Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz Talk Finale & Season Two

Eddy Kitsis - Adam Horowitz

WonderCon 2012 – Panel Questions

Eddy Kitsis and Adam Horowitz offer a delightful treat to the avid Once Upon a Time fans by participating in a Q&A session. During the Q&A, some OMG spoilers were released.


The producers exposed that The Huntsman would return in the season finale! Eddy joked by warning how handsome he has grown since the murder of Sheriff Graham took place. Kitsis went on to say what an amazing actor Jamie Dornan is and how exciting it will be to see The Huntsman return in the finale.

The crowd started cheering at the event for some time after the news (Omg, I am right now!)

Eddy & Adam, the former LOST writers, also told the crowd they have strategically inserted some amazing Easter eggs throughout the series. They are going to continue to slip in these delightful treats to keep fans on their toes. The next LOST referenced was hinted by Eddy telling us to, “look up in the air” for the upcoming episode.

If this was not exciting enough, the producers told a few new characters we could expect to see for season two:

  • Rapunzel
  • Mulan
  • Ariel

Going beyond this season, we also learn who Dr. Whale is. They expect this to be a big “a-ha moment.”

Not to make any assumptions, but we have heard them say this once before when we questioned who Henry’s father is. Could it be? What do you think?

Exclusive Interview

How do the producers keep everything organized with so many storylines and characters involved?

Eddy said it is not simple. In the writer’s room, there is a timeline that continuously gets added and basically they are building a bible.

Are there any obstacles of having Emma as the “savior,” especially when the audience knows Henry is correct about the book?

Eddy responded with it is a challenge. This also leaves the audience to wonder how Emma could not believe. It makes things difficult, but it should be that way.
Adam said if she believed right away, then the audience would scream foul. It is a lot to take in and absorb. Emma’s journey has to show the audience it is going to a big one.

Eddy continued to say it has to be a big one for us as well.

There has been amazing guest stars – Alan Dale, Giancarlo Esposito and Richard Schiff. When developing these characters, are these actors in mind for the role already?

Eddy said yeah, a perfect example is Regina’s mother that is coming up soon. Barbara Hershey is playing this role. Giancarlo, him and Adam loved from Breaking Bad. Alan Dale and Emilie we already had a relationship with because of LOST. So often, the guest stars come to mind immediately. We almost scream at moments like OMG! This person would be perfect for this character!

Adam mentioned how the entire process is completely collaborative. The process is developing the character, what the talent can bring and character experience for the audience. In the end, you just hope that the final piece is more than expected.

So where does this leave us for Once Upon a Time, season two? Adam said,

“Our feeling is there’s a reason these stories have been told in so many different ways, in so many different cultures and in so many different times. There is something about them that is magical, that just touches us all. We’re just trying to tell our own versions.”

When will season two of Once Upon a Time air?

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  1. cant wait for season finale! the weird thing is there wont be a happily ever after for some of the characters. im still waiting for snow to get poisoned though.


    1. Rapunzel is a story by the brothers Grimm about a girl with looooooooooooooooooong hair that is being held captive in a tower by a witch. And rapunzel lets her long hair down the tower to get the witch up, whenever the witch wants to get into the tower. One day a prince comes by and wants to be with Rapunzel but the witch cuts off Rapunzels hair, and hurting the prince.. It ends with the withch being imprisoned herself in the tower, and Rapunzel and the prince get to be together 🙂 Disney have recently made a movie (cartoon) based on this fairytale, called Tangled :)Its a great movie !

  2. Mulan, Ariel!! this goes beyond classic fairy tales,now we are starting to get into the old generation Disney movies, which as cool as it sounds, i believe will take away from the show, rather then add to it.i think it would be cool to see Regina get to a point where she is forced to start using magic in her new world to level the playing field. and then see a point where Emma figures it all out, so it becomes like a Regina V.S Emma thing (where Emma is all alone on this one), or even a world where Emma does break the curse, and everyone realizes their true identities,however remain stuck in that world, with all secretes revealed, the new mystery becomes how to escape Storybrook and Re-enter their world. Perhaps the answer is in the old mine shaft (the shattered Mirror??)

