Belle Betrays Rumplestiltskin in the Worst Way

rumple_Belle_dagger - Family Business

When Rumplestilstkin married Belle, he gave her his dagger. Well, that was what Belle believed that she had. The dagger is what can control the Dark One, and ultimately end his life in the wrong hands. However, it has come to a point that Belle is desperate and used the supposed dagger on Rumple to control him.

We are not quite sure what the relationship between Belle and the Snow Queen have. However, we certainly will learn soon enough in Family Business.

In the sneak peak, Belle decides to have a chat with her new husband about, where the Snow Queen is hiding. Belle asked Rumple to take her to the Snow Queen. However, Rumple knows how strong the Snow Queen is and declines Belle’s request.

Belle reveals a teaser into a dark past that she may have as well. Who would have guessed? Well, she did get all Lacey on us in season two.

She used the dagger to try to control Rumple into taking her. She wants to do this to because,

“I have to fix a mistake that I made a long time ago.”

Check out the preview here:

What do you think Belle did in her past to bring on this forceful demand?

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