Can Hook Still Love Emma Without a Heart?


During the last episode, Smash the Mirror, we saw the Dark One rip out Hook’s heart. As we all gasped, this is another person who is affected by the challenges and troubles Emma faces for being “The Savior.” She even almost gave up her powers before Elsa reminded her to love herself.

We believe that Hook/Killian can still love Emma without a heart. In the past, we saw Regina rip out her own heart to avoid being vulnerable. Even when that happened, she still loved Henry and Robin Hood. This leads us to that fact Rumple can tell Hook what to do whenever he wants. However, Hook is in full control when the Dark One is busy doing other things (like lying to Belle!)

At this point, the only thing that we know is Emma does eventually try to help Hook get his heart back. This means that Hook will have to come clean about his recent aid in the Dark One’s evil ways.

What do you think about Emma and Hook’s relationship? Do they even stand a chance with everything going on around them?

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