    1. Uhmm… As most other Disney movies Mulan and the Little Mermaid is both based on fairytales. Mulan is an ancient chines story which is much older than most european fairytale. The only reason you can say that the Little Mermaid differs from classic fairytales is that there is a known writer. His name was H. C. Anderson. If you like the movie you should really read the original story. It’s absolutely beautiful, sadly Disney made a lot of changes is the movie. Just to point out there are many other characters in storybrook which has Disney-movies ex. Snow white, Benjamin Cricket, Cinderella and more :).

      1. Given that ABC is owned by disney, i feel we will be seeing alot more of our favorite disney characters.
        I read we may be seeing Aladin. As for “Little mirmaid” I see we will be seeing a swimmer… makes scene seeing as how else will they make a modern world mirmaid?

        1. I could see them going with a girl who cant speak for Ariel hoping they bring in ursula too… I really hope they bring in more villians the next season maybe a big good vs evil situation….

      2. Most of the stories in this also have known writers, being the Brothers Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm (at least, I believe they’re their first names, but nonetheless, Brothers Grimm).

        But as Disney has a stake in this, it would surprise me if they started fishing outside their own film history pond before tackling another. They’ve still yet to reveal Sleeping Beauty (even though Malificent is revealed), Rapunzel, Peter Pan, Ariel, Alice (though we do have the Mad Hatter) and heaps of others.

        I’m interested to know if the fairies will regain their magical skills and, if so, will Pinocchio/Boothe be brought back to life?

      1. No, she didn’t turn into foam.
        That was the bitter end for all mermaids but “ariel” did actually become a “Daughter of the winds” if I recall correctly.

        1. i think it depends on the story your talking about because in the very fist one she did turn into the foam of the sea

  3. In the season finale, the moment I saw the guard with bow and arrow, I automatically shout “THE HUNTSMAN!!!!”.. LOL.. Btw, can’t wait for season 2..!!!!

  4. Ariel is not a fairytale, she dies so where’s the happy ending and true love there, she was also not written the the original fairytale writers (the Grimm brothers) and Mulan is so far away from a fairytale that finding out she’s in season 2 kinda annoyed me. I also don’t understand Peter Pan being in the next season as the end of that story isn’t a fairytale ending. Then I suppose if they used Alice in Wonderland characters when that’s not a fairytale, then they can use the above named without question. Probably shouldn’t use the line ‘where fairytales come to life’ though, because as previously stated THEY’RE NOT ALL FAIRYTALES

    1. Peter Pan is no longer going to be in season two. They had rights issues, so they are leaving him and Captain Hook out.

      1. Shame they dont have rights issues with Mulan being in it. Ariel I can tolerate but Mulan is just a bit ridiculous.

        1. Have a open mind she might be Rumple’s wife mother of his son. She might joined the army to defend his honor once they found out she was female they killed her.

    2. They are using Disney’s “fairy tails” if you have seen it as a child by disney you will most likely see it sooner or later on Once upon a time… I hear Aladin will be seen at some point…

    3. The Brothers Grimm don’t have a monopoly on fairytales. A fairytale is one which is of mystical and mythical origins containing fantastical elements. Yes, mostly in western culture, Snow White and Cinderella are at the forefront, but that doesn’t mean Peter Pan (arguably the youngest of the fairy tales around) and Mulan (unarguably the oldest of the discussed stories) belong elsewhere. And for note, Snow White was adapted into its best known story by the Grimms, not created or invented by them. She was already a folklore character for hundreds of years before they were born, and expected to have been Russian in origin. Also, it was Walt D who added the seven dwarves names we all know and love.

      BTW: The genie in the lamp wasn’t a Grimm tale either, it’s an ancient Arabic legend. Ironically, it bears more credit as a piece of fiction in our technologically advanced age.

