Episode 17: Hat Trick

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Fairy Tale Land

Jefferson is running through the forest. He is in a heated game of hide and seek with his little girl Grace. On the way home they spot the Queen’s carriage. He asks Grace to stay in the woods so that he may find out what this is about. He enters his home to find me in there. He addresses me as Regina. Yes, we do know each other quite well. I tell him I am there for a favor and he immediately shoots me down. I tell him all I want is for him to take me somewhere so that I may recover something that has been taken from me. He does not want to leave his daughter. I act as though I am fine with this and leave. He looks after me quite skeptically.

Jefferson takes Grace to the market. They go a table belonging to an old crone. Grace wants a stuffed white rabbit. He tries negotiating the price with her. She will not budge. He is disappointed as he leaves even though Grace tells him it’s not a problem. The crone triumphantly walks from her table to a mirror where none other than Sidney, the Genie, appears to tell the crone that was cruel. The crone is me in disguise.

Jefferson and Grace have a tea party with her stuffed animals. He is still upset about not being able to provide what she needs. He tells her he is sending her to a neighbor’s for awhile. She is a smart little girl and knows he is up to something that involves the Queen. She begs him not to go. He promises he will be back for her and there will be more tea parties. As she is collected by the neighbors he pulls a hat box out.

Jefferson goes to see me. He has had a change of heart and I am delighted. He pulls out a top hat from the box. The top hat spins and a purple smoke emerges. The hat grows in size. Jefferson and I jump in the hat. We come to a hall of doors. He tells me that the rules of the hat are we must go in together and come out together. We enter through what looks like plasma into a garden. The blades of grass are taller than us and so are the mushrooms. A caterpillar is smoking a hookah. Jefferson mumbles how he hates Wonderland.

We come to the beginning of a maze made of hedges. He is reluctant to go through as the maze belongs to the Queen of Hearts. I remind him that he had told me we have to stay together. He throws something at the hedge and it is grabbed and disappears. He then tells me to stay away from the walls. I think it should be the other way around. I throw a blaze that torches a clear pathway for us. The pathway leads us to a vault. I retrieve a box. As we try to leave the Queen of Hearts’ knights try and ambush us. I use magic to block walls of the maze and get us through. At the end of the maze I stop to grab a piece of mushroom. Jefferson doesn’t understand what I am doing. I place it in the box. My father Henry suddenly appears. Jefferson appears to be nervous as he reminds me that only two can go through. I place a charm to keep his feet in place. He pleads with me he wants to go home to his daughter. I tell him he shouldn’t have left her in the first place. I disappear with my father as the knights come and collect Jefferson.

The Queen of Hearts sits on her thrown. Her face is covered with a red veil so one can only imagine what she looks like. Her voice is low and eerie. She wants to know how he got there. The Queen of Hearts orders Jefferson’s head to be cut off. He is beheaded and realizes he is still alive. He looks on as the King explains he can have his body back if he can show them how he got there. He explains he came by hat with me, but I have stolen the hat. They tell him he must make another one and then he can go home.


Mary is seen running through the forest.

Henry’s book is open to Alice in Wonderland. He is greeted by Emma and Gold at the police station. Emma is stunned to find out Mary has escaped. Emma leaves to find Mary and almost runs a man over walking in the street. She stops her car and goes to speak to him. He introduces himself as Jefferson. She notices his ankle is twisted and offers to give him a ride.

Once at Jefferson’s house she tells him how impressed with it he is. She comes in with him. He gives her some tea. Emma’s story is she was out searching for her lost dog. Jefferson offers to show her a map before she goes. Emma suddenly realizes she has been drugged. He lays her on the couch. As she passes out she tells him his limp is gone.

Emma wakes up to find herself tied up. She sees the teacup laying on the floor. She manages to free herself and spots a telescope. She looks through it and sees a clear view into her office. She goes down a hall and sees Jefferson sharpening scissors. She sneaks away and goes into another room. There she finds Mary bound and gagged in a chair. Emma takes the gag off. Mary explains that someone left her a key in her cell and and this man grabbed her in the woods. The two women try and escape but are stopped by Jefferson holding a gun. He forces Emma to tie Mary back up. He tells Emma he needs her to something.

Jefferson takes Emma to a room lined with top hats across the wall. Emma is taken aback when Jefferson tells her he knows about the curse. He then shocks her even further when he tells her he just saved Mary’s life as no one can leave Storybrooke except for Emma. She has magic. She asks him if he has read Henry’s stories. He pushes her into a chair with a hat in front of it. He demands she put her magic into it and make it work. Emma realizes Jefferson thinks that he is the Mad Hatter. She tries rationalizing with him but he will not have it.

Emma tells him she cannot understand why he doesn’t love his house. He explains that the curse keeps him trapped there. Through the telescope he shows her a little girl and her family. He explains her name is really Grace and she is his daughter. In this world her name is Paige and she doesn’t remember him. His curse is to remember. Emma acts as though she believes him and will help him. As he turns she hits him in the head with a telescope and rushes to get Mary. As she frees Mary he enters the room and attacks them. Mary pushes him out the window.

Outside Jefferson’s body is no where to be found. All that remains is his hat. At this point they realize they have to go back. Emma gives Mary a chance to flee but she does not. She tells Mary she is all she has and she must trust her.

I show up to the sheriff’s office. I am surprised to see Mary sitting in her cell reading the news. Mr. Gold tells me that I may not speak to his client. Gold follows me. I am annoyed Mary is still here. I remind him he promised me she would run. Gold assures me that there will be results.

Emma and Henry are in front of his school. Paige walks by and says hi to Henry. Emma asks to borrow his story book. He agrees and leaves it with her. As she flips through the story of Alice in Wonderland she looks perplexed at the pages containing the Mad Hatter. He is going mad making thousands upon thousands of hats begging them to work. All Emma can do is stare…

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