Episode 15: The Queen is Dead


Fairy Tale Land

Young Snow White approaches her mother, Queen Eva. She wears a pink ball gown and seeks her mother’s approval. The Queen tells her daughter that she looks beautiful. Queen Eva tells Snow that she has a present for her. Snow and Queen Eva find a servant Johanna admiring herself in a tiara in the mirror. The little girl chastises Johanna telling her that servants don’t wear tiaras. Snow’s mother stops her and tells her that she must never look down upon anyone. She asks Snow what is the occasion for the ball. Snow answers that it is for people to honor her on her birthday. Her mother corrects her and tells her it is for Snow to show the people that she honors them. Eva places the crown upon the child’s head and tells her it is much heavier than it looks. They admire Snow in the mirror. Suddenly Eva must sit down. The Queen feels very ill.

The Queen is now bedridden. Snow tells her mother that she wants to cancel the ball. Eva tells her that she will be better in time for it. Snow does not not care about her birthday celebration but is more interested in her mother’s failing health. The Queen erupts into a coughing fit and Johanna pulls the child away. A tearful Snow asks if her mother will die and Johanna admits that she does not know. Snow tells Johanna that she has no faith in medicine. After a moment of hesitation Johanna tells Snow that magic may be able to help. She tells her to seek out the Blue Fairy and that the fairy will find her.

Snow wanders through the forest. The Blue Fairy finds her. She explains to the child that one cannot cheat death. Snow pleads that there must be some sort of remedy to save her mother. The Blue Fairy tells her there is such a remedy but it is dark magic. Snow finds herself holding a candle. The Blue Fairy explains that magic has a price. Snow must trade someone else’s life for her mother’s. She must light the candle and hold it over the person who will die in her mother’s place. The Blue Fairy makes her promise that this must be their secret. Snow knows that this is something her mother would not approve of.

Snow approaches Queen Eva. She tells her mother of the encounter with the Blue Fairy and the dark magic. She apologizes to her mother for failing her as she could not go through with it. Her mother smiles at this. She tells her daughter that she is proud of her and resisting dark magic shows strength. Snow pleads with her mother not to leave her. Her mother explains that everyone has a time. She tells Snow as long as Snow keeps good inside she will always be with her. With that Queen Eva passes away.

Snow wears a black gown. Johanna places the tiara over her head. Snow tells her that it is heavier than it looks. Snow attends her mother’s funeral. She walks past the people to her mother who lays displayed for everyone to say good bye. She tells her dead mother that she misses her and places a flower over her body. Snow gets on her knees and the people do the same. She remains there for a long time. After the funeral she remains alone with her mother. Johanna comes to get her. Once they leave the Blue Fairy flies in. The Blue Fairy transforms into Cora. Cora stands over the body of Queen Eva. She explains how she poisoned her. She also tells the Queen that her daughter will never become queen and hers will. She tells Eva that she will blacken Snow White’s heart and destroy her legacy.


David cooks breakfast for Mary. She knows he is doing it for her birthday that she does not like to celebrate. She finds a gift on the table. He tells her that it is not from him but was left outside the door. Mary opens it and finds her tiara. There is a note from Johanna. Mary is surprised that Johanna is in Storybrooke and tells David she wants to leave so she can find her. David heads to work and is attacked by Hook. Hook opens a drawer at the sheriff’s office and takes back his missing hook.

Mary finds Johanna gardening. The two women embrace and Johanna calls her Snow. Mary explains that in this land she goes by Mary Margaret. Johanna explains that she found the tiara in Mr. Gold’s shop. Mary notices the flowers that Johanna is planting. The flowers remind them of Queen Eva. Queen Eva loved those white flowers because they had endurance like Snow White. Just then Mary hears a noise. She tells Johanna to stay back so that she can see what it is. Mary goes into the forest. She sees me and my mother. She stays in the shadows watching and listening.

I am digging a hole as my mother stands by watching. Cora holds the map. There is nothing there and I am tired of doing all this work. I suggest that Hook was wrong about the map. Cora says that she may be able to use magic to unscramble it. She tells me that we will find the dagger and control Rumpelstiltskin.

Mary heads to the sheriff’s office. She finds David and wakes him up. He tells her he was ambushed by Hook. She tells him that she overheard the plan between me and my mother. She tells him that I am putting on an act and secretly working with Cora. Mary has a plan of her own. She will cause a rift in my already fragile relationship with my mother.

