Elsa Makes her Presence Known in Storybrooke (VIDEO)


The masterminds behind our favorite television show, “Once Upon a Time,” has released a teaser for the upcoming season. The short clip showed us the residents’ first impression when they met Elsa. From what we could tell, it wasn’t a very warm welcome. However, we still have no idea how the Storybrooke residents are going to accept, if they do, this beautiful ice queen.

In the teaser, Elsa walked through Storybrooke. She passed all the landmark hangouts like Granny’s diner and Mr. Gold’s shop. She left a cold, frozen mark. Naturally, her uninvited presence left everyone on edge. Even with Elsa’s face not shown, her alarming threat was powerful enough to get Regina/Evil Queen (Lana Parrilla) the feeling to prepare for the coming wrath. As Elsa passed Regina, we heard Regina say, “Here we go again[…]”

Emma (Jennifer Morrison) had a different feel to Elsa’s presence. In her signature jacket, she said, “Really?”

“Once Upon a Time” will return Sunday, Sept. 28 on ABC.

Check out the new “Frozen” teaser here.

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