Episode 18: ‘Heart of Gold’

heart of gold - episode 17

Sherwood Forest

Robin has tried to go the straight and narrow. He and his new bride Marian have opened a bar. The Sheriff pays them a visit. He threatens to send Robin to jail for not paying his taxes. He gives Robin two days.

After the bar is closed that night Robin receives a visit from Rumpelstiltskin who wants to make a deal. He asks Robin to go to Oz and steal a bottle of elixer that can mend a wounded heart.

Robin travels to Oz where he runs into his old friend Will Scarlet. He explains why he is there and Will offers to help him in exchange for some of the elixer. Will takes Robin to a passed out guard and they steal his uniform.

Robin manages to take a vile of elixer before he is caught by Zelena. She knows he must have been sent by Rumpel. She multiples herself. He shoots an arrow that lands in the wall and causes fog. By the time the fog clears up he is gone.

Robin lies to Will that he was unable to retrieve any elixer. He learns that Will meant the potion for himself to wound his broken heart over his sister’s death. They hug before Robin heads through the portal back to the Sherwood Forest. Will finds that Robin has slipped him a vile of the elixer.

Robin returns home. The Sheriff comes to arrest him. Instead the Merry Men help Robin rob the Sheriff. They give the gold to the poor. Robin tells Marian that he will change his name to Robin Hood. He declares stealing to help someone is stealing for the right reasons. He also realizes he will be on the run from Rumpel so he shows Marian a necklace that is used to transform yourself.

New York City

Robin and his family are in New York. Not understanding how things work Marian puts her purse on the ground and it is snatched by a thief on a bike. Robin steals a horse from a carriage and uses it to catch the man and get the purse back. They make their way to their new home which used to be Neal’s apartment. While home Mr. Gold shows up. They are all surprised to see each other. Robin and Gold argue over who should have the apartment. The argument ends with Gold clutching his chest and falling to the ground.

Robin sits in the hospital considering calling me. A nurse tells him his friend is awake. He goes to Gold who tells him the diagnosis is a heart attack. Gold explains that magical items will still work in this world. Knowing that Robin is a man who lives by code he sends him to get the elixer in this world.

Robin breaks into a bank run by someone who worked for Zelena. Once inside an alarm sounds. He finds what he is looking for. The police arrive forcing Robin to break a window and escape out the back. Once home he and Marian have a disagreement. Marian tells him he should let Gold die. He is shocked at how much she has changed.

Robin brings Gold the vile. He quickly makes a deal that the apartment will be theirs. Robin leaves. Gold drinks the potion and it does nothing. Marian comes in his room showing him she switched bottles. She also has with her the necklace used for transformation. The woman changes shape and becomes Zelena who confides in a sick Gold that Marian is dead and she took over her body. Zelena explains that her energy never died and just needed a new place to go. Zelena is pleased to announce that she took my happiness. Gold begins to flatline.

Gold wakes up with Zelena still in his room. He cannot speak as there is a tube in his throat. She tells him that she will save him if he makes a deal to get her a happy ending once he finds the Author. She has him blink in agreement.

Gold is released from the hospital. Robin brings him a box of his son’s things and is surprised Gold does not want them. He tells him the belongings bring up bad memories. He also sways Robin into choosing ‘Marian’ telling him to remember why he married her.

Zelena is in Marian form as she tearfully questions why Robin still has my phone number. He tells her that he chooses her and deletes my number. They kiss as she sees her true reflection in the mirror.


Emma cannot find the Author. Her parents tell her that they know him and they were manipulated by him. She is still furious with them for lying.

The Author tries to carve a quill. Gold interrupts him reminding him that none of the trees here are magical so he cannot make a quill. He shows the Author a pen and the Author agrees to go with him.

I awaken with my hands bound and Gold facing me. He basically tells me that I must help him. He has stolen Robin’s phone number from my pocket. My shackles disappear and he tells me to call him.

I call Robin and a woman answers. To my horror it is Zelena. I find out that she has been masquerading as Marian. When we hang up I am furious with Gold that he has known this. I remind him this witch killed his son. Gold tells me that I must choose between saving Robin or helping turn Emma dark.

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