Episode 14: Dreamy Photos SPOILER

Leroy and Mary Margaret join together help nuns in Storybrooke sell candles during the Miner’s Day festival. However, they formed some secret agreement, which she hopes he can keep to the promise. In the mean time, Emma starts searching for Kathryn since she has disappeared.

In Fairy Tale Land, Grumpy starts for fall for a clumsy fairy (no pun intended).

This episode will air March 4, 2012 on ABC at 8pm EST

Guest cast appearance (in order by actor’s first name):

  • Amy Acker – ¬†Astrid / Nova
  • Beverley Elliott – Granny
  • David Paul Grove – Doc
  • Emilie de Ravin – Belle
  • Gabe Khouth – Mr. Clark/Sneezy
  • Geoff Gustafson – Stealthy
  • Giancarlo Esposito – Sidney / Magic Mirror
  • Keegan Connor Tracy – ¬†Mother Superior/Blue Fairy
  • Ken Kramer – Bossy
  • Lee Arenberg – Leroy / Grumpy/Dreamy
  • Meghan Ory – Ruby/Red Riding Hood
  • Michael Coleman – Happy
  • Paul Chevreau – Skinny Man
  • Richard Ian Cox – Watchy

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2 thoughts on “Episode 14: Dreamy Photos SPOILER”

  1. What kind of names are Stealthy, Bossy and Watchy for Dwarfs. I wonder who comes up with these names? Something about them names just don’t seem right to me for some odd reason…..

    1. If you think them names are odd. How about that one the are calling Skinny Man!!! Now that there is one crazy name for a Dwarf. I tell you what!!!!!

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