The Stranger, Mary Margaret & David, Sheriff Graham, Henry’s Father and More


We have all been asking so many questions about this season so far. Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz have some answers for us. Here we goooo:

Who is the Stranger in Storybrooke? What is he doing with the book?

We have learned The Stranger’s name is August W. Booth. However, to no surprise, these two questions are interconnected deeply. In a later episode, we will learn the consequences of his tampering with the book. In that episode, (we do not know which one yet) we learn a little more about his character.

What we have seen so far is just peeling the first layer of the onion off. We learned a little of whom he is and what his plan in Storybrooke is. However, Kitsis teases that this August has a specific goal, a very specific goal, but we will learn this later on.

Kistsis also said that if you believed this handsome mystery man is the author of Henry’s book, then think again. Who wrote it will not be told in season one; therefore, season two will be more revealing on this subject.

David and Mary Margaret: Is it over or will they get together?

We all have learned it is the Evil Queen’s curse interfering here. The curse has been keeping them apart somehow or someway. However, to break the spell will definitely be a difficult test for them. Kathryn’s disappearance will continue to for a few more episodes. The disappearance will contribute to complications in David and Mary Margaret’s relationship. Horowitz did say they are building something during season one for the secret couple that will be excited to share with the fans…

Any characters coming back? Sheriff Graham?!

Okay Oncer’s, hold on to your seats for this one, there is a possible appearance by Sheriff Graham (Jamie Dornan) is still a possibility according to the producers. Kitsis and Horowitz said they would absolutely love to have the actor back, but the scheduling is something out of their control.

Who is Henry’s Father?

We have heard many theories that have been amazing. However, here are what the producers finally had a comment to this questions. Their answer was this will be revealed further down the line. (ahhh!) Okay the next question is have we seen this character on the show yet? Well, they did not deny or confirm whether this character has appeared. They did say it will be a total “a-ha moment.”

Why does the Evil Queen hate Snow so much?

Kitsis said Episode 18, which will air in April is going to have the answers to this question.

Episode 14: Dreamy SPOILER

Belle - Grumpy - Dreamy - Once Upon a Time
Photo Source: ABC

Will this Sunday’s episode leave us…grumpy? Well, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz had a few things to say about their hit television series.

This Sunday we will see episode 14, Dreamy air at 8pm EST on ABC. Here we will meet the guest star Amy Acker playing a fairy named Nova. This will reveal the history of Snow White’s new pal, Grumpy. The episode will also explain how Grumpy became, well, grumpy.

We will also see our new favorite character Belle (Emilie de Ravin) in a scene with Grumpy. She will have a scene with Grumpy showing us that she is still alive. However, her love, Rumpelstiltskin does not know she is still alive.

According to Kitsis, Rumpelstiltskin will be headed towards more heartache, but this may be appearing towards the end of the season more.

Sebastian Stan Plays Mad Hatter on Once Upon a Time

Sebastian Stan - Mad Hatter - Once Upon a Time - Hat Trick

Sebastian Stan, known from his roles on Captain America and Gossip Girl will appear on episode 17 Hat Trick. ABC has revealed his character will be the Mad Hatter from the classic story of Alice in Wonderland. Edward Kitsis has expressed how amazing Stan has been when filming the episode.

This episode is a spin off from Wonderland. Here, we will learn who the Mad Hatter is and his story. Also, in this episode we will see what Wonderland is and the changes that it holds. It will leave us with many questions about Wonderland.

The episode will air March 25th. In addition, we will see Roger Daltrey from the Who play the voice of the hookah-smoking Caterpillar.

We’re hoping this tells you the story of the Mad Hatter, but also will leave you with questions about Wonderland.

ABC’s Hat Trick spoiler photos:

mad hatter - Sebastian Stan
Photo Source: ABC
mad hatter - Sebastian Stan
Photo Source: ABC

Who is the Stranger in Storybrooke: August W Booth

Many of us have been speculating who The Stranger (Eion Bailey) is that just drove up on his motorcycle into Storybrooke. During a conversation between him and Emma Swan (Jennifer Goodwin) he revealed his character’s name to be August W. Booth.

With that being said, what else can we make of his name?

At first, we assumed The Stranger was going to be playing the big bad wolf in Fairy Tale Land. Now, we are not so sure. With the name August W. Booth, what have we learned so far?

We know August is a slick fellow and certainly has some tricks up his sleeves. We can make this assumption because he took some pages out of Henry’s storybook.

