Episode 22 & 23: ‘Operation Mongoose’ Season Finale

December 1966

Isaac Heller struggles as a TV salesman. He butchers a sale and is pulled away by his boss. His boss taunts him for being a lousy salesman as well as a failed author. He opens a letter addressed to him. It is an invitation to meet a publisher.

Isaac heads to Star Publishing where he meets the Apprentice. The Apprentice asks him to choose a pen that appeals to him. Isaac is confused by this test but he selects the quill and passes. The Apprentice opens a portal. Isaac is stunned. He is told he is chosen to be the next Author.


We look for something in the Sorcerer’s mansion that can help us. August comes and shows us a sketch of the Apprentice. Hook tells us he knows where to find this man. Mother Superior uses the broom and the Hat. She releases the Apprentice. He tells us the only way to stop the Author is to lock him back in his page.

The Author tells Gold to tell him about Baelfire. Gold would like a reality where Bae died believing his father a hero. The Author finishes his book before we can get to him.

Henry wakes up in an empty house. He walks out into an empty town. He drives to a diner where he shows a hostess pictures of his family. She asks him to wait and hears her refer to him as a possible runaway. Before he leave he finds that Isaac Heller wrote a best seller.

The Author holds a book signing for his new novel ‘Heroes and Villains.’ One woman asks him to please write Regina a happy ending in the next novel. She even made a pin that she gives the Author. Once she leaves the page that once held him prisoner is placed in front of him.

Henry and the Author go in the back room. He demands to know where his family is. Henry learns that his family is trapped in the new book. Emma is not part of it because there is no savior. He uses the key and enters the book.

‘Heroes and Villains’

Henry enters the alternative fairy tale land. The Author follows him and knocks him unconscious. He wakes up with his hands tied. An ogre approaches and leaves him to die. What the Author does not remember is that he wrote the ogre to be slayed by Rumpelstiltskin. Rumpel introduces himself to his grandson who he does not recognize. Henry is saved.

Henry uses the book to track me down. I do not remember him as I am now playing Snow White’s role and am on the run. He tells me I am his adoptive mother but of course I think he is crazy. He shows me a book and tells me my rival thief who I never met before is my true love. I toss the book in the fire.

The Author cannot believe Henry was rescued. He is snagged by the dwarfs. They find his Long Live Regina pin and bring him to the evil Snow White’s castle. He tries to convince Snow that he is on her side. Her huntsman in this story is Charming who she controls and instructs to kill him. She stops Charming when the Author reveals he knows how her true love died. She loved James who died because of me. She keeps his twin as a slave because he looks like him. Snow will now listen. He warn her he must kill the boy helping me.

I attempt to rob a carriage but am ambushed by Queen Snow. I am shocked and plead for her to not kill me. I am rescued by a man on his horse. The man takes me to a tavern. He introduces himself as Robin Hood. I have never seen Robin and this shocks me especially after what they boy told me. I feel a connection and I am disappointed when I meet his fiancée Zelena. They invite me to their wedding and I decline. I excuse myself.

Henry waits for me. He tells me this is wrong and Zelena is my sister. I tell him my mother abandoned me and he tells me that is Zelena’s story. I tell him to find his real mother. He refers to her as the savior. At first I tell him I do not know who that is and then admit that there is a story of a mad woman locked away who calls herself the savior.

Rumpel returns to Belle and their baby. They have a guest. It is the Author. When alone with Rumpelstiltskin he tells him he must kill Henry and I to keep his happiness. Rumpel is insulted. The Author knows information about his first son who died. This catches Rumpel’s attention.

Henry goes to find Killian Jones. He asks for his help. He learns in this reality Blackbeard is the ship’s captain and Killian is timid. Henry tricks Blackbeard and takes over the ship. He and Killian sail to find Emma.

Killian and Henry trick the guard. Henry goes to find Emma. She is not part of this story so she has her memory. She also does not have magic. She remembers Killian but he does not recognize her. They leave on the Jolly Roger. She warns them that Lily is the guard. Lily wakes up and goes after them in dragon form. They take her out with a cannon.

Snow reprimands her dwarfs for failing to kill Henry and I. She kills Doc in front of them to make a point.

Killian does not know he can fight. Emma teaches him how to use a sword. He senses they have a history and she tells him that they do. Lily finds them and brings her parents to them. Emma tells Snow that they are her parents. Snow does not believe her. Killian fights Charming by sword. Killian is surprised that when they face off he knows how to fight him. He tells Emma to leave and with his back turned is stabbed by Charming. Emma and Henry leave.

Henry brings Emma to me. I believe she is just as crazy as he is. She tells me I must stop the wedding of Robin and Zelena. She tells me she just watched her true love die and never got to tell him she loved him. She tells me her only chance to see him again relies upon me.

Rumpel tells his wife he is faced with a difficult decision. She tells him he is a hero and will make the right one. She drops a tea cup and it chips.

We head to the wedding. Rumpel tries to stop us. Emma picks up a sword to face him so I can go. He uses magic to knock her out. Henry steps in and tells him he cannot kill him because he is a hero. In the chapel I stand at the door where Robin sees me. We lock eyes and smile. I cannot do this but I see Rumpel about to kill the boy. I jump in front and am stabbed. Rumpel leaves us. Robin and his bride leave the chapel and he rushes to me. Zelena is angry he is not paying attention to her. She begins turning green and takes off. Robin sits with me and the bells ring. The Author shows up and tells Emma now things will stay the same. He cannot change them as he lost his privilege to be Author by writing himself a happy ending. Henry sees his quill on the floor. He picks it up and it lights up. Henry is the new Author. He writes us out of there.

