Episode 15: ‘Enter the Dragon’

Enter the Dragon - Once Upon a Time


As the evening began, I took a stroll through Storybrooke towards Granny’s Diner. I walked in and felt the tension in the air. I greeted the Queens of Darkness – this now included Maleficent. I expected a serious fight considering I locked Maleficent underground for 30-years.

To my surprise, she told me how someone else has done something even worse. It seems there is revenge on Maleficent’s mind. However, I was not in the planned path. This slightly through me for a loop, but I need to stay in character – the angry villain out for revenge against the heroes.

I explained to Maleficent how I had to play nice in this town just to survive – all by myself. I watched this town enjoy their happiness that I was denied. I went on to tell her if she planned to destroy some of that happiness that I wanted in. However, Ursula’s annoying mouth interrupted and questioned my spiel to the ladies.

The ladies question my loyalty as a villain, so they decided to put me to test. She handed me a drink and asked me, “Are you still a bad girl, Regina?” I told her that I was the “worst.”

Meanwhile, David, Emma and Mary Margaret walk in their home. David explained to Emma that they sent me undercover. However, Emma didn’t take the news so well considering Maleficent’s power. Emma asked when I was supposed to check-in. They said it was about an hour ago. However, I didn’t.

I didn’t check-in because I was in the car with the Queens of Darkness. I had no clue, where we were going. Cruella stopped on some railroad tracks. When she did that, the lights flashed, and the bell rang. It warned us there was a train coming. The ladies put me to my first test. I closed my eyes, used my magic and moved the car off the tracks just in time for the train to safely pass.

Cruella felt this meant I went soft. I have to step up my game. I told them that we should get out of there, and find some real trouble.

Back in Storybrooke, Henry was at Mr. Gold’s shop with Belle. He was analyzing the storybook still. He believed the door in the book had something to do with the author. He just hasn’t figured it out yet.

On the other side of town that morning, Emma went to see Hook. He checked out Granny’s Diner for any clues left behind. However, he found nothing but empty bottles of liquor. Emma was incredibly nervous that I was still out with the ladies. Unfortunately, I cannot tell her to calm down. I must stay in the villain character.

David and Mary Margaret drove to the vault to see if they could find me there. They were nervous as well. As they headed to the vault, they saw an old burnt car. They quickly stopped to check it out. That was when I walked out. I told the Charming’s how I had to prove myself. The only thing I could tell them at this point was I knew Cruella, Ursula and Maleficent were hiding something powerful, but I don’t know what it is yet.

As for the Queens of Darkness, they went to see Rumpelstiltskin in his cabin buried away. They told him how they were with me all night. Rumpelstiltskin believed that I was in great pain over my loss of Robin Hood. I could very well be back on the dark side.

He said that I would have to pick a side when the war starts in Storybrooke. He has something serious up his sleeve.

I went back to my vault to clean up the mess. When I was picking up empty bottles of wine off the floor, Maleficent showed up. She offered me some Aspirin to help with the hangover. She told me that she was after the mystery author, just like me. Rumpelstiltskin told the ladies everything back in New York.

She wouldn’t tell me about this powerful magic that they were even hiding. All I know at this point is they want to find the author too. For the time being, she has a little job for me.

As I broke away from Maleficent’s presence, I met with David, Mary Margaret, Emma and Hook at the library. I told them how the Queens of Darkness want to find the author and have this person rewrite the book. They want all the villains to have a happy ending. They have a lead tonight, but they want me to steal it. I have no idea what or who this will affect.

Emma demanded that is going to be included in this mission. This isn’t a good idea for her. However, she is incredibly hard headed.

As the evening came, I stood outside the library doors, under the clock tower. I looked over to see Emma in the distance. I saw Cruella’s car pull up and knew that it was time. Cruella and Ursula were not around. It was only Maleficent and myself tonight – like old times.

I get into the car with her, and we were on our way..

Back in Granny’s Diner, Hook found Belle. He saw that she was sitting with Will, her new boyfriend. She quickly learned that the two men have a rough past together. Regardless, Hook took Belle outside to give her a rundown of what was happening tonight with Maleficent and myself. He suggested they move the Dark One’s dagger to place that no one can find.

Meanwhile, Emma was following Maleficent and me in Cruella’s car. We end up at Marco’s house, the town handyman. She told me the magic piece of the puzzle mission was Finochio. Unfortunately, I already tried this and failed horribly.

The only way that I could continue proving my commitment to evil is to steal that innocent boy.

