An Interview with Colin O’Donoghue About Captain Hook

Captain Hook - Colin O'Donoghue
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Colin O’Donoghue was excited when he moved to Vancouver, Canada to be a part of the Once Upon a Time cast on Season 2. His vision of Captain Hook was not how he expected the character to play out. However, it captured the imagination of all the fans immediately. AccessHollywood had a moment to sit down with O’Donoghue for a little one-on-on.

He was a little taken back when ABC flew him to the set of Once Upon a Time. They showed him Tumblr accounts, fan’s art, and reactions his character had encouraged. When he saw fans who were beginning to form a crush his blue-eyed, youthful rebel take on the infamous fairy tale character, he said that he did not expect it. As his swashbuckler character who mixes a little heart, ruthlessness and a chip on the shoulder, this has brought him tons of fans.

These fans are excited and eagerly sharing their love for O’Donoghue across many social media platforms. Some areas that he even asks his family to not visit. His wife has even pointed out in a joking manner asking if he has seen what they are saying about the handsome Hook. He just responds, “Don’t look at it.”

It is not only O’Donoghue and his family who are enjoying the success. O’Donoghue is in an Ireland-based rock group called The Enemies. In The Enemies, he is a guitarist. He told AccessHollywood how his band mates think it is craic (Irish expression for fun). The band mates just love it.

Along with his success that he is still getting used to, he is also increasing his vocabulary. He learned the word “shipping.” This means of those who dream of seeing characters (or people) getting romantically together. When he set up his Twitter account, he received tweets saying, “Oh, I ship you. I ship this.” He then learned what shipping meant.

Now, onto what he has to say about his romances on screen. Well aside from the romance flashback from Rumplestiltskin’s wife, it seems every time he makes a connection with the ladies, he finds himself tied up. We last saw him where Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison) had left him. She chained him inside the giant’s castle, so she could escape down the beanstalk.

In tonight’s episode, Into the Deep, Hook is still stuck in those chains. Then, Hook comes across Cora (Barbara Hershey). The final statement O’Donoghue had to say about his character was, “I think the thing about Hook is that he will try to figure a way to get out of it, you know what I mean?” He continued to say, “If you’ve noticed, he’s always gotten out of it somehow or another.”

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