Return to Storybrooke

I wake up. I am alive. Henry has saved me.

In the shop Isaac leaves Rumpel on the floor to die. He wants to escape. Belle finds Gold.

Emma finds Hook alive. She wants to tell him she loves him but instead thanks him.

Mary and David stop Isaac from leaving. They find out he manipulated them because they reminded him of a boss he once had. He just wanted for once to win.

The Apprentice meets with Henry. He explains to him that he cannot write Baelfire to be alive because unlike Hook he died in the real world. Hook’s death was fiction. Henry breaks the pen. The Apprentice is pleased with him.

Belle admits to Gold that she does not love Will. She told him they could have had everything but it was never enough for him.

Robin meets Henry and I at the Diner. He invites me to go on a walk. Belle comes in just after we leave and tells everyone that Gold is dying. The Apprentice believes he can capture the darkness with the hat. He use it to take the blackness from Gold’s heart. Gold’s heart is white and the sword is empty. The darkness cannot be contained. It escapes and enters the Apprentice. Emma uses her magic to save him. He tells her they must seek out Merlin to help them.

We are outside looking for the darkness. It latches to me. Emma tells me that she will not let me lose my happy ending. She directs the darkness to herself. Emma disappears and the sword drops. It now says Emma Swan.

Episode 21: ‘Mother’

Enchanted Forest

I step out of my carriage to confront a group of people planning a wedding on my grounds. I rip out a man’s heart. My father tries to stop me but I do not listen. I crush the heart and tell these people to next time find a church. I take my carriage to Daniel’s grave. It is the anniversary of his death. I am not alone. My mother has returned from Wonderland. She has been waiting for me.

Cora apologizes. I do not want to hear it. I tell her I am not like her. I want love and she has destroyed that for me. Cora tells me that she knows how Tinkerbell tried to help me find my soulmate. She swears she is here to help me.

Cora heads to a tavern in Sherwood Forest. She meets the Sheriff of Nottingham and tells him she is seeking a man with a lion tattoo. He immediately knows she is referring to Robin Hood. He is not a fan of Robin and describes him as married thief. He offers to help Cora for a price.

My mother returns to the castle. She tells me she found the man. I am stunned. Using magic she changes my clothing. I now look like a princess. A man approaches me and he has a lion tattoo on his wrist. It is the Sheriff. We go outside by my apple tree. I tell him about Daniel. I can tell by his machismo that he is a fraud. I bring his tattoo to life. Frightened he admits to me that my mother put him up to this because she wants me to have a baby.

Cora returns. I show her the Sheriff is trapped in the Mirror. She releases him. I am furious. Cora tells me that my soulmate is rumored to be an immoral married man. She warns me that I can lose everything to Snow White as the people prefer her. I show my mother a potion. I warn her that once I drink it I will become barren and there will be no heir to the precious throne. She tries to talk me out of it. I drink the potion and it causes me to sit down with stomach pains. My mother tells me she wanted me to have a child for my own happiness. I tell her to leave and go home to Wonderland.

New York

I have a drink with Robin at a local bar. He admits he is sad about the confusion that Roland will feel when he realizes his mother is not there. I agree to use a forgetting spell.

Emma tells Lily about Neal. Zelena gleefully interrupts to tell them her baby kicked. I return with Robin and tell them we are all heading to Storybrooke.


Hook sees Gold and the Author at the Diner. He sits at their table and gloats that Emma’s heart is not darkened. Once he leaves them they realize they need a loophole.

We arrive back in Storybrooke. Emma unites Lily with her mother. It is not the warm reunion that Maleficent has hoped for.

I take Zelena to her new home. She can have a space in the mental ward where I once hid Belle. Zelena agrees to go. She taunts me. She tells me I can never hurt her because she is the mother of Robin’s child.

I head to Gold and realize he is dying. I find out his heart is almost dead. He shows me the quill and I easily take it from him along with the Author. I leave Gold writhing on the floor.

The Author tells me about Emma. I show him the picture of Robin and I kissing. He tells me that this is from another book he wanted to write and was experimenting with. He agrees to help me if I can get blood for his ink.

Mal admires her daughter who is cold to her. All Lily is interested in is revenge. Mal wants her to move on now that they have been reunited. Lily is disappointed in how soft her mother is and walks away from her. Maleficent is desperate. She goes to the Charmings for help. They listen and tell her that Lily sounds like Emma.

I find Lily at the bus stop. I try to reason with her but she has no interest in helping me. I grab her hand and cut it. She is stunned as I add the blood to the ink. I leave her and Lily’s eyes glow with rage.

The Charmings drive Mal to find Lily. Instead they find the young woman in dragon form.

I take the Author to see Zelena. I toy with her as she asks what the Author is going to write.

Hook spends some time with Emma by the water. He tells her that her parents did what they did because they thought it was the right reason.

Lily uses her dragon tail to strike Mary. Mary is unconscious. Emma comes and heals her mother’s head. She forgives Mary and they embrace. Hook and David exchange smiles.

Lily turns back into human. Her mother finds her and sits with her. Lily admits she thought her mother was going to be scary. She is surprised at what she is like and warns that every time someone wants a relationship with her it ends badly. Mal assures her she is not scared and asks her to stay a week. They finally hug.