So let us break down a little more about him. He rides a motorcycle, could this be a metaphor for a horse? He wears dark clothes like the dark knight. The bandana is purple, which is the color of royalty.

Now the name… Booth is a surname for temporary shelter such as a stable or barn. August has been known to mean lordly or venerated. August could also mean great or very important. Could this be a prince or king in future episodes? Then the W, could this be a symbol for wolf?

These are our Once Upon a Time theories. What have you come up with?

Eion Baily - Once Upon a Time
Photo Source: ABC
August W Booth - Once Upon a Time
Photo Source: ABC
The Stranger - Once Upon a time
Photo Source: ABC
Once Upon a time - August - Emma
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Episode 14: Dreamy Photos SPOILER

Leroy and Mary Margaret join together help nuns in Storybrooke sell candles during the Miner’s Day festival. However, they formed some secret agreement, which she hopes he can keep to the promise. In the mean time, Emma starts searching for Kathryn since she has disappeared.

In Fairy Tale Land, Grumpy starts for fall for a clumsy fairy (no pun intended).

This episode will air March 4, 2012 on ABC at 8pm EST

Guest cast appearance (in order by actor’s first name):

  • Amy Acker –  Astrid / Nova
  • Beverley Elliott – Granny
  • David Paul Grove – Doc
  • Emilie de Ravin – Belle
  • Gabe Khouth – Mr. Clark/Sneezy
  • Geoff Gustafson – Stealthy
  • Giancarlo Esposito – Sidney / Magic Mirror
  • Keegan Connor Tracy –  Mother Superior/Blue Fairy
  • Ken Kramer – Bossy
  • Lee Arenberg – Leroy / Grumpy/Dreamy
  • Meghan Ory – Ruby/Red Riding Hood
  • Michael Coleman – Happy
  • Paul Chevreau – Skinny Man
  • Richard Ian Cox – Watchy

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Episode 13: What Happened to Frederick

mary - david
Photo Source: ABC

Fairy Tale Land

A chariot arrives before the King. Out steps the lovely Abigail. Although the King greets her warmly she can hear and sense chaos around her. James is on the run, but the King does not tell her.

James is soon captured and realizes this is not the King’s men. Abigail approaches him and tells him she wants to help him. She knows he loves Snow. She understands and does not love him either.

Abigail and James arrive in Midas’s realm. He questions her motive for helping him. She tells him she is in love with a man named Frederick and they were once supposed to marry. James tells her that Snow does not return his feelings. Abigail takes James to a shrine where a knight made of gold stands. He is impressed by how life like it is and she then explains that is because the knight is Frederick. In battle Frederick had stepped in to defend Midas. The cursed King Midas accidentally turned him to gold and there he stands. Nothing can break this curse but Abigail believes there may be hope if she can get water from a magical lake. She explains to James the lake is guarded by a deadly creature and no one ever defeats it. James vows he will face the creature so at least one of them may be happy. She wants to go too but he tells her he will go alone.

James approaches the lake and summons the creature. A beautiful blonde woman emerges. James tells her he will not fall for her tricks and knows she is a siren. The Siren challenges him by transforming herself into Snow. He knows this is not real but finds her hard to resist as she stays in the form of Snow trying to kiss him. He finally gives in and loses grip of his blade as it slips into the water. He gains his composure and stops her. She is impressed as she tells him he is the first and quickly pushes him into the water. Underwater James sees skeletons and tries to escape. Vines come alive and hold him down. The Siren finds him and kisses him. He finds his blade and stabs her. As she dies the Siren transforms back into the blonde.

James brings water to Abigail. She is excited. She pours the water over Frederick’s head. He transforms back into a living breathing man. She cannot thank James enough and encourages him to seek out Snow White and fight for her. James is inspired and leaves.

We now arrive at a familiar scene in the forest where James runs into Red. This time we see more. Red tells him that Snow does love him and had set out to stop his wedding. At this moment the King shows up. James and Red take off by horse.


David and Katherine are having a tense dinner. She has news for him. She has been accepted into law school…in Boston. She wants them to move.

He meets up with Mary Margaret. She wants him to come clean with Katherine. She tells him he must make a choice.

Emma runs into the Stranger. We find out his name is August. She then goes into the diner and meets up with Mary Margaret. Thinking she is confessing her sins to Emma, Mary Margaret tells her about the affair. Emma tells her she had already figured that one out. She tells Emma that David is going to end things with Katherine and tell her about them.

David comes home to find Katherine looking at places to live in Boston online. He tells her this is not working and she should move without him. He does not come clean about his affair with Mary Margaret.