      It would be almost easy to put the works of the Brothers Grimm as a monopoly, given the enormous amount you could use (Tom Thumb, Jack and the Beanstalk, the Emperor’s New Clothes, etc etc). Oddly, they’ve expanded King Midas’ story and given his daughter IRL the name Catherine and her husband in fairytale land the name Frederick (one of my favourite Grimm tales is Catherine and Frederick).

  5. First of all who said every Disney hero is by Grimm Brothers?! And oh yeah who also said that every disney cartoon was once just a fairy tale. It might have been a myth/legend
    If we look Grimm: Those would be Snow white&7 dwarves, Hansel&Gretel, Little red riding hood=>also Perault story, Rumplestillskin, Rapunzel
    Perault: Cinderella=> By the way Cinderella also has a Grimm story Those are from children books
    Colodi: Pinnochio
    Barrie: Peter Pan More of a book for youth
    Lewis Carol: Alice in Wonderland a book for youth or young adults more than children
    The Little Mermaid was by Hans Christian Andersen and yes it’s not one of his happy ending stories but is a fairytale character
    Mulan a story of which is very popular in Asia => by type more of a legend
    Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve is the original author of Beauty and the Beast again a fairytale
    Djini from Agrabah=> Aladdin=>1001 night fairytales
    Pongo=>101 dalmatians by Dodie Smith

    Second of all why does everyone assume that the Siren in Fairytale world was Ariel? If you haven’t noticed we are getting mixed the whole imaginative world here Myths in which we can you won ‘t believe find the sirens / mermaids are in it.(even in greek mythology they couldn’t say if was the other part->from face down a fish tail or were they 3/4 birds=>but the ending was usually the same for the sailors). Sure many of the fairytales were filmed by Disney or W.D.Pictures but also we are people and tend to label fictional charecters as fairytale characters if it’s that Sleeping Beauty, Harry Potter, Robin Hood, King Arthur or even Sherlock Holmes. By the way the city is called Storybrook so they have freedom from greek/british legends through nursery rhymes and children books to books for youth and young adults. Because every type they choose has a story. So if they would choose for next character to find to be The Little Prince(Saint-Exupery) you can’t say it’s not a story character it’s hard to even say it’s not a fairytale character but deffinitely he is a fictional character. The human factor here exists and like I said the town is called Storybrooke so STORY being a part of the name execuses every fictional character we can think of here Disney or No Disney Character. But I really hope we won’t see Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck here. I totally understand why Mulan because she perfectly fits in the feministic frame of Once upon a time. Think about it the girl who pretended to be a boy to go to battle as a mighty female warrior. And I Like it that the stories aren’t all so sweet you can put your bowl under the TV and have a diabetes disease for life. I love the show to authors try to go outside the safe Disney line(like you did with Hansel and Gretel). Really Can’t wait for season 2.

    1. I think you need to calm down, it’s a tv series so a lot has been left unanswered so a lot of what people say is speculation and no-one said that ONLY the grimm brother stories are fairytales.

    2. I agree with you 100% They wont be seen im guessing but take for instance Hercules… THAT wasn’t a childrens fairy tail.. it was a story based on greek myth and legend… made into a disney movie FOR children…
      I for one can’t wait to see Ariel… I think it will be interesting to see how they write her into Storybrooke…

      1. but you are forgeting that he leaved when he put the bean on the floor that went to a world without magic by the fairy

    1. for all of you who say it should only be fairytails its called storybrock not fairybrock so get over it becuse when they use disney movie i like it becuse i know what going on

  6. It’s funny how everyone keeps repeting “the grimm brothers fairytale” as if they wrote them. The only thing the Grimm brothers did was collect a bunch of classical fairytales and turned it into a book…..

