Episode 13: Darkness on the Edge of Town

Episode 12_Darkness on the Edge of Town

Forbidden Forest

In Maleficient’s lair, Ursula was unsure why she stood there. Next to Ursula and just as confused as why she was there was Cruella de Vil. The women almost tangled until they heard two dogs barking. Cruella used magic to calm the dogs. At that moment, they realized it was Rumpelstiltskin who called on them.

Rumpelstiltskin appeared and told the women they could have a happy ending. That encouraged the ladies to pay closer attention even though they questioned everything that came out of the Dark One’s mouth. He continued and told them there was a curse that could help them all. Rumpel guided the women to a cavern and through a passage protected by aggressive bugs.

Cruella breathes her magic onto one of them and sends it to join the others. The bugs became passive and left the doorway so the group may enter.

The next obstacle was fire. Rumpelstiltskin told Maleficent that she was up. She used her staff to harness the fire. Ursula used a tentacle to grab a sphere for Rumpelstiltskin. The room shook.

Rumpelstiltskin told them that a demon who fed on the heart with the darkest potential guards the curse and he planned to leave them to die. He abandoned them as the demon awoken.

Maleficent told the women she was the darkest, so she would distract the monster. The demon was confused when all three women confronted it. Maleficent faced off with it while Cruella and Ursula seek for higher grounds. Ursula used a tentacle to save Maleficent.

New York

In the big city, Rumpelstiltskin was living with Ursula – where they have no magic. Rumpelstiltskin enjoyed a microwaved Ramon Noodle dinner. It annoyed Ursula because he ate the last meal while she had little money to support herself barely working at an aquarium.

When an email came through, Rumpel said it was time to go – it was the moment he was waiting to happen. He encouraged Ursula to buck up for a moment because they were on a mission to start their journey back to the magic and their evil ways.

They head out of the city and into a more suburban area. The two walk up to a wealthy home that was surrounded by police who were confiscating the belongings of the home. Here, they found the one and only Cruella de Vil. With no regards to her husband who was in handcuffs being taken away by the police, she unwantedly greets Rumpelstiltskin and Ursula.

Rumpelstiltskin proceeded to tell Cruella that they needed her to visit a place to get their magic back. This piques her interest, and they drive off in her expensive car.

As he directed her towards Storybrooke, he explained this small town in Maine was the answer to their magical problems. Cruella listened to him, but she clearly did not trust him. Before they drove to Storybrooke, the two evil women needed to fill their hunger pains with some fast food.

After the fast food place, they were off to Storybrooke. They get down the road, and he instructs Cruella to stop. She does, and he found the tie he left to mark the line of Storybrooke.

When they stepped out of the car, Cruella started to get frustrated. She pulled out a gun and pointed it at Rumpelstiltskin. She reminded him the real world that he was nothing without his magic. Both Cruella and Ursula wanted to know why he was banished from Storybrooke.

He dodged the question and insisted that they go first, and if he is telling the truth they can get him at night. He took Cruella’s phone and dialed my (Regina’s) phone. Ursula took the phone, and we chatted.


I brought Henry to the school bus. He joined his class where Mary taught a lesson with a bird.

Emma and Hook enjoyed coffee as she walked him to the library, where she met with Belle. Inside the library, Hook was still upset he trapped the Fairies. Belle reminded him she was also manipulated by Rumpelstiltskin. She was sad talking about it but assured Hook they will rescue the fairies.

Emma came by with drinks. Just like Hook and Belle, I was also researching ways to see everyone trapped in the hat. Emma searched for a bottle opener but instead found the mended picture I tore up of Robin and me. She asked me about it. I told her I believed it was a cruel joke. Our talk was interrupted when Belle and Hook came in excitedly. They reported they received a response from a professor who sent them an incantation to save the fairies.

We took the hat to the forest. We started the ceremony, and I tapped the hat with the dagger. The fairies were released. Blue still has a hard time looking at me but thanks me. We were busy with the reunion, and none of us noticed the darkness that came out of the hat.

Emma took the melancholy Hook to the Diner where he cheered up. Henry encouraged me to talk to Blue. I showed her the blank book. Emma joined us. Blue was surprised to see the book. I explained I wanted a happy ending. She didn’t seem surprised by this but told us that the Sorcerer and the Author were not the same persons. No one has seen the Author. She told us that there were clues in his work. The lights suddenly dimmed and we heard a roar.

We saw the demon. I am certain it came from the hat. Belle told us once someone has been freed from the hat they cannot be trapped again. Emma and I faced off with the demon and combined our magic. It did not destroy it but is enough to make it leave.

I got a call on my phone. It is Rumpelstiltskin’s phone but Ursula on the other line. She told me she and Cruella met Rumpelstiltskin in New York and learned about Storybrooke. They had a falling out with him but wish to come here to start new lives. I told them no but Ursula heard the demon roar. She described the demon and told me she can help us. Emma was interested.

I was certain the demon was after my heart. Emma and I drove as the creature pursued us. We planned to get to the town line, so we could send it to a world without magic where it could not exist. I disappeared from the car. Emma saw me at the town line and stopped short. The demon flew off her car and disappeared when it went past the town line. Mary and David met us and did not believe we should keep the deal with Ursula and Cruella. I told them I agreed with Emma and everyone deserves a second chance. We toss a scroll to the them, and Cruella was able to drive through and enter Storybrooke.

Rumpelstiltskin believes he was left behind. He turned to leave but Ursula and Cruella surprised him when they came back for him. He encouraged them to build relationships and trust while he stayed behind the scenes. They questioned why, and he revealed that from the outside he could still communicate with Belle as the ‘professor’ who helped save the fairies – they were impressed. He told them he could bring back Maleficent. Rumpelstiltskin then said that the demon was actually after Emma.

Mary and David were late to meet with Emma and Hook. Instead, they met with Ursula and Cruella. They told the two villains they could stay as long as they do not tell anyone what happened between them years ago in the Enchanted Forest…especially Emma.

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