Episode 14: Dreamy

Fairy Tale Land

A clumsy fairy comes flying and has a very shaky landing.  She meets with the Blue Fairy Godmother who is her mentor.  She is lectured on the use of fairy dust.  We find out this fairy godmother is training is named Nova.

Pink fairy dust is now seen entering a room with little men and large eggs.  The pink dust flies into an egg and starts its cracking.  We see the birth of a new dwarf.

The new dwarf is being groomed.  He asks about a beautiful woman he saw before his birth.  The head of the dwarfs explains that there are no woman dwarfs and he must have been dreaming.  He is told his destiny to work and to love it.  Later he is handed his own ax which will give him a name.  His name is Dreamy.

The dwarfs are seen shoveling coal.   A clumsy Nova is collecting fairy dust in the mines and and loses hold of her bag.  It almost goes into the fire but Dreamy shows up and gets it before it is burned.  She is grateful he saved the fairy dust.  He recognizes her as the woman he saw before birth and she tells him she doesn’t know who he is.  They share a connection and she invites him to come see the fireflies with her.  He does not realize this is an invitation so she laughs it off.

The dwarfs are dining in a tavern.  Belle ends up overhearing Dreamy and the bar keeper.  She tells him he is in love.  He tells her it is not his destiny to fall in love and she tells him he needs to be with the  one he loves.  He tells Belle about the fireflies and she tells him that was Nova’s invitation that he didn’t catch onto.

Dreamy follows Belle’s advice and goes to see Nova.  They are in love and want to run away together.  He returns home and is greeted by Stealthy.  All of the dwarfs are awake.  They confront him for wanting to leave but then congratulate him when they realize he is in love. Everyone is happy for him except the head of the Dwarfs who stops him as he tries to leave to remind him of his destiny.  The Blue Fairy Godmother arrives as well.  She explains to Dreamy that Nova will lose her wings if they leave together and never fulfill her destiny to be a fairy godmother.

Dreamy meets with Nova.  He breaks things off with her and tells her this is not their destiny.  She argues he must control his own life.  Things are different because they are in love.  She knows he spoke to the Blue Fairy and she demands to know what she had said.  He tells her it doesn’t matter and he leaves.

Dreamy returns to the mine.  The dwarfs are surprised.  His whole demeanor has changed.  He is now angry and moody.  He takes his pick ax and uses it too hard.  It breaks.  He demands another one.  His new ax re-names him.  His new name is Grumpy.


A very grumpy man is eating in Granny’s Diner.  Two other miners go to sit by him and he is annoyed to move over for them.  Mary Margaret arrives to make an announcement.  It is Miner’s Day and she wants to know if anyone wants to help.  She gets no response.  Leroy is trying to exit the Diner as Mary Margaret asks the grumpy man if he would like to help.  He scoffs at the idea that the town drunk and town harlot can make a difference.

Mary Margaret is in the street with Emma.  She explains that Miner’s Day is usually a big deal and it is her people want nothing to do with.  Emma gets a call and has to leave.

A woman on a ladder drops what looks like glitter and it falls on Leroy’s head.  His annoyance fades as he looks at her.  He is smitten by the woman whose name is Sister Astrid.  He helps her with an electric box and she tells him he is her hero.  They talk and he tells her he has a dream to sail.

Emma investigates the scene of Kathryn’s accident.  Sidney arrives to snap pictures of the car. He wants to do a story to save his career.   There is abandoned luggage in the trunk.  Sidney suggests foul play and Emma doesn’t want to hear it.  He offers to get the phone records for Emma.  David pulls up in a truck.

Leroy goes to see Mary Margaret.  He tells her he has had a change of heart and wants to help her.  He overhears Sister Astrid being chastised by another nun for not doing an order properly and throwing off the budget.  Leroy talks to her and she tells him they won’t be able to make due on the rent now.  Mr. Gold is not a very flexible man.  He tells her he is going to help her sell candles the nuns have made to raise the money.

David and Emma talk.  He tells Emma he hasn’t spoken to Kathryn since they split up.  She believes him.

Meanwhile I am in my office creating some phone records for Sidney.  I call Sidney and tell him I have his records ready.

Mary Margaret and Leroy set up a booth at the festival to sell candles.  No one will buy from them.  He suggests they go door to door and people will buy to get rid of them.

Sidney at festival playing a game.  Emma talks to him and he implies Mary Margaret has something to do with Kathryn’s disappearance.  She says no way.

Astrid is seen picking up things she has dropped on the floor.  Leroy tells her they sold all the candles.  She hugs him.  Mary Margaret confronts him about lying to Astrid.  She reminds him Astrid is a nun.  He reminds her she went after a married man and snaps that he will get that money.

Leroy goes to see Gold.  He tries to sell him his boat and Gold will not offer what he wants.  Gold tells him Leroy he is not fond of nuns but we do not find out why.  As he leaves Astrid shows up.  She brings Leroy a pie. She steps onto the boat and then sees the candles.  He admits he lied and she leaves.

Sidney brings the phone records to Emma.  She is beside herself and says that she believes David.  Sidney tells her not to be fooled.

Leroy and Mary Margaret are drinking away their failures at the Diner.  She uses herself as an example.  Leroy leaves the Diner and goes to the stop of a building.  Mary Margaret follows him up there thinking he wants to hurt himself.  He tells her he is not there to jump.  He shuts the neighborhood power off and tells her he is there to sell candles.

Mary Margaret and Leroy sell all of the candles off.  They hug once sold out.  He goes to Astrid and presents her with the money to save the day.  He then tells her he is fixing his boat and she will be his first passenger.

I show up at the police station and ask Emma what is happening with Kathryn’s investigation.  I warn her she better not try to protect anyone.

Mary Margaret sees TRAMP on her car again.  Her candle goes out.  She is feeling bad until an older woman uses her candle to light Mary Margaret’s.  This cheers her up until she and everyone else see David getting into the back of a police car.

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