Inside, the boy and his father were working on a wooden rocking horse and enjoying the evening. I knocked and let myself inside greeting the two. I used my magic to make the father and son pass out. This was the only way that I could take the boy. Already feeling terrible, Emma barges in and preaches to me how these things never end well.

She agreed to allow me to continue. She is going to stay close by and if she sees anything; she assured me she would come in blazing. I carry the boy out to the car just as planned. I dropped my phone so Emma couldn’t follow. I don’t want her to get involved and get hurt.

Belle ended up meeting with Hook to hide the dagger. They were in the dark, cold rain. She wondered if Rumpelstiltskin was there in town. She used the dagger to confirm if he was there or not. She requested him to see her with the dagger. Before she could find out, she handed the dagger to Hook and walked away.

However, it wasn’t Hook. It was Rumpelstiltskin. He took the dagger and his image fully exposed, and headed back to his pawn shop. He went inside but changed back into Hook as he walked through the door. Belle was there, smelling a rose. As Hook, he asked Belle to make a pirate’s promise never to speak of what happened.

Finally, Maleficent took me to a cabin. I found Rumplestiltskin there. The rest of the Queens of Dark come in carrying Finochio. Rumplestiltskin transforms him from the boy back to the grown man that he once was, August.

Fairytale Land That Was

It all began with Snow White happily galloping on a white horse through a field towards the woods. This just annoyed me, so shut the stable door – I couldn’t even look at her anymore. I ripped down the ribbons on the post and wall that showed her winnings. Of course in my fit of anger, Rumplestiltskin showed up. We argue that the horse won those medals, not Snow White.

I started to argue with him because he was supposed to teach me magic so that I could end her charmed life. He called me impatient and took Maleficent’s spell book out of my hand. As we bicker, Rumplestiltskin asked me to look into the mirror. I see mountains and a field. He told me it was a metaphorical wasteland – whatever that means.

This wasteland was a beautiful forest until Maleficent burnt it down. The fire was so hot that there was still a tree that was burning a half of a lifetime later. I asked how she did it; he gave a run around about the time. He told me I needed to be patient, or I will never be ready. Ugh, I am starting to hate him about now.

He got bothered by me, so he poofed me into the wasteland and told me to find Maleficent. As I turned around, I saw the tree that was on fire – the one he told me. Behind the tree was her castle. That was where I was headed now.

When I arrived, I went inside to find her. I didn’t see her in the room, but I felt her presence. I just started to talk and explain that I want to learn magic, but I have only learned beginner stuff. She listened and responded by asking me to show her what I learned so far. I struggled to start a fire in my hand, but I got the flame strong enough and lit the fireplace.

This encouraged Maleficent to come out. She looked like a mess. I tried to talk to her, but she wasn’t reasonable. She threatened me and asked me to leave.

I left the castle sad. As I walked back home, a carriage stopped for me. A man offered to take me to the next castle. He was going there to the royal wedding. He told me that the queen, Briar Rose’s daughter was to be wed. The princess was Aurora.

I took this information back to Maleficent. Briar Rose is the reason that this woman are disheveled. If I could help Maleficent, maybe she will teach me magic. I demand her to do something other than rot. These people are getting their happy endings, and they don’t deserve it. She asked me why I cared so much. I told her, feeling weak, if someone as powerful as her can’t get their revenge, then I never will.

All she told me to do was give up. Apparently, she lost her fire a long time ago. I offered to help get that fire back.

I told her that the tree that is still burning is what is going to reignite the fire inside her. Then, I demanded that she get dressed as I handed her the horns she once proudly wore. We went to the tree, and she worked her magic. She sucked the fire out from the tree and back into her body. That was when the Knights showed up.

They threatened Maleficent, and she tried to turn back into a dragon. However, it didn’t work. The Knights tie her and my hands up and walk us towards the castle. I burn off the ropes and attack the men with the little magic that I know. Finally, she turned into a dragon and scared the men away.

At the castle, Aurora was getting ready for her wedding. Maleficent showed up and greeted her in an abrupt way. Maleficent threatened Aurora and ended up casting a curse – sleeping curse. This was the beginning of sleeping beauty. Maleficent thanked me for reminding her of her she was once.

I went back to the stables, where I found Rumplestiltskin. He asked how I arrived back so quickly. I told him that I rode a dragon. He thought she lost that power (that was until me!) I learned that death was too good for Snow White. I wanted to take away what she loves the most.

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