Episode 1: Broken

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Fairytale Land

Prince Philip arrives with a knight whose face is mostly covered. He cuts through vines until his sleeping beauty is revealed. At last, Prince Philip leans in and kisses the sleeping Princess Aurora. She opens her eyes. Aurora is happy yet disoriented. She wants to know what she has missed and news of Malicifent. Philip assures her she is safe of Malificent but things have changed in the kingdom that he will have to explain.

The knight is seen giving privacy to the couple. Suddenly a creature emerges from the ground. The creature is a smoky black energy. As the creature tries to attack the knight, Philip rushes to the rescue. The creature departs but leaves behind a medallion.

The knight removes her mask. Aurora is stunned to find it is a woman. The woman introduces herself as Mulan. They assure Aurora that they have helped each other in battle and Mulan has been helping Philip search for Aurora. Mulan explains the creature is a Rafe…a soul-sucking monster. She says they are safe because none of them were marked. As they leave to begin their journey, Philip does not tell them two women that he clutched the medallion and is now marked.

As the trio heads into the forest Mulan suggests they stop for the night. Aurora does not want to sleep. She senses something is not right with Philip and he assures her he just missed her. He kisses her and promises to return in five minutes. As he turns away, he has a tear in his eye.

Mulan and Aurora hear the beast. Mulan reveals to Aurora that Philip must have left because he is marked and did not tell them. She vows to save him but does not want to take Aurora with her. Aurora pleads to go but Mulan tells her she must keep her safe because that is what Philip wants.

Aurora catches up with Mulan on horseback. Aurora confronts Mulan that she is secretly in love with Philip. Mulan denies the allegation stating that they are close because they have done battle together.

The two women find Philip waiting for the Rafe with fire. He urges them to leave. He tells them he must let the Rafe take him as he is marked and it is the only way to keep them both safe. Philip tells Aurora that he loves her. The Rafe finds them and sucks up Philip’s soul. Aurora kneels before his lifeless body in tears.

Aurora and Mulan take Philip’s body back to the palace. There Mulan wraps the medallion in cloth and gives it to Aurora. Mulan tells Auora that they must leave. She explains that things have changed while Aurora slept. Mulan tells her of the Evil Queen Regina and how the Queen cursed the land. For whatever reason their part of the land was not shifted out of their world but they were frozen for 28 years. Something broke the curse and woke them up, it was then Philip, and Mulan continued the search for the sleeping princess. The two women are about to leave for the safe haven when they come across a pile of rubble. Mulan moves apart the rubble. Emma and Mary lay unconscious.


So, we are welcomed back with a post card from Storybrooke.

David and Mary are in the street. They see Ruby and her grandmother. Everyone knows who they are and they all hug. The dwarfs are back together and bow before Mary now that they remember she is their beloved Snow White. Mary spots Emma and tearfully embraces her. She wants to talk to her now as a mother would to a daughter. Emma is still in shock and not comfortable with the situation. David joins in on the hug. Henry arrives at the scene and calls David his grandpa. David is delighted. One of the dwarfs asks why they are still there. The Blue Fairy joins them still dressed as a nun. She tells them that without her wand she cannot help them, as she has no magic. They want to confront me but Emma knows that Gold is responsible.

Gold stands by the well with Belle and wants to know what happened to her. She admits that I had abducted her and kept her locked in an asylum. She makes Gold promise not to kill me even though he is angry. He promises Belle and kisses her.

As Emma and her group walk toward Gold’s shop Mary wants to catch up. Emma reveals she is not ready. She still feels like an abandoned child after all these years. An angry mob runs by. Archie tells Emma and the group that the mob wants to kill me. Dr. Whale has riled everyone up. Henry pleads with them to save me as I am his mother.

Gold takes Belle to his shop. He wants her to change into clean clothes that are not from the asylum. He heads to the back of the shop and pulls out the same medallion that summons the Rafe.

I open the door to the mob. At this point, I had seen the purple smoke and believe that I have my magic back. Dr. Whale is in my face and everyone cowers as I try to demonstrate my magic. I am just as shocked as they are when nothing happens. Just as they are about to get me I am surprised to see Emma, Mary and David come to stop them. Dr. Whale gets confrontational with David and tells him he is not his prince. David asks him who he really is and Dr. Whale does not tell him.

I am taken to the jail and put in Mary’s old cell. Once I am left alone Gold arrives. He tells me that he knows what I did to Belle. He grabs my hand out of the cell and I feel something burning. Gold has marked me with the medallion. As he leaves he promises me that I will suffer. Once Gold leaves he takes the medallion to the woods and places it in the grass. He stands over it with his dagger and stabs the ground. A Rafe is released. At that moment I am in my cell and can feel something happening. I look at my marked hand.

Emma tells Mary and David that she is not ready to be a family. They explain they gave her away to protect her so the curse could be broken. She is resentful. They make it to Gold’s shop. Gold twists Emma’s words around and tells her that she should be thanking him that Henry is safe and that she has her family now. Just then a noise is heard outside. Gold explains that this is the next part of his gift and that I will be taken care of. As they turn to leave he reminds Emma she owes him a favor. The group is gone and Belle emerges from the back of the store. She expresses disappointment in Gold and leaves him. He tells her he is sorry but she will not listen.

The monster is at my jail cell. I have no where to go. It begins sucking my soul out. Emma, Mary and David come to my rescue. They get rid of the Rafe. I tell them it will be back. David suggests they just let it take me after all the harm I have caused. Emma reminds him of the promise to Henry. I am surprised and touched to hear that after everything Henry cares for me.

We go to my house and I reveal the magic hat. Emma is surprised to see it and immediately knows that this it is the hat Jefferson was looking for. I ask her again, about what Henry said. We plan to use the hat to trap the Rafe and send it to one of the barren lands. Once the Rafe arrives, Mary sets a fire to the banister and I cannot get the hat to work. Finally the hat works. Once the portal opens, the Rafe comes at me. I move and it is sucked inside. At the same time Emma ends up in the portal as well. Mary does not want to lose her so she follows her into the hat. David tries to follow but the portal has closed.

David and I face off as he tells me he should kill me. I have some magic now. I use vines to trap him to the wall. I tell him I want to kill him and at that moment, Henry arrives with Ruby. I rush to Henry who demands to know what became of Emma and Mary. David breaks free. Henry tells me everyone was right about me and he wants nothing to do with me until I get Mary and Emma back. He leaves with David.

Belle returns to Gold. He tells her that is better that she leave because he really is a monster. She doesn’t want to leave him and tells him that is why she should stay.

Henry and David are back at Mary’s apartment. David assures Henry that they are alive and that he will find them. He promises he always does.

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