Episode 12: ‘Heroes and Villains’

Heroes and Villains

Enchanted Forest

Belle has recently become Rumpelstiltskin’s maid.  She is curious about all the strange artifacts in his castle.  He pretends he is leaving only so he can catch her snooping around.  She tells him she is fascinated with all he must have seen.  He hands her a gauntlet and tells her to clean it.  She asks what it does.  He explains it can find the thing someone loves most thus showing someone’s weakness.

Belle tells Rumpel he needs all these things because he has a hole in his heart.  He responds by transporting her outside to do his laundry.  A dalmation puppy approaches Belle and quickly takes off.  Belle looks for the dog only to be kidnapped.

Rumpel looks for Belle.  A bird drops a sand dollar to him.  Once in hand it shows him an image of a distressed Belle begging for help.  Rumpel finds Belle being held prisoner by Malificent.  He uses magic to disable her but quickly realizes she has help.  Ursula wraps a tentacle around Belle and tortures her while Cruella de Ville also makes her presence known.  They will give him Belle back in exchange for the gauntlet which they wish to use to exploit their enemies so they may have happy endings.  Rumpel gives in and turns over the gauntlet.  Satisfied, the Queens of Darkness leave.  Belle is surprised Rumpel saves her.  Unable to admit his fondness for her he remarks if anyone shall crush her it should be him.

Rumpel later visits the trio again without Belle.  He easily takes back his gauntlet and tells the Queens of Darkness that he always wins.


Elsa uses magic to take the icy wall down.  Unfortunately Ingrid’s magic still lingers.  Anyone who crosses the border to a world without magic cannot come back.  They need something to create a portal to Arendelle.

Rumpel squeezes Hook’s heart as he gives information.  Hook figures out that Rumpel is avoiding Anna.  Rumpel tells Hook that he still has enough value to stay alive until night.  Hook leaves and Rumpel wakes Belle.  He tells her that it is time for them to take a real honeymoon and he wants to go to New York.

Marian is thawed out.  Before I give her back her heart Robin kisses me.  When Marian wakes up she rushes to his arms as I look on.  I go the Diner where Marian finds me to thank me.  We have a surprising conversation.  She knows she has been gone a long time and Robin has moved on with me.  She tells me that she understands and accepts this.  As she leaves I feel as though she is giving me her blessing.

An enchanted mop leads Hook and Rumpel to a house.  Hook asks whose house it is.  Rumpel tells him it belongs to the Sorcerer.  A wardrobe appears.

As Belle packs Henry comes into the shop.  She tells him she and Rumpel are headed to New York.  He tells her what he knows about the border and she is surprised.  Figuring Rumpel knows another way she asks Henry to help her find another suitcase so she may continue packing.  Artifacts fall and Belle is shocked to see the gauntlet.

Hook seeks out Emma in the Diner.  He tells her about the portal that Rumpel found.  Emma senses something is off with Hook who is being used as a puppet as Rumpel feeds words to him by controlling his heart.  Hook tells her he is fine but as he leaves he clutches Emma’s arm.  She knows she is right.

I sit on a bench at the park with Robin.  He tells me he chooses me.  I could not be happier but our moment comes to an end when Roland screams for us.  Marian has collapsed.  Some of the spell is still with her.  I tell Robin that she can be saved by crossing the border into a world without magic but the catch is she cannot come back.  I believe he should go with her so she is not alone.

I watch Robin at the border saying his good-byes to Will and the other Merry Men.  Rumpel gets in my car with me.  He tells me that he knows Henry is working at his shop because he is looking for something.  I admit I want to find the writer of the book of Fairy Tales and we thought he might know.  Rumpel tells me that he does not but as far as happy endings he takes his.  He tells me he wants the same for me and I should just take mine too.  I tell him he sounds like the old Rumpelstiltskin.  He leaves my car.  I go outside to tell Robin good bye.  Marian and Roland cross the border.  We can see them but they cannot see us.  He kisses me.  I don’t want him to go but know it is right.  I watch my love disappear and once on the other side can see the pain in his face.  I tear up the picture of us kissing and the Merry Men quietly watch me walk away.

At the Sorcerer’s house the wardrobe awaits.  Elsa goes through it followed by Kristoff.  Anna is about to leave but first comments she wish she could have met Mr. Gold as he sounds wonderful.  David tells her Gold is also known as Rumpelstiltskin.  This alarms Anna and triggers Emma.

Mary and Emma go the Clock Tower to stop Rumpel.  He uses magic to freeze them in place.  He opens the hat and is ready to crush Hook’s heart.  To his surprise he cannot.  This is because Belle is now controlling him with his dagger.  She orders him to close the hat and release everyone.  She then tells him to take her with him to the border.  Once alone Belle tells Rumpel how disappointed she is.  She found the gauntlet and it led her to his real dagger thus confirming he loves power more than her.  He pleads with Belle for forgiveness but she is fed up.  She forces him to leave Storybrooke by stepping over the line.  Once on the other side he is frightened and calls out for her.

Emma is able to give Hook his heart back.  He grabs her and kisses her.

Emma finds me at the Diner and offers to be my drinking buddy.  This does not last too long when Henry comes running in telling us he found something.  We head to the Sorcerer’s house to a hidden library.  There are shelves of blank books of Fairy Tales.  I am so happy and we fill Emma in on Operation Mongoose.  Emma tells us she wants in.


Anna wears her wedding dress.  Elsa asked why she put her wedding off.  Anna tells her she would never get married without her.  Elsa proudly walks her sister down the aisle.

New York

Six weeks later a sad Rumpel is still in New York.  He goes to an aquarium.  Ursula works there doing maintenance on the tanks.  He tells her to come with him to find the one known as ‘The Author.’



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