I tell Zelena that I am about to have the Author write her out of this story like she never existed. Zelena’s cocky demeanor fades. She shrugs and tells me I must be just like our mother. She disregarded her as well. I realize that I do not want to be like Cora. I tell the Author not to write. I tell Zelena I will make my own happiness. Robin comes and I assure him everything is ok. The moment is good until the Author begins writing and disappears. I pick up the paper and realize he wrote himself back to Rumpelstiltskin.

The Author returns to Mr. Gold. He begins writing a new story.

Episode 20: ‘Lily’

Enchanted Forest

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice visits the Sorcerer who is in the form of smoke. He feels bad about what happened with Maleficent’s child. He also tells the Sorcerer that he has punished the Author who is now trapped in a book.


Young Emma has a new foster family. They are excited about their upcoming family vacation. Emma goes to the garage to find a sleeping bag and is startled by a noise. She is surprised to find Lily hiding out there. Emma is confused what her old friend is doing there. Emma’s foster father finds them. Lily explains they are old friends and that she lives in this neighborhood. He invites her to join the family for dinner.

The family says grace. Lily is taken aback at how wholesome this family is. She decides to tell them a story about how she and Emma met. Lily tells a nicer version that does not involve shoplifting. Emma is annoyed and exits the room. Lily follows. Emma is furious that Lily is there and then sees an image of a masked Lily on the news committing a robbery.

Lily swears to Emma that everything was her boyfriend’s idea. Emma is desperate to make her leave and even offers her money. Lily tells her that all she wants is a necklace that she has from her birth mother. Emma agrees to help her.

Emma goes to the house that Lily had been squatting in. She finds the necklace and returns home. Her foster parents are waiting for her and let her know that while she was gone Lily stole their vacation money. Emma is shocked and realized Lily set this up. Her foster father is upset now that he knows the truth about Emma and Lily. In the heart of the moment he says some things that hurt Emma and she leaves.

Emma sits at a bus stop where Lily finds her. Lily is happy and tells Emma that now they can run off together. Emma gives Lily the necklace and makes it clear that she wants no part of her. Lily pleads with Emma and tells her that her life is awful but things are better when Emma is around. Emma leaves her.

On the bus a man starts a conversation with Lily. He seems to know her. At first she is taken aback and then curious about what he has to say. The Sorcerer’s Apprentice tells her that he owes it to her to tell her why darkness follows her.


The Author and Gold pay their respects to Cruella’s grave. Emma watches in disgust.

Emma heads to the Diner and proclaims that Gold is once again the enemy. Maleficent joins us and tells us that she too wants to turn on Gold. Mal tells Emma that she wants her to help find her daughter. The Charmings are in shock to learn that she is alive. Once Mal explains who her daughter is a look of shock comes across Emma’s face. Emma leaves to do research and discovers Maleficent’s daughter is none other than her old friend Lily.

I ask Emma how she and Lily met. I then come up with a plan where Emma and I can help each other. At first Emma tells me that she does not need my help. I explain that it is I that need her. I want to help her find Lily and then head to New York to find Robin.

The Author is surprised that Gold is sitting back while Emma and I prepare to leave. He assures the Author that whatever happens on this trip will help to darken Emma’s heart.

Emma says her good byes. She is cool with her parents. We get into the car and Emma tells me that Lily’s last address was also right by where Emma was living at the time.

Belle leaves the pawn shop. She does not see Gold hiding. Gold approaches Will. He demands that Will help him steal back Belle’s heart.

Maleficent sits in my office. The Charmings come to her and try to apologize. She tells them that it is Lily that they owe an apology. After they leave the next visitor is Gold who knows there is a protection spell keeping him out. He keeps Mal talking while Will goes in through the back window and steals the heart. By the time she realizes it she is too late.

Will brings Belle her heart. Gold is there and she is surprised they would work together. Gold tells Belle that hurting her any further will darken what is left of his heart. He wants her to have her heart back and knows now that Will must protect it. He gives Belle her heart and then leaves.


Emma and I enter a run down building. She asks a man about Lily. He tells her that Lily had died. Emma is surprised by this news. He then goes on to insult Lily and that surprise turns to rage. I almost have to pull Emma off the man.

Emma feels responsible for Lily’s fate. As we drive Emma swerves to avoid hitting a wolf. We get out of the car and she tells me this has happened before. We have a flat tire. I tell her that I will go get us a tire and she should get some coffee.

Emma heads to a diner where she is served by a waitress named ‘Starla.’ She sees the familiar birthmark and knows this woman is Lily. I join Emma who quietly tells me this. Emma goes outside where Lily is taking a break. Emma tells Lily who she is. She wants her to come back with her. Lily tells Emma that she created a new identity because she had gotten in trouble. She assures her that she changed her life and even has a husband and a child. A school bus pulls up and Lily approaches one of the little girls. She quietly asks the girl to help her by smiling and walking around the corner with her. Emma knows that Lily is lying.

Emma finds Lily’s most recent address. We break into her home and are shocked at what we find. Lily has a board tracking Emma. She also knows there is a Storybrooke. We hear Lily steal Emma’s car. I am frantic because our scroll to get us back to Storybrooke is in there. Emma steals us a car and we are in a high speed chase.

