Episode 11: ‘Shattered Sight’

shattered sight - regina

Years Ago

Ingrid finds herself in New York.  She takes in the strange new land as people stare at her.  She finds a gypsy and wants her help finding Emma.  The gypsy asks for payment.  Having no money she offers her a necklace.  She realizes the gypsy is a fraud when she calls Emma ‘Susan.’  She leaves.


Young Emma is bullied by Kevin who wants her camera.  Her new foster mother Ingrid stops him.  That night Emma plans to run away but Ingrid is downstairs and stops her.  She tells Emma she can leave if she wants.  As Emma is about to leave Ingrid bonds with her by telling her about Kevin’s fear of spiders and how she has plastic spiders hidden in the house.  Emma is amused and stays.

Ingrid takes Emma to a carnival.  As they play a crane game Ingrid believes Emma is coming into her powers as a strange surge of power goes through the game.  Emma wins a stuffed Dalmatian puppy and a plastic ring.  She tells Emma she can do anything.  Emma realizes Ingrid is teary eyed.  She sees a letter in Ingrid’s purse and thinks Ingrid is being nice because she is being sent away.  Ingrid tells Emma that the papers are because she will be adopting her.  Emma tells Ingrid she loves her.

Ingrid and Emma walk at night.  She tries to gently tell Emma about her powers.  When Emma does not understand she tries to show her by pulling her in front of a car.  She tells Emma to concentrate on stopping the car.  Emma is frightened and tells Ingrid that she is crazy.  She runs away leaving Ingrid alone.


Ingrid finds Storybrooke.  She sets up an ice cream shop.  One day Emma finally comes in.  As Emma is about to order ice cream she is shocked to see Ingrid.  She tells Ingrid that has not aged in years and that she once tried to kill her.  Ingrid uses magic to extract memories from Emma.  The memories go inside a plastic purple bubble. Emma is disoriented and then continues her ice cream order and leaves.


Ingrid enjoys watching people fighting.

Mary and David lash out insults at each other.  Kristoff insults Anna.  Anna is unaffected by the spell because she already was once affected by it.  She tries to help Emma and Elsa come up with a plan.  Anna tells them about the story where Ingrid got the idea for the spell.  She tells them the king in the story had to be killed.  Elsa does not want to kill Ingrid.  They have Anna watch baby Neal while they leave.

I furiously try to release myself from the vault.  My spell is so good I cannot get out.  I see my reflection in the mirror and am disgusted by my outfit.  Using magic I transform my clothing into proper attire for an Evil Queen.

Hook has not been affected by the curse because he does not have a heart.  Rumpelstiltskin tells him he must go and get Henry for him.  Rumpel’s plan is for Belle and Henry to wake up in New York believing Rumpel to be a hero who saved them.

Ingrid retrieves two purple bubbles from the ice cream shop.  As she tries to leave she is intercepted by Emma and Elsa.  They try to attack Ingrid but cannot.  They leave Ingrid and go to Gold’s Pawn Shop where they try to sever the yellow ribbons with different magical objects.

Anna tries to reason with Mary and David.  Mary brags to her about killing Cora.

Emma gets an idea.  If love caused the yellow ribbons to bond with them then she believes a strong sense of hatred will sever them.  She and Elsa head to my vault.  Emma is able to penetrate the spell sealing me in.  They head into the vault where Emma antagonizes me by telling me that she purposely brought Marian here to make me suffer while I see her with Hook.  I am furious.  I throw dark magic at them.  Emma and Elsa look away holding their wrists out.  Emma is right.  The ribbons disappear and they run off.

Hook goes to get Henry.  Through the door Henry tells Hook he hates him.  Hook is able to get in but slips on a collection of marbles Henry has laid out for him.  As he is about to pursue Henry he is interrupted by Will who wants to fight him.  With one punch Hook knocks out Will and goes to find Henry.

I make my way to the Sheriff’s station.  I don’t find Emma but am delighted to find Mary.  I use magic to make annoying Anna vanish.  I tell Mary that I am going to take her baby.  I then let her out of her jail cell and magically get a sword into her hand.  We will battle hopefully to death.

Elsa and Emma seek out Ingrid.  She sees their ribbons are gone.  She tells the two that she wants them to have their memories back so they will see that they love her.

Anna and Kristoff have been transported back to the beach.  Kristoff is still mean to Anna who trips over a message in a bottle.  She hits him over the head so she can figure out what to do.  She then realizes there is a note from her mother in the bottle.  She tries to wake Kristoff up but he is out cold.  She leaves him to find Elsa.

Anna brings the letter to the women.  Ingrid accuses Anna of lying about its content.  The letter tells them that their mother is sorry for how she treated Ingrid and wants someone to find the hidden memories so everyone in Arendelle may remember her two sisters.  She also wants Ingrid released from the urn.  Ingrid uses magic to hurt Anna.  She finally grabs the letter.  As she reads it memories flood back of her sisters.  She tells the women she is sorry for what she has done and must stop it. She gives Emma and Elsa back their memories.  She then summons the glass to come back.  It surrounds her body.  She is willing to die because all she ever wanted was her sister’s love and now she knows she has it.  Ingrid disappears in mirror fragments lifting the curse.  Anna and Elsa wish to fulfill their mother’s wish to give the people of Arendelle their memories back of her sisters.

As the curse lifts I find myself fighting Mary Margaret.  I stand up and see I am dressed like the Evil Queen.  Mary, David and I laugh at this insanity.  I change into normal clothes and go outside with my family.  Henry finds us and hugs me and Emma.  As people apologize and laugh about their bad behavior Mary and David kiss.

Hook returns to Rumpel who watches Belle sleep.  He is empty handed.  Rumpel walks away.

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