Beauty Meet Your Beast!

Sage Brocklebank - Once Upon a Time

Well, Storybrooke fans we officially have a Gaston! In a previous announcement, we revealed that Emile de Ravin, whom we remember as Claire on LOST plays Belle. The next biggest question was, who is playing Gaston?!

Your curiosity can now be satisfied!

Sage Brocklebank won the exciting role as Gaston. Brocklebank is known for his role as Buzz McNab on the hit television series Psych.

Gaston and Belle will be introduced on episode 12 “Skin Deep.” This will add a new adventure to the classic fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast.

The episode is scheduled to air February 12, 2012 at 8pm EST on ABC.

This episode will be highly anticipated by Once Upon a Time fans everywhere because it will give some answers about Rumpelstiltskin. How exciting!

What do you think about the newly anticipated cast? We can wait!

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