Episode 16: Heart of Darkness

Episode 16 - Heart of Darkness - 14
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Fairy Tale Land

We start where we left off last week.  Red and Charming see the King’s men approaching.  Red tells him he must leave without her and find Snow.  As Charming sets off Red abandons her cloak to face them as the Wolf.

Snow appears to be in a daze.  She hums as she sweeps.  At first she seems to enjoy a little blue bird that comes to visit her.  Suddenly she is angry and swatting at it.  Grumpy interrupts her for dinner.  Dinner turns out to be an intervention held by the dwarfs and mediated by Jiminy Cricket.  The dwarfs are frustrated with how mean she has become.  They blame the potion.  She blames me, the Queen.  Snow declares that she will kill me.

Snow hides out.  She attacks one of my knights.  She even threatens his leg with a diamond blade if he doesn’t tell her where to find me.  The knight cooperates and she knocks him out.  After she strips him of his armor so that she can disguise herself Grumpy arrives.  He persuades her to come with him to see Rumpelstiltskin.

Charming finds the naked knight and asks him where Snow is.  He cannot believe she threatened to kill me.

Grumpy tells Rumpelstiltskin he wants Snow White back to her normal self.  No potion can save her…only true love.  Snow is only interested in revenge.  Rumpelstiltskin gives her a bow and arrow with a map.  Rumpelstiltskin tells her he is invested in her future.

Charming arrives at Rumpelstiltskin’s.  He draws his sword and demands to know what happened to Snow.  He learns of the potion accounting for Snow’s memory loss.  He must kiss her to bring her back.  All Rumpelstiltskin wants as payment is Charming’s cloak.  Charming is confused but gives it to him and leaves after being given a map and warning that he must act fast.  If Snow is successful in her assassination she will become evil.

Snow is poised with her arrow.  She is ambushed by Charming who forces a kiss on her.  She retaliates by knocking him out.  When he comes through he realizes he is tied to a tree.  She tells him she doesn’t love him and only wants her revenge.  He pleads with her and she leaves anyway.

Jiminy Cricket shows up and helps Charming break free.  He advises Charming that before Snow can remember she loves him she must remember who she was.

Snow stalks me on my horse riding by with my knights.  She shoots off a bow but instead hits Charming.  She is furious he has intervened.  He is wounded and tells her he loves her and wants to help her remember who she is.  She is touched when he tells her he would die for her.  They kiss and the spell is broken.  She remembers who she is and her love for him.  The happy couple are broken apart as the King’s men arrive.  They take Charming and leave Snow.  She vows she will come for him.  Snow returns to the dwarfs and apologizes.  They welcome her back and tell her they will help her rescue Charming.

Rumpelstiltskin had told Grumpy earlier that he has not been able to create a spell that was “love.”  He has created something using a hair in a potion bottle.  He takes the glowing bottle and puts it in a space labeled with a heart.


Mary’s mugshot is being taken.  Emma tells her she has to book her and to please bear with her.  They enter an interrogation room where I sit waiting for them.  Emma explains that I am there because I want to make sure the interview stays impartial. I listen as Mary is questioned.  Emma pulls out the jewelry box and Mary admits it is hers but someone must have stolen it.  I reach out and touch Mary’s hand.  I tell her I know what it feels like to be in a dark place by losing someone I love.  Mary still declares her innocence.  Emma pulls me out of the room for intervening.  I remind Emma there were no reports of a break in at their apartment.

Emma is at the apartment searching for clues.  Henry is there and tells Emma the only one who has motive for setting her up is me.  Emma hears noises from the floor and gets an idea to open the floor vent.  She finds a hidden dagger.

Ruby serves a cocoa to a sad Henry at the diner.  August joins him.  Henry tells him he knows Mary is innocent and he needs to help her.  August lets Henry know he knows about the book and that the stories are real.  Henry is intrigued.  August tells him he is there to help people see the truth.  He is there to make Emma a believer.  Henry opens the book to a picture of Charming.

I am in my office having an apple as David enters.  He pleads to me that Mary would never do this.  I tell him evil can be disguised.  He could be looking right at it and not know.

Mary is almost in tears as Emma tells her about the knife.  Mr. Gold arrives.  We find out in addition to everything else he happens to be an attorney.  He wants to represent Mary for free.  Emma tries to send him away and instead Mary asks her to leave as she wants to take him up on his offer.  She asks him what he wants.  He simply tells her he is invested in her future.

David goes to the office of Archie Hopper.  He seeks help with his blackouts.

Henry brings Emma my key ring.  Emma dismisses the keys at first but Henry persuades her to try them.  She finally agrees and one fits in the apartment’s lock.

David is under hypnosis.  They regress so far back that David sees Snow White talking to him as Charming declaring she will kill “her.”  David is confused about the memories and believes Mary had confessed to him her plans to kill Kathryn.  He does not tell this to Archie but runs out of the office.  He heads the to the police station and asks Mary outright if she killed Kathryn.  Mary is disappointed in him yet again.  She tells him when it was him under investigation she always believed in him.  She tells him to leave.

In the morning Mary, who is still in the same street clothes by the way, is making her bed and tidying up.  She finds a hidden key.  She tries it and it opens her cell.  She does not leave and instead shuts herself back in because Emma arrives.  Emma tells her that the DNA came back as Kathryn’s.  She tells Mary she is on her side and knows she is being set up, but Mary must have faith in her.

Emma goes to see Gold.  He agrees Mary is being set up and will help Emma.  He is delighted when he asks how far she will go and she has no limits.  As he talks to her he examines an old familiar genie lamp and tells Emma she is more powerful than she knows.

Mary’s cell is empty.

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