The cars finally come to a stop where these two old friends must now face each other. Emma wants to know what Lily knows and how. The fighting moves from verbal to physical. The sky cracks with lightening. Emma takes it a step further and pulls a gun. Lily makes it clear that she would gladly welcome death over the hard life she has been leading. I convince Emma to drop the gun by telling her that killing Lily will push her over the edge.

Lily and Emma talk things out. They are calm but I receive a phone call that leaves me frantic. I tell them I have lost my leverage over Gold and need to leave immediately for New York. Lily agrees to go with us.

New York

I head to Robin’s apartment. He is surprised to see us. I tell him about Zelena. He is confused. Zelena shows up looking like Marian. She plays her part well and I am sad as Robin defends her. Zelena has had enough amusement. She uses her necklace to show her true self. I tell Robin now that he knows the truth he can come home with me. He tells me he cannot leave. I am confused. I then find out my wicked sister is pregnant with my true love’s child.

Episode 19: ‘Sympathy for the De Vil’

A long time ago in another realm…

A little girl is chased through the forest by dogs. A car pulls up and a well dressed woman steps out. The woman tells little Cruella that it is time to go home. Cruella returns home with her mother. With the passing of her father, Cruella’s mother will now force her to live in the attic and not be seen.

Years later Cruella has now grown into a striking fair haired young woman. Her mother hears Cruella listening to music and accuses her of sneaking out and stealing records. The dogs bark as they have a visitor. Cruella’s mother goes to see who it is. It is the Author. He tells Mother that he is there to do a story on her and her remarkable dog training skills. He notices portraits of three men and asks the woman about the deaths of her husbands. Mother grabs his note pad and throws him out telling him to go make his own stories instead of bothering others about theirs.

The Author hears a noise. A young woman speaks to him from her attic window. She promises him a grand story if he can help her escape. Cruella waits and hears a noise at her window. She is delighted to see a key. She sneaks out asking him how he got the key up there. He dodges her question by responding he has his ways. She wants to go to a noisy nightclub.

The Author takes Cruella to a nightclub where flappers dance and everyone sips on martinis. She tells him she has been locked in the attic for years because she knows her mother’s secret. She tells him that her mother killed her father. The Author is taken with Cruella who convinces him to dance with her.

Hours later almost everyone has gone home. The Author now tells Cruella a secret of his own. He explains that his pen is magical and so is its ink which must never spill. He tells her he travels through realms and scribes stories but can also change them. To prove himself he writes jewels to appear on Cruella. She is excited. He also gives her magic so she can protect herself. They devise a plan to run away together but first Cruella wants to face her mother.

The Author is at his hotel room. He hears a knock at the door but it is not his lovely Cruella. Instead he is greeted by Mother and her two Dalmatians. She warns him that it is Cruella who is the killer and tells him to be careful as she killed her own father with poisonous flowers as well as her mother’s other husbands. She leaves. He does not believe it until he realizes Cruella has stolen his magical pen.

Cruella finds her mother in the hotel. She uses magic to turn the dogs on her and orders them to kill her. Cruella returns to her attic where she sews herself a coat made with Dalmatian fur. The Author finds her there. He is horrified when she tells him that because of him she had to kill her own mother. He spots his pen and grabs it. They struggle and his ink spills on her. He writes something on a piece of paper. Cruella’s appearance changes and her blonde hair is now black and white. She pulls a gun on him but it will not fire. He shows her what he has written and leaves her.


Cruella speeds along in her car. She stops when Maleficent blocks the road. Mal demands to know why Cruella lied and told her that Lily was dead. Cruella coldly tells her that once they landed in the new world she left Lily in a forest to die. Mal promises Cruella that her death will go on for days. She transforms into a dragon but Cruella uses magic to subdue her.

I go to the Charmings and tell them about Robin and Zelena. I also let them know about Gold. I want to go to New York. I get an idea.

I visit Belle and tell her about Gold and Zelena. She agrees to help me.

Gold takes the Author to the cabin. He will not yet give him his pen. Gold explains that the story must end where the savior’s heart turns dark. The Author is interested in Cruella’s belongings. Gold suddenly leaves.

Gold goes to the well to find Belle summoning him. He tries to apologize but she tells him she just wants to know what he is doing. He shows her his heart. It is almost completely blackened. He explains that only the Author can save him. Gold is teary as his estranged wife kisses him. He is then shocked when she cruelly tells him that Will is a better kisser. This is my cue to enter the picture. I approach him carrying a heart and tell him it belongs to Belle. I instruct her to leave. Gold is furious. I explain that I am going to New York. If he warns Zelena I vow to crush Belle’s heart.

Cruella enters the cabin to find the Author reading ‘The Great Gatsby.’ She tells him that she wants back what he has taken from her. The Author is not afraid of her. He then reminds her that she has lied to Rumpelstiltskin by omitting they know each other.

Henry sees Pongo and wonders why he is acting so strange. He follows the dog who is under the influence of Cruella. She forces Henry into the car.

Emma reminds me that in New York I will not have magic. She tells me if I won’t take her then I should take her gun. We get a video message alert. We see that Cruella has Henry. She threatens to kill him if we do not kill the Author.

Gold returns to the cabin. He lets the Author know he knows all about him knowing Cruella. He demands to know why Cruella wants him dead. He shows Gold a piece of paper. Whatever is says makes Gold chuckle.

David recognizes a trail marker in the video. Emma instructs Gold and Mary to find the Author while we look for Henry with Hook. While in the forest both Hook and I tell Emma we believe she should forgive her parents. She will not budge.