The Stranger…August…is now engaged in some interesting activity. He is taking Henry’s book of fairy tales apart and sewing in new pages…

I see Henry and apologize for tearing down the playground. I remind him it wasn’t safe and present him with a portable video game as a gift to make up for the loss of his book. He mentions he wants to see Emma. Just then Katherine come walking into my house and is visibly distressed. I tell Henry I will see him at dinner. Katherione cries to me that David does not want to make their marriage work. I tell her about the affair. She is stunned. I mention pictures Sidney had taken that I didn ‘t show to her because I wanted to protect her. She wants to see them. I show her pictures of David and Mary Margaret kissing. Katherine blows up at me and tells me I am not a friend and leaves.

David speaks to Mary Margaret on the phone. He tells her he left Katherine, but does not admit that he left out the part about the affair. Just then Katherine arrives at the school and slaps Mary Margaret in front of the students and anyone else in the area. She then finds out David has not been honest with either of them.

August arrives at the diner and picks up Emma by motorcycle for a date. They go to a wishing well. August tells her that there is a legend about this well. The water comes from a lake where anyone who drinks the water will get back something they had lost. They drink the well water.

Mary Margaret is now being treated as the town tramp. She even finds David cleaning the word TRAMP spray painted in red off her car. She is mad at his lack of honesty and breaks things off with him.

Emma returns from her date centered around water and it’s magic to find a mild flood that only surrounds her car. She finds a box in the water and it is Henry’s book. August watches her hidden around the corner.

Katherine comes back to see me to apologize. I am agitated when she tells me she wants to give up on David. She realizes they are not in love and she should move on because she also wants true love. At first I am upset but quickly think of a way to make this work for me. I encourage her to leave Storybrooke… I later use my keys to get into her house and steal a letter she has left for David.

Emma meets up with Henry on a bench. She gives him his book back. He is excited but warns I will be there soon to pick him up. She then goes back to the apartment to find Mary Margaret sulking in bed. She wants to comfort an unresponsive Mary Margaret.

I open my drawer which happens to have a can of red spray paint in it. I pull out Katherine’s letter and proceed to set it on fire. At the same time Katherine crashes before she can get out of Storybrooke. A man driving sees her car and pulls over to help her, but there is no one in there. Katherine has gone missing…

Watch the full episode here:

Episode 13: What Happened to Frederick SPOILER

Oh, ABC has the spoilers coming like crazy! Here is a synopsis on episode 13: What Happened to Frederick? This is set to air on February 19, 2012

In Storybrooke, David comes clean to Kathryn about how he feels for Mary Margaret. In Fairy Tale Land, Prince charming wants to bail on his fiancée, but agrees to help in a dangerous mission for Abigail. It seems from the pictures there may involve a lady in a lake that morphs into Snow..I am not sure. What do you interpret from the pictures?

Emma Swan
Photo Source: ABC
Emma Swan - Granny
Photo Source: ABC
Mary Margaret
Photo Source: ABC
mary - david
Photo Source: ABC
david - josh
Photo Source: ABC
pogo - archie
Photo Source: ABC
lady in water - once upon a time
Photo Source: ABC
lady - water - once upon a time
Photo Source: ABC
john dallas - lady in water
Photo Source: ABC
prince charming - lady water
Photo Source: ABC
snow white - water
Photo Source: ABC
snow white - water
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snow white - prince charming - water
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snow white - prince charming - kiss
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snow white - prince charming - water - fight
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Preview here:

Episode 12: Skin Deep

Girl's Night Out - Once Upon a Time ABC
Photo Source: ABC

Fairy Tale Land

Tonight we have a love story in honor of Valentine’s Day.  Our story starts off in a castle where a kingdom is in disarray.  Rumpelstiltskin shows up to make a deal with the King.  The King has offered him gold but this is of no use to him.  Rumpelstiltskin can weave his own gold.  He tells the King he will help in exchange for the services of the King’s lovely daughter Belle.  He clarifies that he does not seek romance but someone to do his housekeeping.  Despite protests from her father and fiance Gaston, Belle agrees to leave with him.  When they arrive at his home, she is sent to her living quarters…a dungeon.

A strange attraction seems to be developing between these two.  Even though Rumpelstiltskin keeps her as his slave, she tries talking to him and is friendly.  He enjoys this.  One day while serving him tea, she accidentally chips a cup.  He tells her not to worry as it is nothing more than a cup.  On another occasion, she opens his curtains that he had nailed shut so that they may get some light in the manor.  She falls and he catches her.  They share a moment but do not kiss.

