Episode 16: ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green’


A tornado drops off a baby in the land of OZ. A couple finds her. The woman is immediately smitten with the baby. The man sees a tree branch reaching toward them as the baby stops it with magic. He warns his wife but she tells him it was just the wind.

Years later Zelena has become a young woman. She uses a blade to shave her father who does not hide his disgust toward her. She accidentally nicks him which prompts him to admit she is not really his daughter. He tells Zelena that she is wicked and that because of her he has become a drunk. This causes Zelena to cry. Her father instructs her to put on a good face. Zelena tells him she is leaving to see the Wizard.

Zelena is excited and nervous to enter the Emerald City. She has her turn to go before the Wizard. She wants to know of her real family. A projection appears on the ground. Zelena sees herself abandoned by Cora as a baby. She is told she was abandoned because she would stop Cora from becoming royalty. She then sees an image of me. She is told I am her younger sister and that I became a queen. The next image is of Rumpelstiltskin. It is explained to her that he teaches me magic. Zelena becomes envious. The Wizard gives her silver slippers and tells her to use them to travel wherever she wants to go. In return he wants something that belongs to Rumpelstiltskin. Before she leaves the Wizard warns her about envy.

Zelena clicks her heels. She winds up in Rumpelstiltskin’s castle. It takes a moment before he believes her that she is Cora’s daughter. Zelena and Rumpel walk through the forest. He gives her a quick lesson in magic by blindfolding her. He explains that magic comes from feelings. Using her feelings to harness her magic he has her find him while blindfolded. Rumpel tells her a story of how as a boy the spinsters who raised him would give him pie and it would help him forget at the moment his own father abandoned him. She tells him she is experiencing her happiest moment being trained by him.

Zelena has pie for Rumpel. He curtly tells her to leave. She is confused. He tells her that he will continue to train me and that he is done with her. He warns Zelena that she is turning green with envy. Zelena sees in a mirror her skin is turning green.

A desperate Zelena comes to me and attempts to slit my throat. This was a trick by Rumpel. He tells her that he cannot train her because she is in love with him. She pleads with him that she will do anything. He tells her that she cannot take him to a land without magic. She tells him that with her silver slippers she actually can. A furious Zelena then uses the tricks he taught her to disappear. Before leaving she tells him he should have chosen her.

Zelena goes back to OZ. She pays another visit to the Wizard. Zelena tells him she wishes to go back to the moment she was abandoned. When the Wizard tells her he cannot help her she tears down his curtain. The Wizard is a mere man named Walsh. Zelena sees a poster of trained circus animals behind him. Realizing Walsh is not powerful and only wanted something of Rumpel’s to keep up his charade she changes him into a flying monkey. Before leaving she watches more projected images of Rumpel teaching me magic.


A funeral is held to say good bye to Neal. Hook is the first one to lay the first shovel of dirt. The mood is solemn. Rumpel is not with us but he can feel the pain of what is happening. Zelena taunts Rumpel over his son’s death.

At the Diner, Hook attempts to console Emma. He tells her he wants to spend some time with Henry and tell him something nice about Neal. She agrees.

I stand in the Diner near Robin. Tinkerbell catches a glimpse of his tattoo and reminds me that lion tattoo belongs to my soulmate. I tell her I know. She scolds me for not doing anything. Robin speaks to us and I introduce them. He apologizes for upsetting me the other day and I tell him that is not what happened. I tell him I found a clue and ran with it.

Zelena surprises everyone by bursting into the Diner. She approaches me and tells me I am her sister. I am just as surprised as everyone else. I tell her I do not believe her. Zelena tells me she has a gift for me and that I will meet her at sundown for a showdown.

Hook takes Henry on a boat. Henry is confused that Hook speaks of Neal like Neal had been a child but they would have been the same age. Changing the direction of the conversation Hook explains that Neal too lost his father at a young age. He tells Henry he taught Neal how to sail and navigate with the stars to take his mind off things.

At the Diner everyone tries to figure out what I did to make Zelena hate me. I get annoyed and tell them I am leaving to find out what is going on. Mary and Emma come with me to look for clues. I have a letter I read and it upsets me. I tell them she is indeed my sister but I don’t tell them anything else.

Robin finds me and asks about the letter he sees me reading. He takes it from my pocket and I let him read it. It is a letter from Rumpelstiltskin to Cora telling her that he met her first daughter and she is the most powerful sorceress he has ever seen. I admit to Robin I always thought the letter was about me but it is not. I admit to him I fear I cannot beat her.

Belle believes she may be able to free Rumpel without the dagger. She goes to him and tries to make him leave. He pleads with her to leave. Zelena laughs. She has been watching in the corner enjoying the show. Belle runs out where Emma, David and Tinkerbell wait for her. Rumpel peeks his head out and tells them that Zelena has a message that no one is to interfere in tonight’s battle or he will kill them.

Zelena dresses in Wicked Witch attire. She finds David on the street trying to make people go home. Zelena insists they stay so they may watch her battle me. She warns that if I do not show up she will let the Dark One off his leash. Emma tries to step in for me. Zelena has Rumpel use magic to fling her back. I show up. I ask her what I did to her and she tells me it was me being born. I slap her hard across her mouth drawing blood. I learn that Zelena is envious of me because of my magic lessons and my life. We fight and she eventually throws me into the clock tower. Zelena appears and I find out she wants my heart. When she goes to take it she is shocked there is nothing there. She is furious and leaves. Emma and the others check on me. I tell them it first she wanted David’s courage and then my heart. It appears she is collecting ingredients but we do not know for what.

I find Robin and tell him to hold on to my heart longer. He tells me he is surprised I am trusting a thief with my heart. I told him it was given to him and I quickly turn away.

Zelena reveals to Rumpel she is not looking to cast a curse. She just wants a second chance. She also vows that this time he will choose her.

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