there. I come in and tell them I have created a protection spell that cannot be broken by a blood bond. Emma tells me that she wants to team up with me again. She assures me this time she is ready to commit to magic.

Smeade and Hook meet by the dock. Smeade tells Hook that there is nothing for them in Storybrooke and the men want to go back out. Hook tells them they cannot do this with a Wicked Witch on the loose. Smeade does not understand what is holding Hook there. Emma walks up with Henry. Smeade leaves them be as Emma asks Hook to hang out with Henry so she can learn magic. They talk about her plan to eventually go back to New York and Hook tells her that no one can go back to their old life.

Mary and David walk on the beach. They find a group of people surrounding someone. It is Ariel. Ariel tells them that like everyone else she ended up here. She heard everyone lost memory of the past year. When she could not find Eric she went off to find him.

Hook and David have lunch at the Diner. They are interrupted by David. David introduces him to Ariel. She asks if he may have known of Prince Eric. He lies and tells them he does not. David suggests they visit Belle and Gold’s shop and see if anything of Eric’s is there. He insists Hook take her and they will watch Henry. Hook pulls David aside and warns this may not be good because perhaps Eric is dead. David still believes they should try.

I take Emma down a corridor and warn her not to touch anything. She tells me Hook has been watching Henry. I show her a page with a spell. She finds this method of learning difficult. I tell her that Rumpelstiltskin’s methods were basically sink or swim which gives me an idea. I transport us onto a bridge.

At the shop, Hook finds his own binoculars. With them he catches a glimpse of Eric’s cloak. Ariel is delighted.

Meanwhile on the bridge I tell Emma to use her instincts. I cause the bridge to come undone. For a moment I am actually concerned Emma failed as I see her disappear. She manages to reappear with part of the bridge under her feet.

Belle enchants the cloak. Hook and Ariel follow it. It leads them to water and disappears inside. Ariel is teary eyed and disappointed. She turns to Hook to be comforted and he tells her he is sorry.

David and Emma are concerned that Emma had said that Henry was bored around them. David decides to take Henry for an illegal driving lesson. Mary watches in horror as the knock down mail boxes.

Hook tells Ariel that a sailor could not ask for a better resting place. She tells him he is a good man. Hook leaves her but is overwhelmed by guilt. He goes back to her and tells her the story of Blackbeard. Ariel slaps him and again tells him he is selfish. Hook explains himself that all he had was the ship as his heart was broken. She asks him to swear on the name of the woman who broke his heart. Once he says Emma’s name Ariel gives a wicked grin. She transforms into Zelena and tells him that Ariel already found Prince Eric. She casts a curse on Hook. She tells him that he must kiss Emma and his kiss will take away all of her magic. Hook refuses and Zelena threatens. He tells her that he knows she cannot kill Emma or she would have already. She tells him she will kill everyone Emma cares about.

Hook goes to the Mary and David’s loft. Emma asks where Henry is. He explains that David and Mary took him as he was enlisted to help Ariel. I see this as an opportunity to show Emma how to see through the mirror. Hook looks uncomfortable. Emma is able to conjure up an image of Ariel. We see her happy and with Eric so we don’t question Hook’s story. Emma is impressed Hook did this and he quickly tells her it was all Ariel.

David, Mary and Henry come home. I am not happy to hear they had Henry drive but I play it off as the mayor being concerned he is underage. We decide to get some dinner. We invite Hook but he declines. Outside the Diner Hook looks in using his binoculars. He focuses in on Emma.

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