Belle is curious about who he was before he became the beast he thinks himself to be.  She wants to know about the family he once had.  He admits he had a wife and son and lost them.  She tells him he is not a monster.

Gaston arrives at the manor to demand Belle’s release.  With a quick use of magic Rumpelstiltskin transforms the man into a rose that he later presents to Belle.  He tells her the company at the door was just an old woman peddling flowers.  He then asks Belle why she agreed to come with him.  Belle admits that she wanted to be a hero.  Women do not usually get the opportunity.  She also admits she and Gaston were to be in an arranged marriage and she was did not love him.  With this information, Rumpelstiltskin surprises her by telling her he would like her to go to town for straw.  He admits he does not believe she will return to him.

Belle walks through the woods.  A carriage pulls up to her.  It is me the Queen.  I tell her I want to walk with her.  We talk and I tell her that true love can break any curse.  I know she is in love with her master and she must kiss him to see if he really loves her.  If he does, he will turn back into an ordinary man.

Later Rumpelstiltskin is both excited and delighted to see Belle has returned to him.  He admits to her that he is happy.  She asks again about his son.  She admits to him she almost did not come back.  They finally kiss and Rumpelstiltskin feels himself start to change.  She is excited and tells him any curse can be broken by true love.  He quickly angers and runs to his mirror.  Belle is confused as he screams at it.  He tells her he is communicating with the Queen who put her up to this to weaken him.  Belle tries to convince him her love is genuine.  He throws her back in the dungeon.  An enraged Rumpelstiltskin breaks things.

Rumpelstiltskin goes to see Belle and tells her he wants her to leave.  She calls him a coward for not wanting to take a chance with her and that he does not believe anyone can love him but she really does.  Still not convinced he tells her he chooses his power over her.  She tells him this is a choice he will come to regret and she leaves.

I decide to pay him a visit.  He accuses me of trying to become more powerful than him.  I toy around with her name until he finally corrects me and says, “Belle.”  To further rouse with him I tell him I have nothing to do with the tragedy.  This has his attention.  I tell him that after she was released she was rejected because of her involvement with him.  Her own father did not want her and had her locked in a tower.  I top the story by telling him she committed suicide by jumping out of the tower.  He accuses me of lying.  After I leave, he pulls out the teacup and weeps.


Mary Margaret and David are at the diner pretending to not be together by sitting at tables across from each other.  Emma and then Ashley join her.  Ashley complains that Sean is so busy working she is always alone with the baby and wants to see him more.  They suggest a girl’s night out which Mary Margaret reluctantly agrees to.

I see Mr. Gold in the street.  I want to talk to him and he refuses.

Mr. Gold has been robbed.  He knows who it is.  It is a flower salesman.  Emma shows up to investigate.  She manages to recover most of Gold’s stolen goods except something that means a lot to him.  He is not satisfied.

Mary Margaret is out for a girl’s night with Ashley and Ruby.  There is a lot of complaining and whining about love.

Gold runs into David in the drug store.  He points out that David is purchasing two Valentine’s Day cards.  He then tells David love is like a delicate flower.  We then see Gold in a van with a man whose mouth is duck taped and he is surrounded by flowers.

Gold leads the man to a cabin at gunpoint.  He takes the duck tape off the man’s mouth.  He wants back what was stolen from him.  He begins abusing the man at first by putting his walking stick in his mouth and choking him.  Then he uses the stick to beat the man.  As he attacks him, he is yelling.  He keeps saying, “she is gone.”  He then smashes the windows.

Sean surprises Ashley at the club.  He brings her flowers and proposes marriage.  Everyone is stunned especially Mary Margaret who was just engaged in a conversation with Ashley about things not being good when you cannot always be with the one you love.  Sean lovingly tells Ashley he took a break from work to see her and do this.  She answers him with a yes and they decide to take a quick drive to be alone for a few minutes before he goes back to his job.

Outside the club Mary Margaret watches the newly engaged couple take off.  David shows up.  He gives her a card.  What seems like something special goes sour when she sees he gave her the card meant for Katherine.  He tries to fix it by giving her the right card but she is too upset.  She turns him away.

Emma is now in front of an ambulance.  The flower sales man is on a stretcher being taken away.  She wants to know whom the woman was that Gold was screaming about.  He will not tell her.  She arrests him.