Henry manages to free himself and run. Pongo chases after him. We hear his cries for help but cannot find him. There are conchs simulating him so we don’t know what direction to head in. Gold is in the forest watching us.

Emma finds them. Cruella has recaptured Henry and holds a gun to his head.

Mary and David find the Author. He tells them that Gold wants to darken Emma’s heart. He also shows them the paper where he wrote that Cruella can’t actually kill. They realize that Henry is not in danger.

Mary and David are too late. Emma kills Cruella using her magic to send her over a cliff. The look on Emma’s face shows that her heart is darkening.

Episode 18: ‘Heart of Gold’

Sherwood Forest

Robin has tried to go the straight and narrow. He and his new bride Marian have opened a bar. The Sheriff pays them a visit. He threatens to send Robin to jail for not paying his taxes. He gives Robin two days.

After the bar is closed that night Robin receives a visit from Rumpelstiltskin who wants to make a deal. He asks Robin to go to Oz and steal a bottle of elixer that can mend a wounded heart.

Robin travels to Oz where he runs into his old friend Will Scarlet. He explains why he is there and Will offers to help him in exchange for some of the elixer. Will takes Robin to a passed out guard and they steal his uniform.

Robin manages to take a vile of elixer before he is caught by Zelena. She knows he must have been sent by Rumpel. She multiples herself. He shoots an arrow that lands in the wall and causes fog. By the time the fog clears up he is gone.

Robin lies to Will that he was unable to retrieve any elixer. He learns that Will meant the potion for himself to wound his broken heart over his sister’s death. They hug before Robin heads through the portal back to the Sherwood Forest. Will finds that Robin has slipped him a vile of the elixer.

Robin returns home. The Sheriff comes to arrest him. Instead the Merry Men help Robin rob the Sheriff. They give the gold to the poor. Robin tells Marian that he will change his name to Robin Hood. He declares stealing to help someone is stealing for the right reasons. He also realizes he will be on the run from Rumpel so he shows Marian a necklace that is used to transform yourself.

New York City

Robin and his family are in New York. Not understanding how things work Marian puts her purse on the ground and it is snatched by a thief on a bike. Robin steals a horse from a carriage and uses it to catch the man and get the purse back. They make their way to their new home which used to be Neal’s apartment. While home Mr. Gold shows up. They are all surprised to see each other. Robin and Gold argue over who should have the apartment. The argument ends with Gold clutching his chest and falling to the ground.

Robin sits in the hospital considering calling me. A nurse tells him his friend is awake. He goes to Gold who tells him the diagnosis is a heart attack. Gold explains that magical items will still work in this world. Knowing that Robin is a man who lives by code he sends him to get the elixer in this world.

Robin breaks into a bank run by someone who worked for Zelena. Once inside an alarm sounds. He finds what he is looking for. The police arrive forcing Robin to break a window and escape out the back. Once home he and Marian have a disagreement. Marian tells him he should let Gold die. He is shocked at how much she has changed.

Robin brings Gold the vile. He quickly makes a deal that the apartment will be theirs. Robin leaves. Gold drinks the potion and it does nothing. Marian comes in his room showing him she switched bottles. She also has with her the necklace used for transformation. The woman changes shape and becomes Zelena who confides in a sick Gold that Marian is dead and she took over her body. Zelena explains that her energy never died and just needed a new place to go. Zelena is pleased to announce that she took my happiness. Gold begins to flatline.

Gold wakes up with Zelena still in his room. He cannot speak as there is a tube in his throat. She tells him that she will save him if he makes a deal to get her a happy ending once he finds the Author. She has him blink in agreement.

Gold is released from the hospital. Robin brings him a box of his son’s things and is surprised Gold does not want them. He tells him the belongings bring up bad memories. He also sways Robin into choosing ‘Marian’ telling him to remember why he married her.

Zelena is in Marian form as she tearfully questions why Robin still has my phone number. He tells her that he chooses her and deletes my number. They kiss as she sees her true reflection in the mirror.


Emma cannot find the Author. Her parents tell her that they know him and they were manipulated by him. She is still furious with them for lying.

The Author tries to carve a quill. Gold interrupts him reminding him that none of the trees here are magical so he cannot make a quill. He shows the Author a pen and the Author agrees to go with him.

I awaken with my hands bound and Gold facing me. He basically tells me that I must help him. He has stolen Robin’s phone number from my pocket. My shackles disappear and he tells me to call him.

I call Robin and a woman answers. To my horror it is Zelena. I find out that she has been masquerading as Marian. When we hang up I am furious with Gold that he has known this. I remind him this witch killed his son. Gold tells me that I must choose between saving Robin or helping turn Emma dark.

Episode 17: ‘Best Laid Plans’

Fairy Tale Land

Snow and Charming seek out a unicorn. Snow feeds it an apple so they may have a vision of the future. Charming sees his baby and all is well. Snow sees Emma as a teenager who rips her heart out. She tells Charming of her vision.

Snow and Charming come upon a peddler. They help him move his cart, and he warns them their town is under attack by Maleficent. She has turned into a dragon and laid an egg she is protecting. He advises them to seek an alternate route and find a cottage.

Snow and Charming find the cottage where a man has been expecting them. They hear chaos from Maleficent, and he tells them to ignore it. Once inside, they discuss the baby. He explains that we are all born of free will. Snow is persistent that there must be a way to keep the baby well. He tells her that all magic comes with a price. The baby’s darkness can be transferred to another living vessel with a blank slate. He leaves them to talk. Snow tells Charming they should use Maleficent’s egg.

