Episode 15: ‘Quiet Minds’

quiet minds / mary margaret / mary margaret season 3

Enchanted Forest

Baelfire and Belle go to Rumpelstiltskin’s castle to see if they can find anything to help them bring back Rumpel. They talk about love and Bae shows her that he still carries a necklace that had belonged to Emma. Belle brings him to the library. In the flames of the candles a face appears and introduces himself as Lumiere.

Belle asks how she has never met Lumiere before. He tells her that as punishment Rumpel turned him into this form and he was only supposed to come out when Rumpel summoned him by lighting the candles. They tell him that Rumpel is dead and ask his help to bring him back. They tell him the Dark One has changed and will help him back to his human form. Lumiere agrees to help. He directs them to a book that is the hiding place of a key to a vault. Once Belle and Bae leave the room Zelena appears and instructs Lumiere to stick to the story.

Belle and Bae travel through snow searching for the vault. As Lumiere instructs them they uncover the door to the vault hidden in the ground. Lumiere complains how he has been a slave to Rumpel for 200 years. This raises a red flag with Belle who said aloud that he is a liar as Rumpel only built that library for her. Lumiere admits that Zelena is the one who cast the spell on him and only wants them to release the Dark One so she may control him. Belle tells Bae that they should stop as being a slave is no life for Rumpel. Bae wants to open the vault anyway as he believes his father will find a loophole. He uses the key and it brands a triangle symbol into his hand. The vault opens and black liquid emerges as it shapes into human form.

Bae collapses on the ground. Rumpel materializes and rushes to his son. Zelena appears and tells them Bae did not know the deal is a life for a life. Rumpel tries to protect Bae and merges him into himself. Zelena manages to get the dagger. Having Bae inside him drives Rumpel mad. Zelena instructs Rumpel to kill Belle. Lumiere imprisons Zelena in flames to give Belle a chance to escape.


I meet David, Emma and Hook at the Diner before it is open. Hook tells us that Neal had a plan to bring Rumpelstilstkin back. We still do not know where Neal is. I tell them I am going back to the farmhouse to look for clues.

Zelena holds the dagger and tries to summon Rumpel to come back. It is not working. She sends a flying monkey out. Meanwhile, Rumpel is desperately running in the forest.

At Gold’s shop, Belle is teary to learn that Rumpel is alive. Emma asks Belle to stay at the shop and look for clues. Hook wants to help her. At first Belle is reluctant because of her past with Hook. He apologizes and tells her he wants to help. She agrees. David tells Mary to go home and rest. Belle and Hook are alone. They hear a moaning and Belle rushes to the door. It is Neal who collapses once inside the shop.

Emma brings breakfast to Henry. She tells him he can go fishing with Leroy. Henry tells her that he knows she is keeping a secret. Emma gets a phone call and rushes off.

Emma is reunited with Neal at the hospital. He tells her that he cannot remember anything past seeing her drive off with Henry. They tell him Rumpel is alive. He also shows them he has a symbol branded in his hand and does not know how this happened. He asks for a moment with Emma. Once alone she explains that Henry does not have his memories back. Neal is disappointed and does not want Henry to believe he is some jerk who abandoned them. Emma admits she may not want Henry to regain his memories.

Mary admits she is upset to Zelena that she cannot be of help to anyone. She is also upset she has not felt the baby move. Zelena comforts her and gives her some juice. Mary feels better when she feels the baby move around. Zelena promises her she will not let her have the baby without her.

I catch an arrow. Robin Hood introduces himself. I immediately feel an attraction and a connection. He was trying to catch the Witch and we both agree she is gone. He tells me he wants to help me pursue her. I tell him I agree as long as he does not get in my way. I ask him again if we ever met before.

Hook brings Neal jello. Neal unhooks himself from his IV and insists on searching for his father. Neal is surprised when Hook hugs him. Hook tells him that he still remembers him as the little boy he once took care of. He lets Neal leave.

Emma and David talk about Henry. He realizes it seems after this is done Emma may want to take Henry back to New York. They hear moaning. They find Rumpel. He is writhing in pain complaining of voices. A flying monkey ambushes them and David holds it off so Emma and Rumpel can run.

I explore the farmhouse with Robin. I feel like he is attracted to me too. He leans in and I almost think he may kiss me but instead he takes a bottle of whiskey and pours us a drink. His sleeve moves and reveals a lion tattoo. This is the same tattoo on the man that Tinkerbell told me was my soulmate. I become overwhelmed and run off confusing Robin.

Emma finds Neal in the forest. She confirms she saw his father. They catch up as they search and he tells her he just wants her to be happy. Emma gets a call from Belle who has found the symbol on Neal’s hand in a book. She explains what it is and that Neal should be dead. Neal suddenly falls to the ground. His face begins morphing back and forth from his to that of Rumpel’s. Emma tells Neal it look like both he and Rumpel are trapped in the same body. He begs her to separate them and she uses her magic to do so. Once separated Neal is dying. Rumpel reveals Zelena is the Wicked Witch. He rushes to Neal promising to save him. Neal tells him that he cannot be saved. The father and son tell each other they love each other and Neal passes away. Both Rumpel and Emma sit with his body and cry.

David and Emma arrive armed at the loft. Zelena has disappeared and Mary is confused. They fill her in on what has happened and explain that Zelena is the Wicked Witch. Emma tells Mary that Neal has died.

Zelena finds Rumpel with Neal. He tells her the jig is up and everyone will now know who she is. She does not seem to care and uses the dagger to force him to leave with her. Meanwhile at Gold’s shop Mary tells Belle everything that has happened.

In the forest I hide in the trees. I see Robin and his Merry Men. I watch him play with his son while I am still in shock.

Henry tells Emma he enjoyed his fishing trip. Emma sits him down and tells him he is right that she has been hiding something. She tells him that they came to Storybrooke to help his father. She then tells him his father is dead but he was a good man and a hero. Henry is confused but asks if they caught who killed him. She tells him the person responsible got away.

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