Gold is in a cell at the police station watching Emma eat.  She reminds him she owes him a favor.  He is not ready to cash in.  I show up with Henry.  I tell Emma she may spend a half of an hour with him and I will stay with Gold.  Once she is gone, we negotiate.  I admit that I put the flower salesman, who is actually Belle’s father in Fairy Tale Land, up to robbing him.  I tell him I want him to say his real name.  He acts confused but I know better.  Finally, the words spill from his lips, “Rumpelstiltskin.”  I am satisfied.  I knew he knew who he was.  I show him the teacup.  He thanks me and then addresses me as, “your majesty.”  We are out in the open with each other now.

Later I decide to visit someone at the hospital.  I see the flower sales man in a wheel chair but it is not him I wish to see.  I go to another floor and present the nurse with a rose.  As I walk the halls, I see mental patients.  I come to a door and open a small flap to see her.  No one comes to visit her.  Belle is alive and sitting right there in the mental ward.  No one knows but me…

Watch the full episode here:

Belle & Rumpelstiltskin’s Story SPOILER

emilie de ravin - skin deep
Photo Source: ABC

In this version of Beauty and the Beast, Emilie de Ravin says this dark fairytale has no singing or dancing clocks. On this Sunday’s episode, de Ravin loses the disheveled wig and crazy looking baby squirrel and transforms into Belle.

de Ravin says, “She’s actually quite a grounded young woman.” She just does not want to do what is expected in the fairy tale world. By expected, she means marry Gaston (Sage Brocklebank) and just sit in the castle, while they have many children.

On this episode, her family is confronted with a challenge. They can save the kingdom in exchange for Belle. Belle decides to go with Rumpelstiltskin because it was always her dream to be the brave one. In this story, she wants to make a sacrifice to save her family, which is different from the original story.

Belle will then try to tame the beast. Well, in this scenario is it the heartless and conniving Rumpelstiltskin. The story goes from being his prisoner to becoming more comfortable around him. This is when Belle realizes he really is not very scary.

She opens up to the idea that there is a different side to him. This starts to scare him when he realizes she notices she is understanding him better. Rumple certainly is not used to letting his wall down whatsoever. In his mind, no one would ever like him, or let alone love him.

de Ravin went on to say they both begin to change. Her character becomes more intrigued to help him and this was a nice twist. Especially, she believed it was going to be a horrific experience once captured.

She ended the interview with reminding us not to expect a happily ever after moment. She will return in later episodes to continue the story of Belle. de Ravin said, “Things don’t always end up happy with a dance or a song.”

Emilie de Ravin Talks about Belle on Once Upon a Time

Belle & Rumple
Photo Source: ABC

Emilie de Ravin talks about playing Belle on Once Upon a Time

This coming Sunday has been an episode that most of us avid fans have been waiting for. On February 12, 2012 at 8pm EST ABC will air episode 12, Skin Deep.

This episode will feature Emilie de Ravin who is playing the role of Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Many of us remember her as Claire on LOST. Emile talked about her experience on set.

*Warning Spoiler Alert Ahead

On the show, Rumpelstiltskin is first recognized as her soul mate. Emile said it was beautiful and slow the way Belle and Rumple begin to fall for each other. At first, she was scared and her demeanor bemused him. Eventually, they develop a more intimate relationship where she can see what others do not.

As most of Once Upon a Time, it tackles most of the classic fairy tales with a twist. This storyline is not fully true to the animation version. However, the basics are in fact similar.

Emilie said Robert Carlyle plays Rumpelstiltskin amazingly. He gives Rumpelstiltskin so much power, but this episode will begin to crumple his walls down. It was scary for him Rumple and Carlyle played it marvelously.

She said it was a little weird to play such a classic and iconic character that has been around for many years. Emilie said there is not other performance that she played, which could ever be compared.

Emilie conversation with Adam Horowitz, the writer, was how they wanted portray Belle as a brave, passionate and non-judgmental character. She is able to see through the rough exteriors and this is exactly what happens with Rumpelstiltskin.

Here are some behind the scene footage:

emilie de ravin - skin deep
Photo Source: ABC
emilie de ravin - skin deep
Photo Source: ABC
emilie de ravin - skin deep
Photo Source: ABC
emilie de ravin - skin deep
Photo Source: ABC
emilie de ravin - skin deep
Photo Source: ABC
emilie de ravin - skin deep
Photo Source: ABC
emilie de ravin - skin deep
Photo Source: ABC
emilie de ravin - skin deep
Photo Source: ABC
emilie de ravin - skin deep
Photo Source: ABC