Using magical dust Snow renders Cruella and Ursula unconscious. They enter the cave. They spot the egg and a dragon attacks. The dragon transforms into Maleficent, who pleads with them not to hurt her child. They tell her the baby will be a monster like her anyway, and they take off with it. Snow does tell Maleficent they will bring the egg back.

The couple brings the egg to the man. He begins the spell. They heard what he says and did not realize the baby will be sent to another world. They plead with him to stop, but he cannot. The egg hatches and they see a baby’s arm. Cruella and Ursula come to save the baby, but a portal opens and swallows all three of them.

Snow is sad in her nursery looking at unicorn decorations. She realizes because of her Maleficent’s child as well as Ursula and Cruella are in another world. Charming tells her they must be better people for the sake of the child.

The Apprentice finds the Author with his back turned. He demands the man turn in his quill. He tells the Author he had no right to make him do this to a baby. Using the magic, the Apprentice locks the Author in the book.


Henry sees something is wrong with August. They call on Blue. I cannot stay as I promised Gold and his girls that I would bring them the page. Emma creates a forged page. Worried Gold can spot the fake I instead take a picture of the page.

Hook meets with Emma and her parents. He tells them what Ursula told him about Gold’s plans.

I show the picture on my phone to Gold. I realize I made a mistake. Gold can see the light coming from the page. Even from a cell phone he can see the illustration is magical.

Emma explains her history with August to her boyfriend. They see a light and look out the window. The light is a sleeping curse cast by Maleficent.

Mary and David are immune to the sleeping curse as well as anyone else who has been subjected to one. They are not home when we go their place. I tell them the book has to be there somewhere. Gold realizes Henry will be awake and has taken the book. I warn them not to touch my son and that I will deal with him myself.

When I leave, Gold sends Cruella and Maleficent to follow me. Mary and David see this while they get a call from Henry. He has gone to the Sorcerer’s mansion. David tells Mary that they should destroy the page.

Henry looks at the page and sees lights coming through it. He goes to a drawer and pulls out a key. I enter the room not knowing I was followed. I sternly tell Henry he must give me the page. Cruella and Maleficent are satisfied thinking we are leaving with the real illustration.

Once we are gone, Mary and David arrive. David insists Henry give him the page and the key. He sends Henry to leave.

Gold goes to his shop. He moves his unconscious wife from the floor to a couch. He tells her he hopes he can come back for her and kisses her hand. Belle is still asleep as Gold leaves. Once outside, he is greeted by us. He immediately knows the page is a fake and has Maleficent knock me out with magic.

David is about to burn the page. Mary stops him and tells him this is not up to them to do. They cannot betray me like that. She tells him it is time for Emma to know the truth.

Emma is upset with her parents when she finds out the truth. She walks out on them. Giving her time to cool off Hook finds her at the dock. He tells her August is doing better.

Maleficent and Gold talk about her baby. She wants to know what happened. He uses magic so they can see in her total. The vision shows the baby being adopted in this world. Her name is Lileth. Maleficent is happy the child lives and wants to find her.

Emma goes to see August. Her parents are there too. She gives him the page and the key. August explains that this Author may not be the one who scribed her story. He explains that being the Author is a job that is passed on to time, and this is just one of many Authors. This one was punished because their job is only to record, and this one manipulated people.

Emma uses the key to set the Author free. Mary and Davis are shocked to see he is the peddler they met many years ago who sent them to see the Apprentice at the cottage. The Author quickly runs away, and Emma chases him. He is gone.

Would Emma be More Interesting as a Villain?

In the last episode, we learned that Gold’s plan was to bring Emma to the dark side. If he can fill her heart with darkness, she will no longer be the savior and change the happy endings for all that do wrong. By changing Emma from hero to villain would definitely be a serious twist to the “Once Upon a Time” plot – is this good or bad?

Since she has lived in Storybrooke and joined the heroes team, she is not the same sassy, people-chaser. She never trusted anyone and did whatever she wanted. However, she still basically does whatever she wants. This could add some spice to the plot. However, is this what fans want?

What do you think? Should Emma stay a hero or become a villain?

Jennifer Morrison - Emma Swan

Episode 16: ‘Poor Unfortunate Soul’ Preview

Hook and Ursula have a complicated past. We learned that at Granny’s Diner when Emma questioned the whole thing. Hook decided to take that history with the Sea Witch to find out what Gold’s has up his sleeve.

Back at the cabin, Gold and the Queens of Darkness have August. They use their evil ways to dig for information about the author. David, Emma, and Mary Margaret are in a hurry to find out, where Regina went and what is going on.

As this is all going on, Regina struggles to keep her cover with the Ursula, Cruella and Maleficent. This struggle comes from her concerned for the safety of Robin Hood. (Whhhaaaa?! Is he back?)

Back in Fairy Tale Land, Ursula is young and restless. She meets up with Hook and asked him for help to run away from home. However, she learned quickly to never trust a pirate.

Episode 15, Poor Unfortunate Soul airs on Sunday, March 22, 2015 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC Network.

Episode 15: ‘Enter the Dragon’


As the evening began, I took a stroll through Storybrooke towards Granny’s Diner. I walked in and felt the tension in the air. I greeted the Queens of Darkness – this now included Maleficent. I expected a serious fight considering I locked Maleficent underground for 30-years.

