Episode 1: ‘Dark Swan’ Recap

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Once Upon a Time Season 5 Episode 1

Dark Swan

Years Ago

Emma was a small child in the movie theater. She stole a candy bar from a woman and sat down a few rows away. She watched a cartoon version of King Arthur and began unwrapping the treat when an usher sat next to her. He knew her name and told her one day she will have the opportunity to take the sword. He warned her not to take it, and then disappeared.


Arthur and his men found a sword in the stone. They watched a suitor attempt to take the sword, and then turn to dust. Arthur was reluctant to grab the sword. Despite his fears, he grabbed the sword and pulled it from the rock. Arthur and his men were shocked to learn that part of the Excalibur was missing.


The Dark One’s sword matched the missing piece of Excalibur. Hook was desperate and attempted to summon Emma. When she did not appear, I (Regina) declare that she must not be in our world.

We head to Gold’s shop. Mother Superior was caring for the dying Apprentice. He was too weak to bring us to Emma but gave us a wand that can work with light and dark magic. With that, he passed away. I attempted to open a portal and cannot. Hook told me because I have become soft I have lost my edge.

Belle looks at Mr. Gold, who was still in a coma. She did not want to leave if he died. Mother Superior gave her a rose that linked her to him.

We visited Zelena to reason with her and see if she may help us. She was amused and will not help us unless we remove her cuff that stopped her magic. That was too risky.

Hook was desperate. He talked Henry into helping him get to Zelena alone. She tricked Hook and cuts off her hand. Leaving the cuff on the ground, she reattached her hand and escaped. When Hook told us what happened, I was furious. I do believe I know where we can find her.

Zelena impersonated me and went to Robin. Once she kisses him, he can tell she is a fraud. She revealed herself. Zelena met us by using Robin as a bargaining chip for the wand. Everyone begged of me to not give up our only way to reach Emma. I gave her the wand, and she released Robin. Zelena told us she would create a portal to Oz and go back to raise the unborn child. I allowed her to create the portal because it would weaken her powers. Once I saw the opportunity, I cuffed her.

We used the portal to find Emma.

We directed the portal to Granny’s Diner. Others from Storybrooke, including some of the dwarfs, wanted to help.

Enchanted Forest

Emma appeared from the black goo. Rumpelstiltskin appeared in her head. He wanted to teach her, but she was resistant. He tricked her a few times into using her powers which frightened Emma.

Emma must find Merlin. She will use the Will o’ the Wisp. She chased it, but another woman caught it first. Merida told her she needed the Wisp to save her brothers. The women faced off. Rumpelstiltskin tried to persuade Emma into killing Merida, but she resisted. They traveled together and made camp. Emma believed Merida to be asleep and spoke with Rumpelstiltskin. He told her that once Merida used the Wisp it will be useless, and she will never find Merlin. Merida was awake and heard Emma talking to herself. The next morning Emma realized Merida was gone.

She found Merida, who tried to kill her with a bow and arrow. Emma was shocked at how easily she can defeat her by snatching each flying arrow. She pulled out Merida’s heart and were about to crush it until her family showed up. We talked her out of it. Emma gave Merida her heart back. She also gave me the dagger to protect.

We are later met by King Arthur and his men. They told us that they expected us as part of a prophecy. The prophecy revealed Emma will reunite them with Merlin.

Storybrooke 6 Weeks Later…

Granny’s Diner was transported back to Storybrooke. We were all dressed in clothing from Camelot including Zelena. The acting sheriff from while we were gone tells us six weeks have past. No one has any memory of what happened over this time frame.

Hook asked where Emma was. She appeared, but she has changed. Emma has embraced her darkness. All she told us is that we failed to save her. She demonstrated her evil by turning the sheriff to stone. She was angry at all of us including her parents and her once beloved Hook.

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