Episode 13: ‘Witch Hunt’

Enchanted Forest

The Wicked Witch is enjoying herself. She roams my castle rummaging through my jewels. She tries on my clothes. She instructs a flying monkey to let me know that she is here.

In the woods Red tells Snow that she hopes I really have changed. Snow finds me distracted. I tell her and Charming about tunnels under the castle. I can go down there and lower the shield. A flying monkey ambushes us. I stand in front of Robin’s little boy Roland and shoot down the monkey transforming it into a stuffed toy. I give it to the boy.

Belle tells us that she read about creatures such as this. They come from Oz. I now know who I am up against. I want to go by myself to lower the shield.

Robin says that he will come with me. I tell him no but he insists. I agree as long as he does not get in the way. Robin tells me that this is twice a monkey came after me. He tells me even though he believes the flying monkey had its sights on me I protected his son and he owes me. As we make our way to the power source he tells me how Roland’s mother died. He also knows I had a child of my own by the way I protected Roland. He asks what happened and I explained I lost my son but he is not dead. I am shocked when I see someone was able to break my blood lock and get in my mother’s crypt.

We make our way to my chamber. He sees me begin creating a potion and asks what I am doing. He aims a bow at me insisting I stop. I use magic to lightly choke him and keep him place. I stop the choking and explain that the spell is not for anyone who will be missed. He realizes the spell may have something to do with my son and tells me if I give it a chance I will find something else to live for. He knows the spell is for myself. It is a sleeping spell to end my suffering.

Using my magic I take down the shield. I know that any moment now Charming and his army will invade. I sit down with a spindle that has been dipped in my sleeping potion. I am about to put myself to sleep when I am interrupted by the green Witch. Using magic of her own she takes my spindle. She introduces herself as Zelena. She flaunts the fact she is wearing my dress. I ask how she broke my blood lock. Zelena reveals that she is my half-sister.

Zelena tells me that Cora gave birth to her first and gave her up. She is bitter I learned from both Cora and Rumplestiltskin. I tell her they are both dead now. Zelena tells me that she will take everything away from me. I tell her it is too late as I have already lost everything. She tells me that she wants me to really suffer. With that she takes off on her broom and leaves.

I find Robin and release him. I tell him that I have found something to live for again. I have someone to destroy.


Mary and David explain to Hook they do not recall the last year. Hook fills them in on part of what they do not remember. He explains what happened up until the point when he left them. They have no recollection of anything that happened once they went back to the Enchanted Forest. Emma tells them how Hook gave her a memory potion. He chimes in that it was sent to him but it did not say from who. Leroy comes and tell them that people keep disappearing. Emma asks about Neal and no one knows where he is.

At the Diner Ruby serves Henry a drink with cinnamon. He remarks it was like she knew. Henry is introduced to Mary and David. Mary concocts a story that she was in prison with Emma. Everyone hears a glass drop. It is me. I am shocked to see Henry sitting there. He has no idea who I am. Emma follows me to another room. I ask how she recognizes me. She tells me about the potion. I tell her that this is not my curse.
Robin and the Merry Men stand by the Storybrooke border with weapons they have acquired for hunting. Little John chases a turkey. Once he goes past the border he is grabbed by a flying monkey.

Emma calls a town hall. I stand in the back listening. The people begin accusing me of casting this curse. I calmly explain if this was my work then I would have made it so I had my son back. Emma and the people call me a liar. I tell them if they want to see an Evil Queen then that is what I will give them. I cause a minor quake in the room and leave. Meanwhile, Zelena who is not green in this world sits among the people enjoying the spectacle.

Emma joins me at my office. We are actually working together to figure out who really cast this curse. Emma brings me the vile the memory potion came in. I will try and recreate it. I thank Emma for believing me.

Mary reads aloud from a book about babies. Henry sits with her but is disinterested as he plays a game. She tells him about the library but he has no interest in reading. He leaves her. Zelena overhears the conversation. She introduces herself to Mary and tells her she was a midwife in the Enchanted Forest. Mary is delighted. Zelena tells her there is nothing that would make her happier than helping Snow White with her baby.
John is found wounded and unconscious.

I am unable to recreate the spell. It is frustrating. Emma suggests we let the word get out that I am creating a spell. She believes the real culprit will get nervous and try to break in my office to stop it. She makes sure to tell the town crier Leroy. Of course he lets everyone know that Emma caught me and I have been walled up creating a spell to get my memory back. Zelena immediately leaves the Diner.

At the hospital John has a violent seizure. He turns into a flying monkey and flies out the window.

I stay with Emma in her car for a stakeout. We finally see movement in my office. I have used a blood lock to trap whoever it is from leaving. We enter my office and find it a mess. The person is cloaked. Before we can see them they disappear in green smoke. Emma and I are surprised. No one is ever able to break away from my magic.

Emma talks me into meeting Henry. I come to Mary and David’s apartment. He is there. The meeting is awkward as he does not understand why he is meeting me. It hurts but it is a start. Mary sadly listens in. David comes home and tells us to come to the hallway. We stand in the hall as David and Hook tell us about flying monkeys. I immediately know this is the work of the Wicked Witch of the West but wonder what she would want.
Zelena brings a tray to a prisoner. Her prisoner is a resurrected Rumpelstiltskin who appears to have gone mad. She kicks a tray of food to him. He tells her she should not have brought him back. He picks up a bowl of food and mumbles to himself about feeding the madness.

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