To my surprise, she told me how someone else has done something even worse. It seems there is revenge on Maleficent’s mind. However, I was not in the planned path. This slightly through me for a loop, but I need to stay in character – the angry villain out for revenge against the heroes.

I explained to Maleficent how I had to play nice in this town just to survive – all by myself. I watched this town enjoy their happiness that I was denied. I went on to tell her if she planned to destroy some of that happiness that I wanted in. However, Ursula’s annoying mouth interrupted and questioned my spiel to the ladies.

The ladies question my loyalty as a villain, so they decided to put me to test. She handed me a drink and asked me, “Are you still a bad girl, Regina?” I told her that I was the “worst.”

Meanwhile, David, Emma and Mary Margaret walk in their home. David explained to Emma that they sent me undercover. However, Emma didn’t take the news so well considering Maleficent’s power. Emma asked when I was supposed to check-in. They said it was about an hour ago. However, I didn’t.

I didn’t check-in because I was in the car with the Queens of Darkness. I had no clue, where we were going. Cruella stopped on some railroad tracks. When she did that, the lights flashed, and the bell rang. It warned us there was a train coming. The ladies put me to my first test. I closed my eyes, used my magic and moved the car off the tracks just in time for the train to safely pass.

Cruella felt this meant I went soft. I have to step up my game. I told them that we should get out of there, and find some real trouble.

Back in Storybrooke, Henry was at Mr. Gold’s shop with Belle. He was analyzing the storybook still. He believed the door in the book had something to do with the author. He just hasn’t figured it out yet.

On the other side of town that morning, Emma went to see Hook. He checked out Granny’s Diner for any clues left behind. However, he found nothing but empty bottles of liquor. Emma was incredibly nervous that I was still out with the ladies. Unfortunately, I cannot tell her to calm down. I must stay in the villain character.

David and Mary Margaret drove to the vault to see if they could find me there. They were nervous as well. As they headed to the vault, they saw an old burnt car. They quickly stopped to check it out. That was when I walked out. I told the Charming’s how I had to prove myself. The only thing I could tell them at this point was I knew Cruella, Ursula and Maleficent were hiding something powerful, but I don’t know what it is yet.

As for the Queens of Darkness, they went to see Rumpelstiltskin in his cabin buried away. They told him how they were with me all night. Rumpelstiltskin believed that I was in great pain over my loss of Robin Hood. I could very well be back on the dark side.

He said that I would have to pick a side when the war starts in Storybrooke. He has something serious up his sleeve.

I went back to my vault to clean up the mess. When I was picking up empty bottles of wine off the floor, Maleficent showed up. She offered me some Aspirin to help with the hangover. She told me that she was after the mystery author, just like me. Rumpelstiltskin told the ladies everything back in New York.

She wouldn’t tell me about this powerful magic that they were even hiding. All I know at this point is they want to find the author too. For the time being, she has a little job for me.

As I broke away from Maleficent’s presence, I met with David, Mary Margaret, Emma and Hook at the library. I told them how the Queens of Darkness want to find the author and have this person rewrite the book. They want all the villains to have a happy ending. They have a lead tonight, but they want me to steal it. I have no idea what or who this will affect.

Emma demanded that is going to be included in this mission. This isn’t a good idea for her. However, she is incredibly hard headed.

As the evening came, I stood outside the library doors, under the clock tower. I looked over to see Emma in the distance. I saw Cruella’s car pull up and knew that it was time. Cruella and Ursula were not around. It was only Maleficent and myself tonight – like old times.

I get into the car with her, and we were on our way..

Back in Granny’s Diner, Hook found Belle. He saw that she was sitting with Will, her new boyfriend. She quickly learned that the two men have a rough past together. Regardless, Hook took Belle outside to give her a rundown of what was happening tonight with Maleficent and myself. He suggested they move the Dark One’s dagger to place that no one can find.

Meanwhile, Emma was following Maleficent and me in Cruella’s car. We end up at Marco’s house, the town handyman. She told me the magic piece of the puzzle mission was Finochio. Unfortunately, I already tried this and failed horribly.

The only way that I could continue proving my commitment to evil is to steal that innocent boy.

Inside, the boy and his father were working on a wooden rocking horse and enjoying the evening. I knocked and let myself inside greeting the two. I used my magic to make the father and son pass out. This was the only way that I could take the boy. Already feeling terrible, Emma barges in and preaches to me how these things never end well.

She agreed to allow me to continue. She is going to stay close by and if she sees anything; she assured me she would come in blazing. I carry the boy out to the car just as planned. I dropped my phone so Emma couldn’t follow. I don’t want her to get involved and get hurt.

Belle ended up meeting with Hook to hide the dagger. They were in the dark, cold rain. She wondered if Rumpelstiltskin was there in town. She used the dagger to confirm if he was there or not. She requested him to see her with the dagger. Before she could find out, she handed the dagger to Hook and walked away.

However, it wasn’t Hook. It was Rumpelstiltskin. He took the dagger and his image fully exposed, and headed back to his pawn shop. He went inside but changed back into Hook as he walked through the door. Belle was there, smelling a rose. As Hook, he asked Belle to make a pirate’s promise never to speak of what happened.

Finally, Maleficent took me to a cabin. I found Rumplestiltskin there. The rest of the Queens of Dark come in carrying Finochio. Rumplestiltskin transforms him from the boy back to the grown man that he once was, August.

