Cinderella is back in Season 4

jesssy schram - Cinderella - ashley boyd

Do you remember the story of the two wicked stepsisters and a blonde beauty? Yeah, we are talking about Cinderella. Well, it looks like she is back in season four. In the previous seasons, Jessy Schram played Cinderella/Ashley Boyd. Announced yesterday, she will be back!

One exciting piece to this news is that we won’t have to wait long to see her. She will be in episode seven, Snow Queen.

Have you missed Jessy Schram? We sure have!

One thought on “Cinderella is back in Season 4”

  1. I’m so exited to see Cindrella back. I think Red Queen (Anastasia) is one of Cindrella’s step sister. Adam and Eddy said they are trying to bring Ana to season 4B. And now that Wil is in Storybrooke.

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