Mary invites me to the Diner. I arrive. She tells me that she did not invite me to talk about Henry. She knows that I am working with Cora to find the dagger. Mary reasons with me and tells me to choose the right side. She then tries to remind me of how hard I was trying and how good I was doing. I scoff at this and remind her that no matter what I do no one forgives me. I tell her to stay out of my way. As I turn to leave Mary tells me that I cannot trust Cora. She says that Cora is only interested in power. I turn to her and ask what she knows about mothers. I then leave her sitting alone.

Mary and David track down Mother Superior. They tell her that they need her help. She said she could sense something was wrong but was unsure what it was. Mary brings up their secret and Mother Superior does not know what she is referring to. Mother Superior/Blue Fairy uses her blue wand but cannot open Gold’s shop. David gets a call from Emma. He tells them that he now knows where the dagger is.

Mary and David go to the clock tower. The dagger has been hidden all this time behind one of the hands of the clock. They retrieve the dagger. Purple smoke surrounds them as I appear with Cora. We insist they hand over the dagger. Mary tells me that I have lost again and I should have chosen right. Johanna appears out of purple smoke. I reach in and take her heart. I hold it in my hand squeezing it. We tell Mary to make a choice.

Cora says something to Mary that causes a reaction. I am confused yet interested in this interaction. Mary tells her that she now realizes that Cora disguised herself as the Blue Fairy and was the one she saw one night. She realizes that Cora killed her mother. I look at my mother who admits to everything that Mary accuses her of. I learn that my mother poisoned Queen Eva so that I could be queen instead of Snow White/Mary. I hide my reaction to this information that once again reminds me of how my mother manipulates things. I continue torturing Johanna. Finally Mary drops the dagger before us. I put Johanna’s heart back in her chest. My mother uses magic and throws her out the window. She has killed Johanna anyway. Again, I mask my emotions. Cora tells Mary that good has gotten her no where.

I am at my office. I ask my mother about Queen Eva. I bring up the day I rescued Snow and that it was obviously not a chance meeting. It was all planned out. I then tell my mother that I am the Queen. I tell her that she won. I ask what she needs the dagger for. My mother tells me not to worry that Henry will be mine again. I realize that she is hardly looking at me and is fascinated by the dagger. I realize that Mary may be right.

Mary and David stand over the grave of Johanna. He tells Mary that she did the best that she could. Mary tells him that she is tired of losing people by trying to do the right thing. He tells her that she must not allow Cora to make her lose faith in doing the right thing. Mary tells David that they keep expecting others to change but it is she who needs to change. Mary tells David that she will kill Cora.

New York

Neal takes Henry for some New York pizza. Emma and Gold tag along. They wait outside. Gold asks Emma to persuade Neal to come to Storybrooke. She responds to Mr. Gold that she owes him no more favors. Gold tells her to do it for Henry. He also tells her that he knows she wants a second chance with Neal. Emma denies this but Gold tells her that he can see it. Henry and Neal come out and interrupt the conversation. They want to go to a museum.

Neal walks alongside Emma. He tells her that Henry is a good kid. He does not want them to leave yet. Emma suggests that he follow them to Storybrooke. Neal has something to tell Emma but they are interrupted by Henry. Neal is led by Henry into the museum. Emma and Gold are ambushed by Hook. He knocks over Emma and uses his Hook to stab Gold.

Emma is back on her feet. She grabs the nearest object and whacks Hook unconscious. Neal runs outside to see what the commotion is. He recognizes Hook but does not explain how he knows him. They take Gold back to Neal’s apartment. Henry asks if Gold will be alright. Gold tells Henry that this is his fault. This stuns Henry who is pulled back by Emma. Gold tells them the tip of the hook was poisoned. They figure out that Hook must have come by ship. They need to get back to Storybrooke to use magic to save Gold. Neal surprises Emma by telling her knows how to sail a pirate ship.

Neal calls for a car. Emma asks how he knows Hook. Neal tells her that it is not his first time dealing with him. Henry tells Emma she has a text from Mary. Emma relays a message to Gold that Cora is after his dagger. He insists that no one will ever find it. She tells him he must trust family.

Neal and Emma approach an expensive car. She asks if he plans to steal it and he reluctantly tells her it belongs to a friend. They are interrupted by a woman. The woman ignores Emma embracing Neal and asking about his message he has to leave town for a few days. The woman finally notices Emma. Neal introduces the woman as his fiancee.

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  1. Why is it now a days TV show writers think its a good idea to have children be blatantly disrespectful to their parents or elders? In this episode Henry comments to Emma how the pizza is good and how it doesn’t lie…

    Whether she lied or not to him, if I were Henry and Emma was my mom, had I said something like that to my mother you can bet you would see the Evil Queen like right now! Plus, I’m fairly confident I wouldn’t be going to the museum any time soon!

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