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Fairy Tale Land
Snow White is hiding out in the forest. Little Red Riding Hood shows up with a basket full of food for her. She asks of Snow if she wants to know of the outside world. She then informs her Prince James is set to wed Midas’s daughter. Snow tells her she just wishes she could get over him and get him out of her head. Reluctantly Red admits that she knows a way. There is a man who may be able to assist her.

Snow travels by boat. There she meets Rumpelstiltskin. They exit their boats to continue their conversation on a bridge. She wants a cure for a broken heart. He tells her he cannot make someone fall in love with her. She admits this is not what she wants as she knows they cannot be together. She just wants him out of her head. He grabs a vial and fills it with water. The vial becomes enchanted and Rumpelstiltskin snatches a hair from Snow’s head. He tells her love is the most powerful magic. For his price he only requires to keep the strand of hair he has plucked from her head. She agrees. As he leaves he reveals that he knows her identity.

James is seen staring out the castle window. The King comes in to remind him he is missing his own feast. The King then reveals a crown. It is a gift from Midas upon James’s marriage to Abigail. The King asks him who the woman is who is distracting him. He threatens that James must forget the other woman. Once he has left the room James grabs a quill and writes a letter to Snow. He sends it by pigeon.

Snow receives the letter from James. In her head we hear James’s letter. He tells her even though he is about to marry it is her he loves. He wants her to come and stop the wedding if she reciprocates his feelings. If she does not come he has his answer.

Snow arrives by the castle in disguise. She tells the guards she has brought flowers for the wedding of Prince James. They let her through. She hides in James’s room. He comes in and as she is about to say something a knight appears and covers her mouth.

Snow is now imprisoned. She desperately searches for a way out and even tries climbing walls. She hears someone whistling and he introduces himself as Grumpy. He tells her she is wasting her time trying to find a way out. He has been imprisoned there for awhile. She tells him she is in love and won’t give up.

Grumpy tells a story of how love is the reason he is there. He once worked at the diamond mine and bought a diamond for his love. The diamond turned out to be stolen and he was blamed for it. Another dwarf shows up. His name is Stealthy. He lets Grumpy out. Grumpy decides they should free Snow as well.

Snow and the dwarves are on their way to escaping until they have different ideas about how to get out. At that point they go their separate ways. The dwarves are caught by the King’s men. Stealthy is killed by arrow. Snow stops them from killing Grumpy by threatening to set a fire. They agree to let Grumpy go. The King tells Snow they need to have a talk.

The King accuses Snow of jeopardizing his kingdom with her feelings. He tells her she will see James but to tell him that this is over and she does not love him. He threatens James’s life. At this point the king reveals to her James is not his real son.

James is packing. He is delighted to see Snow White and runs over to embrace her. She tells him she got the letter. Instead of telling him she is there to stop the wedding she tells him she does not return his feelings. James weeps. As Snow turns to leave and he cannot see her face she begins to weep as well.

The dwarves find Snow. They tell her to come with them and they will be her cure. She wants to drink her vial and Grumpy stops her. He reminds her that they lost someone today too and only seven dwarves remain. He tells her that he wants to remember his pain and the love he had felt. As she puts the vial away he tells her she is not alone anymore.

James is in the forest. He is determined to find Snow. He instead runs into Red. She tells him Snow never came back. He says he will always find her.
Grumpy is excited to tell Snow the news. James is not going to marry Abigail. As he approaches her in bed she asks, “who?” and we see an empty vial.


The mysterious stranger’s motorcycle breaks down…in front of my house, of course. Henry approaches him. He asks the stranger about the box he lugs around on his bike. He tells Henry he has something to do here. I see the interaction and ask Henry who that was.

Emma and Mary Margaret are at their apartment. Mary Margaret is frantically rushing around claiming she is late for the school science fair. The radio in the background talks of a storm that is coming.

Mary Margaret is calmly having coffee at Granny’s Diner. She keeps staring at the clock. David comes in. He is getting a coffee as well. He sees Mary Margaret and they make small talk. She asks how his work with the animal shelter is going. He leaves the diner and she sees him kiss Katherine. Emma comes into the diner and now knows Mary Margaret did not rush off to school. She admits to Emma she knows David’s whole schedule. Creepy if you ask me.

Mary Margaret is in the market gathering storm supplies. She runs into Katherine. She sees a pregnancy test and is deflated. She numbly wishes her good luck. I see the interaction and remind her not to mind their business.

Mary Margaret is walking through the forest. She hears a pigeon. She finds it trapped and frees it. She takes it to the animal shelter where David happens to work. The vet tells her they can help it, but the pigeon will lose its flock. She decides she will get the pigeon back to the flock and David offers to drive her. She declines.

Emma is digging around in her trunk. I approach her in the street. I tell her that she is to look into this stranger. I am surprised when she tells me she has already met him and even suggested he get a room at Granny’s Bed and Breakfast. She then makes a remark he must be one of the millions I had cursed. For a moment this throws me but I quickly regain my composure. I insist that she look into him and tell her that he was seen talking to Henry.

Mary Margaret drives until she comes to a road block. She gets out of the car with cage carrying the pigeon. She puts the cage down for a moment and slides down the cliff. She is grabbing to a vine for her life. She begins slipping but David shows up and saves the day. Immediately she runs from him and says she must help the pigeon get back to its flock. David goes with her.

David and Mary Margaret come upon an empty cabin. It is raining and they decide to go inside. He starts a fire the fire place. He tries to warm her and she pulls away. She then admits that she still has feeling for him. He admits that he feels the same. They are about to kiss when she pulls away from him. She tells him about Katherine and the pregnancy test. He is stunned.

Emma arrives at the Diner and sees the Stranger. She admits to him she finds him suspicious. She asks why he talked to Henry. She then asks why he was outside my house. He answers her questions until she asks of his box. He tells her he will make her wait for an answer and taunt her with the box. Then he tells her he will tell her what is in it if she allows him to buy her a drink. She agrees. He opens the box and reveals a mere typewriter. She is confused. He gets up to leave and she asks about the drink. He tells her he will get her the drink another time.

Mary Margaret realizes David is surprised and has not been trying to have a child with Katherine. The weather clears and she rushes outside with the bird. She is delighted to see the flock. They did not leave the pigeon behind. She releases the bird. She and David share the moment. He tries to grab her hand but she won’t let him. She is still hurt he chose Katherine.

David is home. He and Katherine have a talk. She reveals she knows he is not happy and neither is she. He is distant. She tells him she had thought she was pregnant and is happy she is not.

Their marriage needs a lot of work. He agrees with her and tells her he is willing to work on it with her. She suggests counseling and he agrees. We flash to the next morning. David anxiously stares at the clock. Instead of heading out for coffee he suggests he and Katherine have breakfast together.
Emma sits down for breakfast with Mary Margaret. Mary Margaret is distracted by the clock.

On the street David and Mary Margaret meet. They admit they were both trying to avoid each other. He reveals that Katherine is not pregnant. They kiss…for a long time. I am in my car and see this. I am seething.

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