Episode 1 – ‘Heart of the Truest Believer’

11 Years Ago

Emma goes into labor as a prison guard stands in the doorway.  She gives birth and does not want the doctor to hand her the baby.  She makes it clear that she cannot be a mother.  Emma cries.

The Enchanted Forest

Neal wakes up.  He is surrounded by Aurora, Mulan and Philip.  He admits he once lived in the Enchanted Forest.  At first they do not believe him because of his clothes.  Then he mentions Henry and Emma.  This catches their attention.  Once Aurora realizes he is Henry’s father she offers to help and explains they may be able to reach each other because she was once under a sleeping spell.

Neal explains to Mulan how he came through a portal.  He tells her that in the other land that people believe they are fairy tale characters.  He even tells her a movie has been made about her life.  Aurora awakens and apologizes that she could not reach out to anyone.  Neal tells them he believes his father would have left something useful for this situation at his castle.  They ask who his father is.  Neal tells them he is the son of Rumpelstiltskin.

Mulan asks Neal why Emma never mentioned him.  He admits that he broke her heart so she could fulfill her destiny and break the curse but was too afraid to face her afterward.  Mulan relates and tells him his fear of rejection was stronger than his belief in love.

They finally reach the castle which is in shambles.   A man comes out and accuses them of trespassing.  Neal explains that he is Baelfire the son of Rumpel.  The man introduces himself as Robin Hood and agrees he will let them look around.  Neal finds a cane and waves it around.  The cane has been used as a cloaking spell and a secret room opens.  He offers for Mulan and Robin to explore with him.  They find a globe.  Neal touches it and is disappointed when nothing happens.  Mulan tells him to concentrate on Emma.  Emma appears in the globe.  Neal is distressed as it looks like she is in Neverland.

The Ship

The ship makes its way through the portal.  Finally after a rough ride it ends up at sea.  Hook tells me that he has a plan.  Then he tells me it is ironic he left Neverland to pursue Rumpel who is now on the ship with him heading back.  I tell Hook that Greg called me a villain and that we villains don’t get happy endings.

Mary and David make their way over to Emma to console her.  They tell her that what has happened to Henry and Neal is not her fault.  Emma snaps at them and tells them she blames them and not herself.  She admits she is tired over their optimistic ‘good always wins’ attitude.  She feels she should have taken Henry and never broken the curse.  They try to offer parental wisdom and Emma cuts them off.  She reminds them because of the curse they are the same age and she does not want to hear it.

Hook interrupts everyone with an observation that Mr. Gold/Rumpel had a wardrobe change.  Rumpel is dressed in his old ‘Dark One’ attire.  Rumpel announces that he plans to retrieve Henry himself.  Emma argues with him.  He tells her she does not have the imagination or faith to find Henry in Neverland.   Rumpel vanishes leaving his walking stick behind.

Emma goes to her room to do pull ups.  Hook finds her and tells her he has something for her.  He gives her Neal’s sword.  They share a drink in Neal’s honor.

Later the ride becomes choppy as though the boat is being thrashed around.  It is discovered there are mermaids in the water.  David begins shooting at the water.  Mary and Emma prepare a net to catch them.  Hook continues to take control of the ship.  I finally have had enough and throw flames at the water.  The mermaids disappear except for the one that was captured.  She is brought upon the ship and flops around.  The mermaid has a conch and blows into it.  We do not know what this means but she warns we will let her go or die.

The group argues over what to do with this fish.  I want to kill her.  Of course Mary wants to set her free.  The mermaid tells us we kill ourselves.  We argue so much we do not realize her conch started a storm.  David holds a sword to her throat.  I am delighted we are on the same page until he has a change of heart from the looks he gets from Mary and Emma.  I turn that smirking mermaid into wood.  The storm seems to end but suddenly a tsunami-like wave is heading for us.

Emma and Hook frantically steer the boat.  I end up in a physical fight with Mary.  David and Hook begin fighting as well.  Emma tries to get everyone to stop but no one will listen.  Out of frustration Emma jumps off the ship but a piece of the boat falls off and knocks her unconscious under water.  The fighting stops as we try to make out Emma in the water.  With a rope around his waist David goes in the water to find her.  Once he has her we pull him back on the ship.  Emma wakes up.  The storm passes.

We have finally made it to Neverland.  No one gets along so we all want to do our own thing.  Emma takes control and says this is a time where everyone must coexist and work together.  She declares herself the leader.


Henry lands on a beach.  Henry warns Tamara and Greg that his mothers will find him.  They tell him he is in Neverland and they are there to destroy the motherload of magic.  Henry asks if their boss gave them a way to get home.  He can see on their faces they do not know.  Tamara is confused when she realizes her communication device to her boss is a mere toy.

Greg and Tamara begin to realize that they have been abandoned.  They are approached by a group and Henry tells them they are the Lost Boys.  Greg and Tamara find out that they have been pawns.  They try to escape but a shadow kills Greg.  Tamara is shot down with an arrow.  Henry is chased but comes across another boy who wants to help him.

The boy explains that Pan wants him because he tried to fly away with pixie dust and it did not work.  Henry tells him his family will help them when they arrive.  The boy does not believe anyone’s family can save them.  Henry explains his is a different one.  They head for the Echo Caves which is the one place that cannot be tracked.

Rumpel finds Tamara.  He asks where Henry is.  She tells him what happened and how she told Henry to run.  She apologizes and explains she did not know she she was being used by Pan.  She apologizes for Neal.  Rumpel reaches into her chest.  He takes her heart and crushes it to dust.

The path is blocked to the Echo Caves.  Henry takes the boy’s pixie dust.  He tells the boy he believes and to hold on.  Henry uses the dust and they fly.

Rumpel is approached by one of the Boys.  He is told he is always welcome in Neverland but not to take Henry.  Rumpel makes it clear that is his intention.  The boy goes to leave but gives Rumpel a faceless doll.  The doll evokes a strong emotion in Rumpel who is brought to tears.

Once Henry and the fugitive boy reach their destination the boy’s demeanor changes.  He reveals that he is Peter Pan.  Henry is hurt and confused.  Pan explains he essentially wants Henry as a possession because Henry has the heart of the truest believer of all time.  Pan pulls a knife on him.  Henry finds himself surrounded by the Lost Boys.


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  1. WOW!!! Talk about a makeover!!! I thought I was at the wrong place untill I started looking around the place. It looks real nice. I thought it was a pretty good episode too. What did you think about Rumpty Dumpty crushing Tomorrow’s heart??? Just wondering if you thought she deserved it or not. I feel kind of mixed about it. I also wonder what the beef is between Pan and Rumpty??? Also that doll that made him cry was kind of freaky too. So anyways the site looks great. Real professional looking…..

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