          1. it was a lot to read i should have read it all fist it would have made more since sorry

  7. Not all fairy tails are by the brother Girmm. Once upon a time is actally based on the disney movies… Not the Grimm versions of tails… Disney classics always ended with happy endings…

    Once upon a time is shown on ABC… ABC is owned by Disney… little peny for your thoughts…

    1. how about we say that Disney reads a fairy-tail (a normal fairytale) then Disney twists it and makes a movie next a show comes alone they read the normal fairytale then the Disney version combines and twists them that’s how they get the ideal for the show who really cares its a good show that’s all that matters

  8. I have a feeling that Henry’s father is going to turn out to be Baelfire, making Henry – Rumplestiltskin’s grandson! 🙂

  9. people need to understand that Once Upon A Time is not based on Disney characters. It is just based on fairy tales. Just wanting to clear that up, seeing as a lot of people who are commenting keep referring to Disney..

    Awesome show! And can’t wait till season 2!

    Should be sometime in September or October 2012.

    1. dose it even matter its a good show i like what they do i think they take all the versions and just mix them to be hones

  10. I’d like to see the Pied Piper woven in there somehow. Not sure how it could be done, but I think it would be interesting 🙂

      1. (lute player, rats, children etc)google it…

        has anyone thought of these worlds as connected realms much like parallel universes?

        Basically how the mad hatter (Jefferson) can travel between the worlds of fairytale and wonderland: Rumple has just opened the connection between the worlds making it possible that not only fairytale characters but storybook characters of any kind would now have access to storybrooke.

        The simple fact alone that Jefferson is supposedly in this show originally from fairytale land and just trapped in wonderland for a time i.e. they can suggest that any character transends the books or films they are depicted in and originated from this land. Making it possible for Ariel, Mulan etc to be involved in the next series. You could even have hunchback of notre dame as the controller of the town clock..it doesnt have to be brothers grimm or disney.

        Anythings possible with this show.

        1. i wish the lion king could be in it even if it wasn’t a fair-tail i love that movie and i like the story of Peter Pan just not the movie so if they put in Peter Pan i hop its better then the movie

  11. I wonder if the producers of “Once Upon a Time”, when they speak of working in Vancouver, B.C. and praising to the skies the wondrous crews up there in all elements, even (gasp!) rain and wind!!!!

    Having worked on crews in Washington State for thirty years, I can attest to the professional level of the film community in the Pacific Northwest INSIDE THE UNITED STATES!

    Your effusive praise of the Canadian crews are a HUGE slap in the face for the crews in the Seattle/Portland area while you fly over us to save money.

    We have lost billions (that’s Billion with a “B”) in income over the past decades while YOU have CREATED a film community for Canada! And not just the principal photographic team with its camera crew, sound, wardrobe, makeup, hair, grips, electricians, location scouts, carpenters, greens keepers, etc., but hotels, restaurants and all the support services infrastructure that are struggling to make ends meet.

    You fly into Seattle with a skeleton crew, shoot 2-3 days of exteriors to establish Seattle as the principle location and then shoot the REST of the movie or series in Vancouver!

    So STOP all this BS about you supporting the cast and crews of the United States all the while knifing us in the backs while we slowly die from starvation. Think I’m exaggerating??

    Enough of the cutsie pie responses to questions about where you choose to shoot! At least be HONEST about your money grubbing ways to line your own pockets at the expense of the invaluable folks who work INSIDE the borders of YOUR country!


  12. i liked it when the mad hatter set bell free but i still don’t know about Rumpelstiltskin is he good are bad or both or what

    1. He is still a beast and a creature of magic. He knows the value of true love yet he would sacrifice everything just to get his magic back. Surely he will become the dark one again. The question is, is he doing this for his son, for emma, for belle or for himself. im inclined to think the latter. he is a selfish being whose only hope of redemption and freedom was his son who he lost.

      It will be interesting to see if baelfire does turn out to be henry’s father, although the chances of emma and baelfire connecting in their real world are staggering especially if the curse and emma didnt exist at the time baelfire left.

      1. it would make since if he was Henry’s father it would connect every thing
        Rumpelstiltskin is bad right maybe if his wife would have stead with him he would be good
        i think he is just blinded by the fact that he wants what is best for his son to much… if that makes any since

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