Episode 14: ‘Unforgiven’

‘Unforgiven’ maleficient - once upon a time

Enchanted Forest

Snow and Charming came back from their honeymoon to find the town under a sleeping curse. Approached by the Queens of Darkness, the women offered to make a deal.

The Queens told them of a Dark Curse that I planned to use – back in my darker days. They wanted to team up to stop me. It surprised the newlyweds, who do not trust them. The women explained that there is a tree that will explain how to defeat the curse, but the tree only spoke to the most valiant of heroes.

Snow and Charming went with the Queens and halted at a bridge. The guards did not want to allow the Queens to pass. Maleficent took the guards out with a dragon – this upsets Snow and Charming. The group decided they needed to make camp.

When morning came, Maleficent was angry to find the Charmings gone. Snow and Charming went to the tree on their own. The tree rejected Snow and her new husband. Maleficent revealed that she could sense Snow is pregnant. This is a pleasant surprise to Snow and Charming until Maleficent revealed that a child born of true love will either become the most valiant of heroes or the darkest of villains. She pointed out that the tree rejected them, which concerned the parents to be.

Snow woke up from her sleep, and she was frightened when Maleficent was in her bedroom. Maleficent told Snow she had come to her privately because she too is with child. Snow refused to team up with her. Maleficent was surprised Snow was more concerned about her child being a hero than succumbing to the darkness to stop a curse.


Mary woke up to an empty bed. Baby Neal was in his crib crying. Mary held her baby and found herself surrounded by the Queens of Darkness. She pleaded with them not to hurt her family. However, it was all a dream.

When Mary woke up, she realized it was a nightmare. David was not in bed though. She got up to look for him to see he was restless. He vowed to run Cruella and Ursula out of town.

Ursula and Cruella went for a drink at Granny’s Diner. However, Granny had no interest in serving them. They confirmed this when Will Scarlet came in and got a double drink order to go in just a minute of time. Shortly after, I walked in with Henry.

Cruella and Ursula made a joke about my evil past. I was appalled they brought up such a thing in front of my son. This boiled my blood, but I am good now. I needed to handle things differently.

When Henry is out of earshot, I firmly told them not to do that again. They left the diner. Mary and David quickly came over to me and wanted help getting the two out of town. I tell told I have other things to do; after all, I need to find the author.

Emma and Hook took a stroll towards the diner. As they were coming to the walkway, Ursula and Cruella were just leaving. Ursula and Hook had an awkward passing by, which made Emma question Ursula and Hook’s history.

Before Emma could wrap her brain around that moment, David came outside and asked Emma to leave with him. The father-daughter team was on a mission to follow the double trouble.

They followed the Cruella and Ursula to Gold’s Pawn Shop. When they came in, Belle was not happy to see them. They distracted Belle as Ursula used a tentacle to retrieve Maleficent’s box. They sent a text to Rumpelstiltskin that they had it. He waited for them in a cave and used magic to gather Maleficent’s remains.

I brought Henry some donuts that he had wanted. He was in my office while he looked for clues in the author’s work. We came across the story of Pinocchio and realized the paper was different. It was because August knew how to take apart the Book and replace it with a new story.

Meanwhile, Emma and David sat outside of the pawnshop undetected – they were on a stakeout. Once Ursula and Cruella left the pawn show, the father-daughter team followed them. Emma followed up with Belle to see if anything was missing from the shop. It turned out they stole a wooden box.

That gave David the right to turn on his sheriff’s car lights, and he pulled the women over. He asked them to step out of the car so that he could search for the wooden box. They obliged and allowed the search to go on. David ended up finding the box that belonged to Maleficient.

However, he did not tell anyone what he found. He took the small item inside the box and returned it like nothing happened. Everyone went on their way. David hurried back to Mary to show him what the Queens of Darkness had planned. David and Mary wanted to take this item and hide it forever.

As Mary and David are on their quest, Hook brought Emma lunch as she looked through security footage. She asked Hook about Ursula and was not satisfied with his answer. She believed he held something back, so she became cold and told him she needed to work.

Emma continued working until she found her parents. They told her that they were going for a hike. She was surprised they are not interested in security footage she found. Emma backed down but had a weird feeling about their reaction.

As for me, I went to visit young Pinocchio. He didn’t not remember anything of his life as a grown up. I became frustrated and lost my temper with him. Marco fought back with his words and told me to stay way from his son.

Emma was right about her parents – they were not going for a walk. In fact, they went down to the mines. However, their plan ended because Ursula knocked them out with a tentacle.

As they dealt with their problems, I needed to handle mine. I went to see Marco to apologize. At first, he had little interest in listening. Once he realized I was sincere; he accepted my apology. He also gave me a pile of August the adult’s belongings and told me I may find something in there.

Back in the mine, Rumpelstiltskin gave a blade to Cruella and disappeared. She used it to cut Mary and David. She cut them into the palm of their hands. It woke them up, but they were too late. The blood was used to resurrect Maleficent. Maleficent came back and told Mary and David she will be happy to see them in pain – just as they left her that way.

In the sheriff’s office, Emma was there with Hook. She told him that she was sorry at how she reacted. He admitted there was more to the story about Ursula. She agreed she would let him tell her when he was ready.

As she had this heartfelt moment with Hook, Mary and David stood at the doorway. They had in mind to come clean to her. However, Emma’s touching words, influenced them otherwise – they feared to lose respect from their daughter.

Emma admitted to her pirate-lover that she had a hard time trusting and thought they lied to her earlier. She was about to kiss her boyfriend when her parents made their presence known. They told Hook and Emma that Maleficent has been resurrected.

Mary met with me to tell me Maleficent was back. She pleaded with me to go undercover with the Queens of Darkness. She told me she had a secret to share with me. Emma was born with a great potential for darkness, but that was not the end of it. Mary told me she caused Maleficent to lose a baby.

Before the evening ended, Rumpelstiltskin stood across the street from the pawn shop. He watched Belle. However, he saw Will Scarlett in their with her. Will and Belle kissed, which broke Rumpelstiltskin’s heart. He stepped back into the darkness.

As for Maleficient, she got what was hers in that box – a baby rattle. Instead of smiling, tears came to her eyes.

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