Episode 10: The Cricket Game

Cora - Captain Hook
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Fairy Tale Land

I sit upon my horse and watch the kingdom on fire. I am waiting to find out if King George defeated Snow White and Prince Charming. Knights approach me on horseback. They give me disturbing news that King George has been defeated.

I ask where Snow White is. I am told that she is alone and heading back to her prince. I find Snow White in the forest. She tells me that it is over and I must surrender.

I tell her all I want is her death. I do not realize that I have been led to a trap. The Blue Fairy uses magic to restrain me.
Snow White, Prince Charming, as well as other residents including Granny and Red are seated at the Round Table to discuss my fate.

Jiminy Cricket gives testimony that he believes I can never change. Charming finally stands up and announces that he believes I must be executed. Everyone leaves and only he and Snow remain. Snow is not convinced that this is the best option.

I am being held prisoner. My father comes to visit me. It brings tears to my eyes for my father to see me like this as he apologizes for failing me. I tell him I love him more than anyone and he is the only one who ever stuck by my side.

My father pleads with me to express regret so that they show me mercy. It is the day of my execution. I am brought before the kingdom and secured to a post. In what would be these final moments Jiminy Cricket comes to me.

He tells me this is my chance for last words. It is a chance to show remorse. I speak to the people. At first I speak softly and admit I do have regrets.

My softness turns to fire as I begin to tell everyone that I regret not causing more harm and not killing Snow White. Charming has had enough and gives the word to execute me. I am blindfolded as the archers release arrows to kill me. I hear Snow scream, “Stop!” which causes the Blue Fairy to freeze the arrows.

I am brought back to prison. Snow argues with Charming. She insists that I can change. She tells him that she still remembers me as good.

He reminds her of my speech and she tells him she believes it was a desperate attempt to look strong.
Snow is alone and has a tear in her eye. Rumpelstiltskin comes to her with an offer. He tells Snow that there is a test that can be done to see if I really can change.

Later Snow comes to see me at my cell. She releases the guard who argues that Charming told him not to abandon his post. She insists. I ask what she wants and she tells me that she remembers me as a good person who saved her life once.

I am intrigued as she opens my cell and tells me she will let me leave and start over. Once out of my cell I grab her by the neck. Snow gasps for air and pulls out a dagger. I quickly remove it and am anxious to finally kill her.

I stab Snow White who does not bleed. Suddenly Charming and others surround me. I learn that there is a protection spell so I cannot harm Snow or Charming. Snow tells me that this was a test and I failed.

They banish me from the kingdom.

Rumpel arrives at my castle. He tells me that today is Snow White and Charming’s wedding day. I want to know why he has come to tell me this. Rumpel loves to play both sides and informs me that the protection spell is only good in this land.

This news excited me and I decide to make a surprise appearance at the wedding.


Hook docks his boat. He looks to Cora and tells her this is where they part ways so he can deal with his ‘Crocodile.’ Cora stops him. She tells him that she won’t let him go on his own for his own protection.

The two are interrupted by the dock supervisor who admires Hook’s ship. Cora conceals the ship and turns the man into a fish out of water.
Mary and David snuggle in bed. They are interrupted by Henry and Emma.

Little Henry asks why they have been in bed all day and Emma distracts him with the idea to make tacos. She too is embarrassed and tells them to lock the door next time. There is a celebration at the Diner. David proposes a toast to Mary and Emma.

I enter the Diner and everyone is quiet. Leroy and the others are annoyed to see me. Emma tells David and Mary that she is the one who invited me. She believes I am trying to change for Henry.

I offer a slice of homemade lasagna to Leroy who snidely asks if I poisoned it. I hold my own and tell him its pepper. He takes the lasagna from me. I end up sitting alone as everyone else is talking.

Finally I grab my coat and decide to leave. Emma follows me outside and asks me to stay. I decline. I thank her for inviting me and tell her I would love for Henry to spend the night at my house.

Emma tells me it is not a good idea. I am frustrated and snap at her. I then apologize. Emma softens up and tells me that she spoke to Archie who told her about our sessions so she knows I really am trying. I leave.

Cora and Hook watch me walk off. Hook asks her if I am broken yet. Although there is a tear in my mother’s eye she tells him no. She is determined to break me.

Archie and his dog Pongo the Dalmatian are strolling along the beach. I see him and express my annoyance that he told Emma I am in therapy. He tells me that he only did it in my defense. Ruby sees us and interrupts to see if everything is okay.

I snap at her that this is a private matter. Archie promises me that he can be trusted. Later that night Ruby sees what she believes is me going to see Archie. It is actually my mother.

Cora has shifted herself into me. She goes to Archie’s apartment. Pongo begins to bark. Cora uses magic to restrain the dog as she then takes Archie’s breath away.

Emma has lunch with Henry at the Diner. He asks her about life in the other land. She tells him he needs to go back to school and she will walk him. He insists it is not necessary.

Outside Pongo approaches them barking. Ruby comes out and can sense that the dog is distressed. Emma tells Henry he can go on his own so that she and Ruby can find Archie.

They go to Archie’s and find his lifeless body on the floor. I am at the Sheriff’s office. I don’t know why I am here and I ask. I am shocked and saddened when Emma and David tell me that Archie was found dead.

I realize I am being accused when they tell me that Ruby witnessed me go to his apartment. Seeing that it was actually Cora and not myself I am genuinely surprised and don’t understand why Ruby would lie about such a thing. Mary watches from the other side of the glass.

Emma tells David and Mary that she believes my reaction. They tell her not to fall for it as she does not know me like they do. Emma defends me and tells them that she recognizes someone who wants to change and the old me would have used magic out of rage. The three of them go to Archie’s.

My patient file is missing. To David and Mary this is evidence. Emma is suspicious of how easy the evidence is and believes that I am being framed. They head to Gold’s pawn shop where he is with Belle.

They question him and he denies any involvement. Mr. Gold tells them that they can get the answers from Pongo by painlessly extracting his memories. He says that he will have Emma do it with her magic. Gold brings out a dream catcher.

As he moves it over Pongo’s body it lights up. He gives it to Emma and tells her to focus. Finally Emma is able to play the memory like a recording on the dream catcher. The group sees what they believe is me entering Archie’s apartment and killing him.

Emma is disappointed. She is ready to arrest me. David and Mary stop her. They tell her she needs a plan.

The three come to my house. Emma tells me she saw me do it. I tell her it’s not possible. As soon as she brings up Mr. Gold I tell her it’s not right but she insists she saw it with her own eyes with her own magic.

Emma and I begin screaming at each other over Henry. Mother Superior/The Blue Fairy has been hiding and tries to restrain me with magic but this time I catch it before she can. I make myself disappear. Emma is panicked about having to tell Henry what happened with Archie and how she thinks I killed him.

David and Mary remind her that they are a family and they will be there for her. Emma waits for Henry. As he sees her he tells her again that he can walk himself home. She tells him that she needs to talk to him.

I watch from a car as Emma brings him to a bench. He begins crying and hugging Emma. This makes me cry too. Henry thinks I killed Archie.

Cora tells Hook that she has a present for him on the ship. It is someone who knows Gold/Rumpel very well and will be of assistance to him. On the ship she opens up a door and Archie Hopper is revealed. He is very much alive.

Archie sits there tied up and gagged as Cora reveals that she killed someone and made them look like Archie.

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