ABC’s Once Upon a Time Season Two Confirmed

Season Two - Once upon a time

The question that has been on everyone’s mind for ABC’s Once Upon a Time is: Will there be a season two? It’s official folks! One of the executive producers, Adam Horowitz, has excitedly confirmed that there will indeed be a season two.

There has been a leak of the titles for season two. We are not sure how accurate these titles are, but this is what we have found. Let us know if you heard anything!

  • Episode 1 – The Secret’s Truth
  • Episode 2 – An Isle Fit for All Kings
  • Episode 3 – Say Goodbye to the Sunny Sight

Did you have any doubt this would happen?  We sure didn’t!

7 thoughts on “ABC’s Once Upon a Time Season Two Confirmed”

  1. You’r show is great we love it, my granddaughter and I alway’s watch it. We never miss a episode’s and always waiting for the next! We tell everybody to watch for it, and they won’t be disappointed. Can’t wait next season!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you every much!!!!

  2. I’m confused , may 14th has came and gone and I watched the final episode so when does the next season start

  3. My husband, my kids (4&5) and myself are extremely excited for the return of the show, once upon a time. Were happy and cant wait for it to start. Season one was remarkable.!!

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