Fairytale Land That Was

It all began with Snow White happily galloping on a white horse through a field towards the woods. This just annoyed me, so shut the stable door – I couldn’t even look at her anymore. I ripped down the ribbons on the post and wall that showed her winnings. Of course in my fit of anger, Rumplestiltskin showed up. We argue that the horse won those medals, not Snow White.

I started to argue with him because he was supposed to teach me magic so that I could end her charmed life. He called me impatient and took Maleficent’s spell book out of my hand. As we bicker, Rumplestiltskin asked me to look into the mirror. I see mountains and a field. He told me it was a metaphorical wasteland – whatever that means.

This wasteland was a beautiful forest until Maleficent burnt it down. The fire was so hot that there was still a tree that was burning a half of a lifetime later. I asked how she did it; he gave a run around about the time. He told me I needed to be patient, or I will never be ready. Ugh, I am starting to hate him about now.

He got bothered by me, so he poofed me into the wasteland and told me to find Maleficent. As I turned around, I saw the tree that was on fire – the one he told me. Behind the tree was her castle. That was where I was headed now.

When I arrived, I went inside to find her. I didn’t see her in the room, but I felt her presence. I just started to talk and explain that I want to learn magic, but I have only learned beginner stuff. She listened and responded by asking me to show her what I learned so far. I struggled to start a fire in my hand, but I got the flame strong enough and lit the fireplace.

This encouraged Maleficent to come out. She looked like a mess. I tried to talk to her, but she wasn’t reasonable. She threatened me and asked me to leave.

I left the castle sad. As I walked back home, a carriage stopped for me. A man offered to take me to the next castle. He was going there to the royal wedding. He told me that the queen, Briar Rose’s daughter was to be wed. The princess was Aurora.

I took this information back to Maleficent. Briar Rose is the reason that this woman are disheveled. If I could help Maleficent, maybe she will teach me magic. I demand her to do something other than rot. These people are getting their happy endings, and they don’t deserve it. She asked me why I cared so much. I told her, feeling weak, if someone as powerful as her can’t get their revenge, then I never will.

All she told me to do was give up. Apparently, she lost her fire a long time ago. I offered to help get that fire back.

I told her that the tree that is still burning is what is going to reignite the fire inside her. Then, I demanded that she get dressed as I handed her the horns she once proudly wore. We went to the tree, and she worked her magic. She sucked the fire out from the tree and back into her body. That was when the Knights showed up.

They threatened Maleficent, and she tried to turn back into a dragon. However, it didn’t work. The Knights tie her and my hands up and walk us towards the castle. I burn off the ropes and attack the men with the little magic that I know. Finally, she turned into a dragon and scared the men away.

At the castle, Aurora was getting ready for her wedding. Maleficent showed up and greeted her in an abrupt way. Maleficent threatened Aurora and ended up casting a curse – sleeping curse. This was the beginning of sleeping beauty. Maleficent thanked me for reminding her of her she was once.

I went back to the stables, where I found Rumplestiltskin. He asked how I arrived back so quickly. I told him that I rode a dragon. He thought she lost that power (that was until me!) I learned that death was too good for Snow White. I wanted to take away what she loves the most.

Episode 15: ‘Enter the Dragon’ Sneak Peak

Last week, we saw many things unfold in Storybrooke. With all that excitement, it led us to the next episode called Enter the Dragon. In this episode, we see Regina accept the challenge to present herself to the Queens of Darkness as one of them. However, she is undercover.

With Regina busy proving her dark ways to the Queens of Darkness – Cruella and Ursula – will this trigger something in her to become evil again? We hope not. We like the sweet and loving Regina. What persona do you like the best – good or bad Regina?

In order to show the Queens of Darkness that she is truly evil again, Regina is going to get her hands dirty. We are not sure how or who is going to be in the path of this, but we are a little nervous for the Storybrooke residents.

Meanwhile, the Charmings (Mary Margaret and David) and Emma are busy keeping notes on the undercover operation. As they are busy, Hook visits Belle. He asked her for an unusual request. What could Hook want from Belle?

As all this turmoil is going on, Henry is busy searching for the author. He makes some progress, but there are still many questions unanswered. Henry may have detective skills that he is slowly unraveling – future sheriff?

Outside of Storybrooke, and in a flashback into Fairy Tale Land, Regina and Maleficent became friends. Regina helped Maleficent rekindle a lost spark. Is that lost spark the father of the child she lost? Who was the father? Will we ever know?

..and now we have to wait until Sunday, March 15, 2015 at 8 p.m. ET on the ABC Television Network to find out more.

“Once Upon a Time” stars Ginnifer Goodwin as Snow White/Mary Margaret, Jennifer Morrison as Emma Swan, Lana Parrilla as the Evil Queen/Regina, Josh Dallas as Prince Charming/David Nolan, Emilie de Ravin as Belle, Colin O’Donoghue as Hook, Jared S. Gilmore as Henry, Michael Socha as Will Scarlet and Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin/Mr. Gold.

Guest stars include Tony Amendola as Marco/Geppetto, Eion Bailey as August, Sarah Bolger as Aurora, Merrin Dungey as Ursula, Victoria Smurfit as Cruella De Vil, Jakob Davies as Pinocchio, Sebastian Roche as King Stefan, Kristin Bauer van Straten as Maleficent, Noah Beggs as Bartender and Russell Roberts as Visiting Duke.